Hi. Um. So. Ages ago I wrote this song with my friends SAM EYES and Paul Mullen. I really liked it and it was our first single. Charlie and Frank - then known as the Voodoo Binmen, now known as MUMMY (they're fantastic, go support them) played bass and drums on this and yeh. We shot the video in Manor House outside Franks warehouse and basically gave Brendan Cleaves £200 to do it, which he wisely spent on fireworks.

It was my birthday last week and Paul's birthday maybe yesterday. Happy birthday us.

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It's been a while, sorry about that, we've all been quite busy with real life stuff like university, jobs and mild self loathing and some not so real life stuff like being in other bands, starting solo projects and mild self loathing.

Anyway, quite a few of you have been asking me if i'm going to do another Bleach Blood record or if we are going to play anymore shows or if we're still a band or whatever and i've not really had the time to answer, until now.


Eventually I will do another record I imagine, just not for the foreseeable future - I'm currently far too busy writing an electro disco record... more on that a little later down the line... and with that in mind we won't be playing any shows anytime soon but we are kind of a band. Just not an active one or whatever.

I'm very proud of our first record and EPs, and that so many of you (at least the one's who didn't mistake us for a tribute page to two popular Anime series) took so warmly to it and loved it dearly still kind of blows my tiny brain.

This was always my favourite song. I'm intrigued to know what yours were, but I shan't ask, after all, click baiting interactional nonsense does not make a band.

So yeah, thank you all - if you want any merch or records drop us a line and we'll sort that out - in closing, we'll do something as Bleach Blood probably, but don't hold your breath. Unless you can hold your breath for like years or something.

Jamie x

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