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American Bird Conservancy

For #WisdomWednesday, we turn to the Nuxalk Nation of British Columbia for some true, well-spoken words.

With all the diseases spread by misquotes and other insects these wonderful bats eat them, which in turn protects us! We should consider putting more bat homes around our homes.


A beautiful way to visualize another shore project from the sky…take a look!

October 11, 2013 flight part 1

Another great project at shanty creek beach club on lake bellaire I worked on...just wonderful!

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Some nurseries seeing the positives in natural plants versus cultivars...remember their root systems offer many benefits too...erosion control and they filter sediments, chemicals, and storm water runoff to keep our environment and waters pristine...a benefit to all of us!

The use of native plants is not for all gardeners and that comes to no surprise for me.

I had a wonderful experience this past summer, went up in a 4 seater prop plane, toured the whole chain of lakes...who can ever imagine this beauty taken away by poor water quality, pollution, invasive plants and eroding areas. We all enjoy the lakes, rivers and streams of Michigan. This photo is just one part of the Chain of Lakes. Miles and Miles of beauty!

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Shoreline buffers/beltways are a manageable, beautiful solution to help retain our water quality, provide a home and food for habitat, provide waterfront property owners options to conventional sea walls (steel/wood) providing a less costly solution to erosion and retain the value of the property.

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Areas difficult to grow plants and control erosion, always solutions to every problem.

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Erosion Control and native plants used in areas that can grow in adverse locations and under certain trees.

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Natural Swales can be used and designed for natural erosion protection and storm water run-off

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Erosion control/shoreline restoration

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Shoreline Buffers

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Bloomin' Buddies updated their cover photo.
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