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Mark Yates
· September 20, 2017
Great city to raise a family with a low crime rate ,great school system and affordable homes but it a horrible city to work for there lot of corruption special in the public works department and I wil...l tell people to avoid apply to position special to the public works department unless you like getting Harassment/ intimidation and getting discrimination and when you make a complaint to mangment they won't do anything about it stop for cover themselves up so they can keep their jobs and they will kick you to they curb when you stand up for yourself and this city doesn't pay well and doesn't give you good benefits like some other local and state governments agencies See More
Holly Michael
· July 14, 2017
Just moved to downtown Blue Springs and LOVE IT! Such friendly people. Love the soda shop downtown. The owner is such a nice friendly man. Inklings books store and coffee shop is amazing! Love those f...olks, too. Just such an old fashioned town with a lot of great people and commerce. See More
Breana Jenesse
· February 25, 2017
For the most part living in Blue Springs is enjoyable. One thing that is incredibly frustrating though is that the city of Blue Springs will not allow its residents to own chickens and/or ducks. All o...f our neighboring cities allow residents to own chickens/ducks, so it's puzzling to me that Blue Springs does not. Is there any way this ordinance can be changed? See More
Lisa Kent
· April 5, 2017
Thanks for finally having the police stake out our neighborhood for speeders. Saw one get pulled over around 5:30 tonight. As soon as they were done with that ticket they left. At 5:47 a Red truck spe...eds through the neighborhood maybe going 40. Wish the police would have stuck around a little longer could have nailed him too! The speeders are really bad. Hope that does change! Hate to see anyone get hit. See More
Greg Paxton
· July 26, 2016
I like the work that has been done to Rail Road park. It looks great. I try to walk there ever day if the weather is good. There is one problem,they forgot to replace the park bench by the bridge goin...g over the spillway. It was a good place for a rest. Hope it can be replaced. See More
Isabel Ruiz
· December 14, 2017
Eric Butkovich needs to be in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marlaine Boyd
· June 9, 2017
Our city is a close knit community with lots of activities for people of all stages of life to enjoy. Great schools, affordable homes and traditional values!
Sharon Hoskins
· April 30, 2016
I've lived here for about 33 years, and have always loved many things about Blue Springs. The school system is great, the city's beautiful lakes, parks, recreational and sports facilities are wonderf...ul, the police department is always prompt and alert to any problems, the fire department is efficient to every emergency as well as fighting fires, and the people here are very friendly and always helpful. It's a town that is growing, yet small enough to have that small town feeling, with our parades, festivals, community gardens, car shows, and park music concerts. What more could a town offer? See More
Jessi Thompson
· October 5, 2014
Blue Springs is an amazing place to live. Just today we were out and about and ran into an Animal Control officer at Pink Hill park. He was so friendly and stopped what he was doing to put a notificat...ion into his system for our missing cat. He was so incredibly friendly and helpful. It is little things like this that add to the charm of this city. Keep being amazing Blue Springs. See More
John L Benckeser
· May 25, 2017
So if Butkovitch is changing a tire on the side of the road and I accidentally kill him that is a misdemeanor?
Rhonda Wiest-Cross
· September 7, 2016
I was raised at Lake Tapawingo , I now live in older Blue Springs , and Love the area.
I moved from Lee's Summit last year .
I am very disappointed in the response to Valid compliance complaints I h...ave made to the city .
First off My neighbor had a above ground pool , with no 6 ft fence for safety . Also did not have the proper paperwork needed . Then they allowed it to get Green and Slimy And DRAINED IT INTO FELLOW NEIGHBORS YARDS. I called the city when it was happening , along with other Neighbors . A employee drove by , nothing was done .

Now a foreclosed home is beginning to smell of very strong of Mold another Neighbor called , another drive by . This time they didn't even get out off car .
Come on , let's keep our town awesome to live in.
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Linda Heck
· November 8, 2016
Thanks to the City of Blue Springs for responding to my concerns about the condition of our street. The residents on Mrowka Crt. are deeply appreciative!
James R Guffey
· July 25, 2016
I lived in Blue Springs my whole entire life plus their is so must history between the families here. Great place to raise a family
Matt Martin
April 3, 2013
Would sure be NICE if the City of Blue Springs would follow the rest of the Kansas City with the SMOKING BAN at all indoor locations including Bars, Bowling Alleys and everything in between!!
Callista Bond
· September 13, 2014
I love Blue Springs. I'm not a native, but I'm now happy to call it home!
Paul Blatt
· November 4, 2013
Lets try this again. One star. Not the five you gave yourself.
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We’re excited! Faurecia is expanding to Blue Springs, Missouri with a $60-million investment for a 250,000 square-foot plant. The new facility, which will offic...ially begin production this year, will create more than 300 new jobs.

"Kansas City Metro and the Blue Springs area are known for being a source of excellence in American manufacturing and we’re looking forward to building on that expertise and skill set as we continue to provide the very best to our customers," said Donnie Hampton, President of Faurecia Interiors in North America:

Pictured: Mayor Carson Ross and Donnie Hampton with Blue Springs and Kansas City area leaders

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