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  • Black Joker, a southern hard/heavy/alternative rock band from Serbia. Official profile.

    Miodrag Božić Micky - lead vocals, guitar
    Vukota Ilić Vuki - guitar
    Vladimir Kostić Darkness - bass, backing vocals
    Jovan Stefanović Jovča - drums

    Black Joker, southern hard/heavy/alternative rock bend iz Srbije. Oficijalni profil.

    Članovi benda:
    Miodrag Božić Micky - vokal, gitara
    Vukota Ilić Vuki - gitara
    Vladimir Kostić Darkness - bas gitara, prateći vokal
    Jovan Stefanović Jovča - bubnjevi


    The year is 2009, Pirot, southeast Serbia, two friends, guitarists, Vukota Ilić and Uroš Đorđević, are forming a band naming it "Black Joker" with one and only goal, and that is to play some true, dirty, hard'n'heavy, "from the heart", rock'n'roll music. Joining the band, almost instantly, is Jovan Stefanović, taking the role of the drummer, Vladimir Kostić alias Darkness, as the bass guitar player and Filip Vučić, taking the role of the lead vocalist in the band. "Black Joker", now fully formed, works on its own songs and music, when not performing live shows in the local area.

    After couple of gigs the band is left without a front-man, Filip leaves the band. Seeking some new experiences, a guitarist, the founder of the band "Bad Memory", Miodrag Micky Božić, picks up the mic, and takes the role of the "Black Joker" vocalist. Uroš drops out of the band very soon, because of his decision to go to college, far from home. So now Micky is set to take the role of the guitarist as well as singing the main vocals. These four members will finally form a solid basis on which the BJ idea should be evolving; inspired by Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Black Stone Cherry and many more of the bands favourite artists, led through the paths of knowledge and understanding the truth behind the facades of modern freedom and the generally accepted ideas and human behaviour in our society, moved by the wise words, even prophecies if you will, of one Mahatma Gandhi, Confucius, Bill Hicks, George Carlin and many more philosophers/humanists...

    By the end of the year 2011, the "Jokers" entered the studio to record their first EP, titled "Outlaw Vol.1", that contains three songs and one bonus track. Beside performing live constantly in the region, by the mid 2012, the band is promoting its EP on its first tour all over Serbia and some other countries at the Balkans. The band performs at "Jelen DemoFest 2012", a big festival in Bosnia, being chosen along with only 30 bands from about 500 from the whole Balkans region and has the privilege to play in front of a huge crowd at the "Kastel" castle in Banjaluka. As soon as this festival was over, the "Jokers" took the road again, now to Zaječar, Serbia, to take its part at the one of the most famous festivals and competitions for breaking-through bands in the region: "Zaječarska Gitarijada". The band was competing for prizes, being one of the favorites of the crowd and the jury. The result at the end: runners-up!

    The band is currently focused on preparing the material for its debut album that should see the lights by the end of the year 2013. Also, the band has announced the "WE RIDE" tour taking place this year!
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