Here's a view of the 3-acre Great Lawn from under one of the Pergolas at Summit Park. Follow Blue Ash on Instagram for more photos and videos!
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Wednesday Night Workouts
Nature Park Workout - By Emily
Walk or jog out to the nature park (located at the end of the parking lot - you will see pavilions and picnic tables)! - Find a picnic table (that no one is using;-) - Do 3 Rounds of the following exercises:
20 Picnic Table Push-Ups
20 Body Weight Squats
20 Tricep Dips off picnic table
--Rows & Burpees by Mikey Sevrence
5 Rounds – Row & Burpees
500 m row + 2 burpees
400 m row + 4 burpees
300 m row + 6 burpees