My derailleur is broken....
In Swedish: “Min växelförare är trasig!”
In Spanish: "“¡Mi desviador esta roto!”
That's right! Bike Doctor now speaks Swedish and Spanish. I'm so proud of our little app growing up so fast. We've also got a bunch more updates. Take a look at the new version!

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New version of Bike Doctor is out soon:
- Bike Doctor now speaks Swedish!
- Higher resolution images on iPhone edition
- 10mb smaller app size
- You can now swipe to browse through repairs on iPhone too...
- We've added search functionality to the iPhone edition (it's already available on iPad)

In the next update we plan to add Spanish and German, with more languages to follow. In the summer, we'll be boosting the repair content with new guides.

In all, plenty to get excited about!

We also got picked as a top 10 cycling app!

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We are ready for iOS 7! If you are updating your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS, rest assured Bike Doctor will keep working perfectly. For those of us who'll be sticking to iOS 6, we're still working great there too

The latest rumours suggest that iOS 7 will be out on September 10th. We're walking hard to update Bike Doctor to be compatible with the new iOS! Currently, it looks rather weird if you've tried it on the new iOS. Are you planning on upgrading as soon as the new version is out?

We're doing something a little different today. If you own an iPhone then you may well want to mount it to your handlebars to follow directions and track your cycling. Today only, we've got a 10% discount on all our mobile phone bike mounts: - all profits go to Charity Water!

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Bike Doctor featured on Gizmodo!

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We are now the number 1 UK Sports iPad app - thanks to everyone who has downloaded and updated their app.

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It's here! Bike Doctor is now available on the iPad! Take a look at our new site for more:

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Drum! Drum! Drum!

In the next week or two pending Apple’s approval, all users of Bike Doctor 2 will be receive a free copy of Bike Doctor for the iPad. All you need to do is download it from the app store.

Why is the new version so epic?


1. Looks sexy
2. You can search for repairs
3. The images are bigger and clearer so you can see the detail more clearly
4. We’ve added buy buttons so you can easily grab any tools you are missing
5. The app is a joy to use (you’ll see when you download it!)

Also, we’ll be giving away access to a set of bike maintenance videos we’ve filmed. For the giveaway, I filmed this little video that will be appearing inside the app. Here it is, in all its outtake glory:

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Got an exciting Bike Doctor update coming in the next two weeks!

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The next version of Bike Doctor will have an updated guide to adjusting your gears with better instructions and pictures. Smooth gear shifting here we come!

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I'm about to go through every single repair in Bike Doctor and note down which ones need their images re-doing. If there's any in particular you'd like to see updated. Let me know. We should have a new version out in the next two weeks with clearer, larger images and support for the wider screen on the iPhone 5.

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Ever wanted to know how to replace a single speed or BMX freewheel? Here's the instructions:…/ - we'll be adding them in to the next update of Bike Doctor.

If you ride around on a single speed bike or a BMX, then once every one to two years you need to replace the freewheel cog.

Huge update gone live today to our iPhone version of Bike Doctor (to catchup with android version which went live last week!) let us know what you think! Next version, we are thinking bigger pictures + retaking some of them. Thoughts?

We had 358 downloads yesterday in Australia - thanks to Apple for featuring us and welcome to all our new users! We're currently number 11 in the Sports category

Bike Doctor for Android has had a huge update. We've added 16 new repairs. Make sure you grab a copy now!…

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1,838 people have already updated to the new version of iPhone Bike Doctor (2.1) make sure you get your copy now! Android users: I'm working with developer to add new repairs.