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Awesome exercise for kids.

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Nazlymov Fencing Blog

I am not sure what to call that - Plastic Sabres with Rings? More importantly, let me mention capacity. I prefer to have no more than 6-8 students per station. ...So for larger classes, e.g., I have 24 1st and 2nd graders at one school this semester, I break them up right away into three teams. In all honesty, i am not sure what the fencing specific benefits are. In full disclosure, I "stole" these excerciszes from the Italians, but I can confirm two things. Beginners love it and the focus on the rings takes their mind of the footwork.

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Read my friend David's post.

It all happened in December 2008, just a few days before the new year. My brother was putting me through my first ‘real’ workout. I had just started exercising on my own a week prior but it wasn’t anything close what I was being put through now. Up against a lifetime of inactivity, I could

Heather Shacker takes gold in Women's Senior and team for Bladeworks Fencing Club at Provincials. Well done! Congrats to Stefania Haase, Park Mỹ Vân, and Büke Ayra too!

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Heather Shacker

Double gold at Provincials today! Great job team Bladeworks!

Share this with your friends, they might want to try a new sport!

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Hard at work.

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Here is some excellent cross training.

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Abilità con la spada: livello elfo di Babbo Natale!

I need to share this for all of you, post your thoughts.

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9,748 Views is with Axel Pettersson and Ilkka Hartikainen at Historiallisen miekkailun seura EHMS.

The final of the Helsinki Bolognese Open 2015 between me and Axel Pettersson. This fight was extremely intense, but regardless of being tired and under pressure... we kept good form all the way to the end. The fight was very even, extremely enjoyable and I think it captured very well the ideal of what good sidesword fencing should be like.

Cover photo by Timo Toropainen.

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Nikkolas Lavorato to Bladeworks Fencing Club

Vincent Fernandez 2nd place podium photo!
The hard work you put in is paying off!
This year is going to be a big year for you.

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Vincent Fernandez

Shout out to the organizers of the Queen's U. Fencing tournament this weekend. Well organized, events were well spaced and the staff (Reffing, piste managers et...c) fantastic. I even got
Me some hardware. Gold in vet and silver on the senior (open) sabre. Huge, huge surprise on the later. There's something about old dogs and new tricks.

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I know I learned this through fencing. Pushed my body to the limits and achieved good results. Enjoy!

Talent doesn't make or break you.

Excellent clip, fencing is looking better and better in games.

Assassins are known for their ruthless fighting skills, but what about the developers who craft these lethal heroes? In this episode of Devs Do It, we challe...

This is how you eat a brownie Chacho Rodriguez

This photo hosted by SmugMug; your photos look better here.

Great find Vince, I think this stuff all the time! Students, please read!…/what-does-my-fencing…/

This past weekend, we held a tournament at our club. It was a great opportunity to shake the holiday dust off and get back to training. I got the chance to talk to a lot of parents, which is always...

Good luck to everyone attending the Canada Cup this weekend!…/canada-cup-east-senior-team-and-un…

Prior to registration Canadian athletes are required to hold a validated 2014-2015 CFF License. Registrations without a currently validated license will be immediately unregistered without refund. If you are unsure of the status of your license prior to registration you may check by searching here: …

scoring technology is improving.

To all my fencing friends, this is a great share, thanks Rico

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