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Completely standard YB engine standard turbo, with a BHP Stage 2 Setup, Bosch 803 Greens, 3 Bar Map Sensor; 335BHP and 339lbft of torque - Spot on

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Nice old car in next week for a new ECU and full remap

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Do you own a fleet and want more economy and speed restriction ? Do you own a personal van and want more power and loads more fuel economy or maybe DPF removal and EGR Deletes via Software, give me a shout

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Cars we have remapped this week:

2006 Audi 1.8 Turbo - Stage 1 £275 - Via OBD
These engine are just perfect for remapping makes it so much more driveable circa +50bhp


2010 Transit 2.2 TDCi - ECU On Bench Unlock Map via OBD - £375
Unleash the power and economy of this flexible engine, we removed the DPF code from this one too.

BMW 2014 335D ECU On Bench - £475
This car is just awesome after remapping producing nearly 700NM of torque !!! Get ready to get dizzy.

1992 Cosworth 4x4 Sapphire £275
380BHP conversion we live map these using ROM emulation and a load of diagnostic equipment strapped to the car, we start from one of our chips and then tailor the fueling to the actual car and check for detonation along the way.

2010 VW Caddy - Via OBD - £275
These are lovely little vans but the engine is not very flexible and as standard not very fuel efficient, we can add 40% more torque and about 50 miles more to a tank of fuel - it transforms the van literally.

BMW M3 E46 - £425 (Non Alpha N remaps are £275) - via OBD
This manual car we adapted for an Alpha N tune and turned on the SMG lights so they act as a gear change indicator, we removed the Catalyst code.

Audi Q3 - £275 - Via OBD
2.0 TDI - I actually own one of these cars, great comfortable cars but so underpowered, again remaps adds around 35% more torque and better fuel economy, putting a very big smile on the owner's face

As you can see we can tune most modern cars, get yours booked in and start enjoying a more flexible engine and in most cases a great saving on fuel.

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We thought it about time we had a page specifically for remapping, at BHP we can remap nearly all motor vehicles fitted with electronic engine management via either chiptuning or flash tuning, most modern cars can be remapped just by plugging into the diagnostic port. We also offer DPF, Decat and speed limiter removal services if required. There are 3 basic guidelines to pricing, most pre 2004 cars cost £225 - Most pre 2008 cars are £275 and newer models £325 - If we have to ...remove the ECU from the car to enable writing via the ODB port Prices are plus £100 - Special tunes like BMW M3 Alpha N are priced according to exact customer requirements.

Trade prices are also available for customers who book 3 vehicles or more a quarter. Group buys also very welcome.

BHP are based right near the famous racing circuit and have been remapping engine management systems for over 20 years we also run a ECU testing and repair business, our knowledge is second to none and we are continually updating our equipment to stay ahead of the competition.

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