Hi. Um. So. Ages ago I wrote this song with my friends SAM EYES and Paul Mullen. I really liked it and it was our first single. Charlie and Frank - then known as the Voodoo Binmen, now known as MUMMY (they're fantastic, go support them) played bass and drums on this and yeh. We shot the video in Manor House outside Franks warehouse and basically gave Brendan Cleaves £200 to do it, which he wisely spent on fireworks.

It was my birthday last week and Paul's birthday maybe yesterday. Happy birthday us.

Jamie - Click here to purchase Bleach Blood's debut EP, 'The Young Heartbreakers Club' Ou...


It's been a while, sorry about that, we've all been quite busy with real life stuff like university, jobs and mild self loathing and some not so real life stuff like being in other bands, starting solo projects and mild self loathing.

Anyway, quite a few of you have been asking me if i'm going to do another Bleach Blood record or if we are going to play anymore shows or if we're still a band or whatever and i've not really had the time to answer, until now.


Eventually I will do another record I imagine, just not for the foreseeable future - I'm currently far too busy writing an electro disco record... more on that a little later down the line... and with that in mind we won't be playing any shows anytime soon but we are kind of a band. Just not an active one or whatever.

I'm very proud of our first record and EPs, and that so many of you (at least the one's who didn't mistake us for a tribute page to two popular Anime series) took so warmly to it and loved it dearly still kind of blows my tiny brain.

This was always my favourite song. I'm intrigued to know what yours were, but I shan't ask, after all, click baiting interactional nonsense does not make a band.

So yeah, thank you all - if you want any merch or records drop us a line and we'll sort that out - in closing, we'll do something as Bleach Blood probably, but don't hold your breath. Unless you can hold your breath for like years or something.

Jamie x

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Download the 4 Track EP Free now at Connect with Bleach Blood: http://www...

"With a uniquely complex amalgamation of genres and styles, there is magic within Bleach Blood’s sound"

The ever so lovely people at Anthem Review gave our debut album, 'All The Sides of A Circle' a hefty 8/10.

Read the full review here!...…/bleach-blood-all-the-sides-of…

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Bleach Blood - All The Sides of A Circle East London dance punks Bleach Blood have within them a will to blend genres in search of that perfect, raucous sound. Their debut four-track EP ‘Let Your...

Cocktails in coconuts and more conventional vessels with our friends in UMG and pledge music xo

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“We wanted to capture the energy of when you first start playing together. A power trio, live, in a room, drums, bass, guitar and voice”, says The Kenneths’ vocalist and guitarist Josh W, speaking of their most recent ‘It’s The Kenneths’ EP. “You’re not entirely sure what you’re doing, which makes i…

Keep snapping up merch from our store, once it's gone it's gone!

We're gonna post out some orders today, so if you fancy any leftover tour merch, albums or EPs from our store, you'll get them super fast!

We have some leftover tour merch to sell, so we've set up an Official Store to clear the stock. We have two designs available, but of which are available bundled with our album on CD. You can also get yourself a copy of the 'Young Heartbreakers' EP on vinyl.

Very limited numbers of everything and every order comes with free stuff. Peace x

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Our good friends in The Gospel Youth have released a brand new song, taken from an EP that comes out through our bass player Tom's label Speaking Tongues in July! Check it out:

We'd like to wish our bass master general, the one, the only, the probably horrifically hungover right now TOM AYLOTT a very happy 27th birthday.

Here is a photo of him some balloons on his head. I doubt he'll like the fact we shared it, and probably won't talk to us for at least a week.


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Hello all.

Jamie here. I thought I'd just spend a few moments writing a post about what's happening with us and where we are right now. Forgive me if I wander off the subject from time to time but here we go.

I find being in a band a very strange thing. It's certainly a labour of love and if you're not careful you'll end up jumping through hoops for every single label or manager or other 'industry' based weirdo claiming to have signed [insert band here]... Its very easy to ...lose track of why exactly you started a band in the first place... Let's think about that for a second... Why start a band? Fame? Fortune? Good luck. This band alone has cost me and my hardworking members a ton of money and I've alienated so many people, friends, family, to put this first, so it's not any of those things. Maybe it's for the art, for the creation, for the chance to share emotions and views with anyone who'd care to hear them. That sounds about right. See, that is what I always wanted this band to be. I don't really care for the pop charts, or for staying on trend, or obeying the rules of a scene or any of that. I don't care about how many people follow us on twitter, or how many likes we have - I am thankful for every single person who spends the time to listen to my bands music. Buy our record or stream it, share it with their friends and come to shows. You're all probably aware of just how expensive touring is, especially for a small band on a small label, so every time you come to our shows or buy some Merch, or a record - it means the world to us.

It's been a month since 'All The Sides Of Circle' came out and all of us have been totally taken aback by your amazingly kind words, all the great reviews and all the love you showed us. When I disappeared from music for a year I honestly didn't know or care if the album came out, but now it has and everything you've all said, I am so happy it has been released.

So what's next? More singles, videos, pushing, plugging, fighting for radio plays and YouTube hits, the same old grind that all bands have to go through - nothing that really excites me as much as actually making music... So we'll be doing that again soon too.

Anyway, it's quite sunny outside and I think I've taken enough of your time.

If there is anything to take away from this poorly constructed rant, it's that I love each and everyone of you - we all do - and thank you, all of you for your support. It's the reason we do this.

You guys keep being The Young Heartbreakers Club, and we'll keep being Bleach Blood.

Here's a song.


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‘London In The Rain’is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming debut album,‘All The Sides Of A Circle’ released on 2 March 2015 via Transmission R...

"These feel-good tunes should definitely have a place on any summer road trip playlists"
Big love to Tearaway Magazine for their smashing review of 'All The Sides of A Circle'!

Posted on Apr 1, 2015 Title: All The Sides Of A Circle Artist: Bleach Blood Reviewed by: Elliot Dawson Rating: 4 out of 5 stars It's been almost three long years since the highly successful political punk rock band The King Blues split up.Frontman Johnny “Itch” Fox has pursued a solo career which in…

The ever so wonderful Punktastic reviewed our debut album.
So much love. Feeling all warm and fuzzy nd shit.…/bleach-blood-all-the-sides-of-a-ci…/

When you first listen to Bleach Blood, there’s something irritatingly familiar about the frontman. Can’t remember why? cast your mind back to the time when The King Blues were still around, creating thought-provoking punk music to wrap your ears around. No, not Itch – rather, the frontman of this Lo…

I've put together a playlist of music for your ears. Enjoy.

Follow us on spotify for lots more lovely tunez nd soundz.

Julia x

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A playlist featuring Colour Me Wednesday, Cajun Dance Party, Wolf Alice, and others

We're heading down to this tonight to support the guys and girl in The Kenneths and have a ruddy good time. It's only £2 to get in so there's no reason to not go really. x

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We're really proud to announce that Jamie is now an ambassador for CALM - he was offered this amazing role after the flood of support and lovely comments from all of you guys. So thank you everyone for your support and to Rachel and everyone at Calm!

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