Want to create a massive shift in culture of the kind that leads to political change toward both justice and liberty?

History shows us a way that works time and time again...

Robin Koerner, The Art of Political Persuasion The Advance of Liberty Depends on Stories, Not Just Arguments If you tell the right st...

If it truly is "toxic", then it isn't truly masculinity.

(This was recorded a few weeks ago ... but I figured better late than never, as they say.)

On this week’s Electric Libertyland, Brian McWilliams welcomes in Faculty Network writer, speaker and turner of the phrase “Blue Republican,” Robin Koerner to discuss his recent article “The Cure for Toxic Masculinity Is Real Masculinity.” Brian and Robin dive into the issues surro...
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#metoo... And
The original Blue Republican asks Ron Paul a question
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Sadly, these thoughts have become timely again...

(Note: please don't infer my position on the gun control from this: I'm not laying a position out on that. I support our Constitution, including 2A. Rather, I'm specifying necessary conditions for a useful discussion, especially for those who favor regulating gun ownership.)

Robin discusses messaging strategy regarding communication around the gun control debate in the wake of the recent tragic shooting in a Texas church. Robin K...
Robin Koerner

I have the feeling that in international politics, the apparent beginning of anything is never that. There is always something before the beginning.

I recommend this article if you want to understand better one of the biggest geopolitical issues of our time.

The Marshall Plan recognized the limits of U.S. power in Europe. To be successful, so must diplomacy with Moscow today.

New post (FEE Con 2018 - Atlanta) has been published on The Art of Political Persuasion

Join Robin, and a host of great speakers at this year’s premiere liberty event. You won’t want to miss this game changing conference.Share this:GoogleLinkedInFacebookTwitterRedditEmailLike this:Like Loading...

New post (FEE Con 2018 - Atlanta) has been published on The Art of Political Persuasion

New post (FEECON 2018) has been published on The Art of Political Persuasion

New post (The Advance of Liberty Depends on Stories – not Arguments) has been published on The Art of Political Persuasion

Philosophy Talks. History Walks. As a political activist and someone who trains others in “the art of political persuasion”, I teach a good deal of psychology to people who would like to see significant changes in our political institutions. I am interested in communication, psychology and persu...

Want to advance liberty? History has some advice for you...

"If you tell the right story to enough people, you don’t have to argue with them."

As we look back on the most important and inspiring cultural and political shifts in the direction of liberty and justice, we inevitably focus on the most dramatic and historically visible events and milestones (such as the Civil War in the abolition of slavery or the assassination of Martin Luther....

This is why, in politics, we need to measure our compassion by the good that we do - not by the strength or righteousness of our intention.

Generous spending has not only failed to decrease poverty; it actually seems to have made it worse.

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Robin Koerner

I'm going to be keeping extremely good company at the "Omaha Unconvention" in May.

Join Ron Paul, other great lovers of liberty and myself!

Print Email Featuring an evening with Dr. Ron Paul Dr. Ron Paul served as an influential member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Texas's 14th and 22nd congressional districts, each for a number of years. He is a three-time Presidential candidate, as well as a best-selling auth...

Consistency. Bill of Rights. Oath.

Always refreshing to see a politicians doing his job.

Thank you Rand Paul.

The senator joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers Wednesday to oppose long term reauthorization of Section 702 of the FISA Amendment Act.

My home city of Seattle passes strange law to increase revenues of sellers of soda in neighboring cities. Think about it.

They say it's something to do with health. But they forgot to pass an equivalent law to increase revenues of nearby makers of Venti Frapucinos (and other coffee-based drinks), which have more than double the calories of a can of coke. Think about that too.

I wonder why.


Picture a "typical" soda buyer. Now picture a "typical" hot sugar-loaded coffee-based drink buyer.

Now you know the answer.

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These types of tax policies have a dangerous precedent.

I've said to my friends and followers to be hopeful for 2018: we've hit "peak SJW" and the pendulum is swinging.

It's becoming clearer every day. One might say of this class action suit that "the end begins".

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Dhillon Law Group Inc. was live — at Dhillon Law Group Inc..

Live now! Press conference with Ex-Googler James Damore and attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon to discuss their class action lawsuit against Google. Feel free to share this video.