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Crystal: I ordered large blinds for my job. I hesitated ordering because I was afraid they would be horribly expensive. I was told about blindster and looked into it and to to my surprise, they were very affordable! Long story short, they were a great cost, excellent quality, very easy to install an...
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Julia Woods
· January 18, 2018
Wow... I'm surprised at some of these reviews. I bought a house full of window treatments from them close to 3 years ago. We did have a situation where one of my windows fabric was out of stock but... they emailed me and told me of the delay and asked if I wanted to wait to choose something else. I actually chose a different style altogether. Nothing was missing and everything was great.

Fast forward now... I bought a new sectional for my family room and my blinds no longer matched. I was bummed about spending more money. Then I remembered I got the 10 year upgrade warranty. When I called I expected to fight about it or be nickled and dimed. But they were like, "Ok, have you picked out what you want and we only cover what you originally spent"... I like this company #Winning!
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KariSue Brinkerhoff
· September 27, 2017
Customer service is great! Our last two blinds were delayed a bit and once they got here one was bent and the other was making a funny noise when I pushed the button on bottom to make them raise. I se...nt an email with pictures of the bent one to customer service and also told them one was making a noise. They replied back the next day asking for a measurement and said that they would replace both at no extra charge! Woot woot. Will definatly order from here again. See More
Becky Jevons
· October 25, 2017
I have ordered blinds for about 10 windows over 3 years and all orders have fit perfectly. I had one faulty cord on a blind within warranty and they are making me a whole new blind! Fantastic super, efficient customer service. On top of all that, I find their pricing very reasonable. See More
Anne Bradley
· November 10, 2017
I heard this on Rush Limbaugh Radio and wow - what a great deal......I really like Rush Limbaugh Radio....I checked into it for myself because my blinds stopped working in my Section 8 apartment. The ...local inspectors are political puppets. They will just make more trouble for me and claim I did it and write me up or get this mgt contractor to say estimate over $500 so they can snatch it from insurance also - insurance fraud is common around here. I don't play those games. I know I did not do it and have shared concerns with HUD in Washington, DC so they can do their investigations - which I know are costly to the govt but Dr. Ben Carson will FIX things economically. By the way, Dr. Carson's mother recently died, please send him a sympathy card if it is not too inconvenient - or message him on his facebook.... Meantime, I have to do what I have to do. And now, I may be able to afford it.
The RUSH promotion is also good for 40% off the order but is on-going.

One promotion code can be utilized per order.
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Kristi Perkins
· August 10, 2017
Bought blinds online, only to find out my windows were too narrow for the inside mount. Called to return and order an outside mount and there was absolutely no hassle. I was extremely impressed with... the customer service. And the blinds are fantastic too. I love that they give you free sample so you can see how the color looks before you order. See More
Dawn Warren
· September 4, 2017
I've order from Blindster on two occasions for two homes and I'm always impressed by the both the customer service and the products. I feel like very valued by the level of customer service they prov...ide. The products are significantly better than items I've bought in big box stores. See More
Becky Taylor Brown
· November 6, 2017
Customer service and social responsibility is OUT OF THIS WORLD. My order was wrong (my own fault) and I dreaded having to call and explain and hope the penalty and re-order situation was not bad or ...terribly expensive. I was BLOWN AWAY with how incredibly easy it was to get it right and re-sent as well as how understanding and helpful the customer service team was. I had to call a couple different times and this was the case each time. I have not ever experienced customer service like this from any company. Thank you so much for your help! You have a life long customer and good word of mouth in me! See More
Sarah Hartwick Hertel
· July 14, 2017
I am absolutely blown away by your customer service. We ordered 6 roller shades and one is just a bit too big. I dreaded making the call and having to send it back. Your customer service person who... helped me (Karen?) was so nice and understanding. Looking forward to getting the new shade and will definitely donate the other one. Thank you so much. We will be ordering more for sure! By the way the quality of the shades are awesome and the installation was very easy. Thanks again!!! See More
James Jewell
· August 5, 2017
Ordered all new blinds for our house after our new windows were installed. The blinds came in exactly as advertised and I am very satisfied. I installed all of them today and the fit is perfect. Thank... you Blindster. I will buy from you again and recommend others do too. See More
John Inman
· December 18, 2017
Do not order from this company!! Unfortunately we purchased two sets of verticals from them and the order was wrong. The quality of the blinds are so bad that there is a gap where you can see through ...when closed...
Should be -5 for the waste of time..... Very nice sales people, but I'm sure they purchase their window coverings elsewhere!
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LaRue Hudson Cervini
· June 3, 2017
9 business days since I placed my order and still no tracking info or even a status update. I am typically not one to complain, however, my order reflected a 1-5 day shipping time frame. Don't over p...romise and under deliver. I would've rather been told that it would be 2-3 weeks. Also, If it is due to increased sales due to the Memorial Day sale, then your site should make customers aware that there is a possibly of a delay. I should have read fb reviews prior to ordering as others seem to have experienced this as well.
*Update - finally received my blinds and they all fit perfectly.
I am very pleased with the product. I know now that when/if I place my next order takes a little longer than what is stated!
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Kris Lucas
· June 24, 2017
They had great reviews which is why I went with this company.... Unfortunately I waited 18 days for my blinds and they were the wrong color! Reviews my order and I sent the correct order but they obvi...ously missed a very important detail. Paying attention to details should be more than 1 person's job but $1250 later a month out and still no blinds... disappointed with the service and no one from blindster has even taken the time to call me, email me anything. Customer service is a third party and very unattached to the problem! Stay away from blindster if you are considering... See More
Steve Orr
· July 21, 2017
Very satisfied!! Order came in within ten days, shades were amazingly easy to install (I expected at least some drama), they look great too! Measurements were spot on. Well-packaged with coherent in...structions too. Good job! See More
Dena Wiginton Kline
· June 17, 2017
Sizing was good, but our order was missing valance clips and screws. Tried to notify of missing parts by reply to order confirmation, but it went to a "no reply" email address. Tried to call today whe...n I realized the email didn't go through and can't reach anyone until Monday. We're in Houston so we thought things would go quicker. See More
Grady Griffith
· July 18, 2017
I've been waiting 2 weeks now and nothing. I'd rather you say "about 2 weeks" or "about a month" or something like that rather than say processing takes a few days and shipping takes a few days. It's ...almost as though you're just saying that to lure customers in. See More
Yocheved Safrin
· July 30, 2017
Bought cellular shades. They are all defective. Customer service has been less than helpful.

Edited and added stars, because after 2 years they finally replaced the shades, and even upgraded them. Thanks!
Joseph Chiu
· July 7, 2017
Bought my blinds 6 years ago, and most still work great. 2 of the fabric blinds developed some tears. After I contacted support they promptly replied and will be sending replacements. Love the custome...r service and the hassle free lifetime warranty! Kudos. See More
Molly Lawrence
· June 29, 2017
I am very happy with my blinds. Color is great, material is great, i hope that we can get them leveled with the instructions. Thank you.
Chris Sorrentino
· September 19, 2017
Part of traveling is finding new and exciting places that peak our interest, sometimes resulting in a permanent move. This was the case when we traveled to the Pacific Northwest and fell in love with ...Portland, Oregon.

We recently moved into our new home and bought seven 2" deluxe faux wood blinds from Blindster, but the first five boxes we opened had faulty products inside. ALL had bent headers to one degree or another and the tilt mechanisms were either disengaged, broken or faulty.

First off, there were no instructions in the box, so I had to download them from the website (see above). The primary photo, depicting the details of the blind, is so blurry (top) in all of the instructions that it is nearly useless. This alone says a lot about their quality control standards. They also reference hardware (bottom) that did not come with our blinds, so we had to figure out how to install the cheap plastic clips that attach the valance to the blind header ourselves.

The headers are made of thick, rigid sheet metal, but every blind had a dent in the header from small and somewhat noticeable to big and extremely obvious. Fortunately, the header cover hides the bent metal on the inside, but the dents are clearly visible from the outside.

The tilt mechanisms are cheaply made with a single plastic gear controlling a hexagonal metal rod (1/3" in diameter at most) running the entire length of the blind (over 82" in two of the severn blinds). In every case, the hexagonal rod was disengaged from the gear attached to the cord pulleys that operate the tilt of the blinds, causing me to have to detach the blinds and repair the mechanism in order for the blinds to tilt. In one of the 82+ inch blinds we purchased, the bar and pulley were disengaged and even when I reinserted it, the tilt function would not work. After much trial and error, I finally got the blinds to tilt, but it is so difficult to pull on the cords that operate the mechanism that the blinds disengaged from the mounting brackets, fell, and hit my wife in the chest. They are still very difficult to maneuver and will eventually break as it is only a matter of time.

I contacted Blindster on their website contact page and through their advertised social media accounts, but after several days I still had not heard back, so I made a video and posted it on YouTube. They finally contacted me, stating that they "never received my messages or tweets", offering to replace or provide a refund for the damaged and/or faulty blinds. Neither option is acceptable as we would have to take them all down, box them up, and coordinate shipment back to the factory. We have already wasted enough time, installing and removing the blinds (in some cases several times) in order to get them to work properly or at all.

I will update this post once final resolution of this problem is reached.

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Scott R Bader
· February 20, 2017
This would be more had they got the order right the 2nd time. 1 of the 4 I ordered came 2/8ths off actually a bit more since they don't take into account what space the brackets take up. They agreed... to replace free of charge. New blind finally came and not only was it the wrong size it did not have the posts to connect them when in down position. I gave up and cut them myself and put scews in for the posts. I will not be a return customer. See More
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