A quick ❇ Springtime ❇ hello from our family to yours!
The Jeep behind us wasn't quite as strong as ours so it was having a little difficulty with the trail but no worries, our driver went back and helped them out.
Another free ride at JAARS Day. I was blown away when this 80+ year old woman decided to give it a go.
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The "cloud" just got MUCH bigger! (Billy and Megan's December Newsletter) -

Here's what happens when we work together for the good of ALL people :-)
The Advent Project is a daily devotional series celebrating the Advent season through art and Scripture.

The "cloud" just got MUCH bigger! (Billy and Megan's December Newsletter) -

Here's what happens when we work together for the good of ALL people :-)

The images I have of Jesus in my mind can be so homogenous, I just love seeing pictures from around the world that convey a different culture's interpretation of Him.

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Please join us in celebrating the Mborena Kam NT dedication today!

This is a people group in Papua New Guinea with about 2,100 speakers and they are no doubt experiencing overwhelming joy today as they celebrate their complete New Testament

For our partners, we celebrate together in God's work and His calling for our involvement in every story like this we hear, thank you for your prayers and financial partnership that makes this work possible every day!

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We only slaughter enemies... (Billy and Megan's Spring Newsletter)

Enjoy our Spring newsletter as we briefly highlight one difficulty that arose recently in a translation project in Papua New Guinea.
in Waxhaw, North Carolina! Ride in a helicopter or a five-seat plane. See how people get Internet in the rainforest. Record your voice into the

What an amazing weekend we had at First Baptist Fort Mill's mission conference. We love that church's heart for missions! I wish we could have gotten pictures of us speaking but it was a little crazy managing our little ones with our ministry responsibilities, so no pictures were taken throughout the weekend. But we do you have these wonderful thank you notes from the children's ministry - aren't they sweet? Thank you, First Baptist, for serving the Lord so diligently and partnering with our family in our life's work ❤️

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So thankful to Lily for capturing this moment! We IT workers know our work is important and these little reminders are tangible evidence of all those times our work is being used in powerful ways all over the world for people we've never met at times we never know and for purposes we pray toward when we deliver our software!

25 million people with a Muslim background downloading around 24 full Bibles a day!!!

Thank you God for turning my delights and passions into your work, I suppose you wove it into my heart from before I was ever interested in computers though

Article: Jesus speaks through an app

Like many of you all, I too have an amazing woman in my life that helps me along every day in our relentless schedule. I love you Megan Montgomery Clark, thank you so much for your tireless pursuit of good in our lives!

This article really struck a chord with me today as I consider how blessed I am to be surrounded by such amazing women!

As human beings, we often have a narrow lens of understanding. We can often find ourselves to be near-sighted — we have no true concept of the big picture, like God does.

Join us as we celebrate with the Oniyan speakers of Senegal the completion and dedication of their New Testament today!!!

The unique history of JAARS, where Billy does software development for Bible translation.

Decades ago a JAARS plane lands in a remote Aguaruna village in Peru, where people have since been transformed by God's Word in their own language.

The true impact of your actions (Billy and Megan's December Newsletter)

Here's what happens when we work together for the good of ALL people :-)

Thank you! Moving on to Nepal now.

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Specifically moving onto my current assignment's organization now (GTIS)

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