Bike to Work Challenge is now TWO WEEKS! Go for it!

The Chainlink is a one-stop resource for cyclists to connect, explore bike-related topics, find rides and events, routes, and share information.

Finally, some fantastic news!

Bikes vs. cars is a David vs. Goliath battle. A tech analyst explain why bikes will push cars aside.

Six bicyclists killed? This has got to stop.

Martin Rathgeber was riding his bike to his Logan Square home from his job downtown this week when he encountered a red truck stopped in the bike lane on Kinzie Street, right next to a sign that illustrated the lane was for two wheels, not four. He said he tapped on the passenger's window and aske...

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The Chainlink is a one-stop resource for cyclists to connect, explore bike-related topics, find rides and events, routes, and share information.

Bike the Drive once a year is NOT enough--let's take the Loop!!!

Philly Open Streets will stretch 9 miles through the city this September.

Make no small plans indeed! Daniel Burnham would be proud. Of course the photo here should show the expressway traffic backed up in both directions like it usually is.

The cost and how to pay for extending the trail has yet to be determined under the idea by Ald. Hopkins.

How good is biking for you? Well...

Enough said!

Nicholas Sistler

It is possible to reduce heavy traffic. At some point it may be essential to eliminate cars for traffic to move at all.

Sooooo about time!

People taking South Shore trains will be able to bring their bicycles with them as part of an upcoming program to accommodate commuters at certain stations.

This would be just too sweet!

Banking on the massive popularity of the 606 and the buzz around the recently announced Paseo, a Chicago River Trail is the next frontier, according to Ron Burke, executive director of the Active Trans.

EXCLUSIVE: The project is one of Active Transportation Alliance's top priorities.
Some stretches of Chicago's often-packed lakefront trail would get split into separate lanes for bikers and joggers under a plan Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to announce Tuesday as he tries to make the case for his stewardship of the city's parks.

Yay!!! Never enough bike paths!

Chock full of things to interest any bicyclist!

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Dream on! Imagine this in Chicago (but who would shovel the snow?).

Cars, buses, and rogue pedestrians are all conspiring against cyclists in congested cities. It's something that designer Norman Foster -- an avid rider -- wants to alleviate with a dedicated biking highway built above London's rail lines.

Now that Winter is officially here (and the temperatures are plunging again)...

Even in better weather, it takes preparation and defensive biking skills to make it through the winter safely.

We all know how great Rails-to-Trails is--time to put your money where your wheels are!

I'll be seeing the trails all year long, thanks to the 2014 Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Calendar! It's full of spectacular photos of rail-trails from across the country. The best part is, with my contribution, I'm helping create more scenes like these possible in the years to come!