I made a recording of the Musicians, the birds that we heard singing in the Haitian National Forest near Pic Macaya. See if you can pick them out among the other birds, the crickets, and the roosters.
In Haiti when your crops come in, the merchants come to your field to negotiate the price. We were getting some shady dealings from some of the merchants so we exercised another famous tradition... We went to market ourselves, and sold right out of the back of the car. It was alot of fun for the guys and I to see the end results and the fruits of our labor. Most sweet to me was watching the demeanor of these two men, now Christians and brothers, and how they handled themselves while everyone wheeled and dealed for the best price.
In the city waiting for the Boss to make repairs to the car, and the sun was sapping every drop of our energy, so my brother Oswald began to sing to God...a little tune about how God carries all of our burdens on His back! Amen!

just imagine the possibilities! I noticed in my time in Haiti, thanks to Digicel and Natcom, just about everybody has a cell phone. You Version's Bible app is free. They can download the Haitian Bible, and if anyone has trouble reading, they can also just listen to the audio.

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we've also updated our website, to keep it simple and just point to Jesus, which is really our purpose.

Bibles for Haiti is feeling loved.

I’ve written over the years asking them to please please add the Kreyol language to their Bible app. I eventually gave up...but God didn’t! I miss Kreyol in my bones some days. I decided to go out on a limb this morning and check, and not only do they now have the Bible in Haitian but it’s also in audio!
I don’t know, maybe this is old news to all of you, but just in case, like me, some haven’t heard, this is such good news to share, literally! Pass it on.

Already installed on over 300 million unique devices all over the world, the Bible App offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at
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'But some doubted.' Matt 28:17
I guess that's the part that hit me today, reading of that first account of Easter morning. These people had witnessed an act of... terrorism, that crown of thorns and those nails stained, knowing people don't come down from that cross, people don't come back once those nails are bent in.
Yet here He was, standing before them, in a resurrected body...but some still doubted. I take that 'some' to mean more than just Thomas. Some, as in more than just a few, chose to doubt even as He stood before them. The Risen Savior, right in front of your nose, defying death and giving the Hope of Hope, and you are so stubborn to say, "yeah...I don't believe."

When He is standing right in front of me, will my greatest, silly, foolish sin be that I just didn't believe? I didn't believe His commands, His warnings, His judgment, His wrath, or His open invitation to turn it all inside out and upside down if I would just love Him back and believe.

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5 cases of Bibles went out today in Cayes to local pastors. Praise God and thanks Pastor Pompee.

"Hurricane Irma became the strongest Atlantic hurricane since 2007 on Tuesday, when it reached Category 5 intensity, with maximum sustained winds of 175 miles per hour. Meteorologists are marveling at the storm's presentation on satellite imagery, as it's as close to a textbook definition of an intense hurricane as one could get. ".

Pastor Pompee would like prayers for his church building. It is very difficult to have services when the rain comes in.

Reading Amos to the kids this morning, "The lion has roared; who will not fear?"
I set up the old MGM lion roar to play on the loudspeakers at the push of a button, so when I got to that part, I secretly pushed play and there came the loudest ROOOOAAAARR!!!! With wide eyes the kids jumped. Then the cat, who was outside, heard it and came scrambling to the door, immediately seeking protection underneath the family dog.
The family dog was happily and ignorantly chewing on her bone and had no understanding of Lion-ese, so the cat promptly attacked her face and batted the poor pups nose, in what we can only assume meant "Wake up you ignorant buffoon! There's a hungry lion roaming to and fro looking for something to EAT! Ugh! DOGS!" And there was our morning illustration of the Word of God

prayers please for my friend Oswald in Haiti. I'm up here trying to get tiny tomato plants to live through the chilly nights and he's down there in the midst of yet another tropical flood. He's lost his garden of lima beans. This is the road, now a river, in front of his house.

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An update on the Moringa. South Dakota is waaaay outside the grow zone for a tree that natively grows in the Haitian tropics, but I brought them indoors for the Winter and all the way up to January they flourished. Then somebody gave Kari a plant that needed to be potted so I went and bought some potting soil. There were aphids in the soil. In the middle of January we had an aphid outbreak that wiped out all our plants indoors. I chopped the Moringa down to bare sticks, thinking they were gonners, but here we are rounding out February and they continue to fight on.

So, for the first test: Yes, they can survive in the icebox of South Dakota. Next test: Come Spring I'll be planting one outdoors. The winter will of course kill it off above ground, but I want to see if they'll come back after the thaw the same way the roses do.

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"...the sunrise shall visit us from on high..."

“Scripture is not a passive cadaver, waiting for curious medical students to dissect it in their quest for information. It is a living, double-edged sword that proceeds from the mouth of the triumphant Son of Man and pierces the thoughts and intents of our hearts. It is a hammer that shatters, a seed that grows, rainfall that never returns to its Giver without accomplishing the mission on which he sent it. Scripture has a job to do in us.”
Dennis Johnson