If you need information on blue tongue skinks, or if you have questions about them, is the place to go. We are the most comprehensive group of sites on the web with the largest collective knowledge-base in the world.
We are your one-stop shop with advice you can trust!

Join one of the many Facebook groups if you want to see cute pictures, but when correct information is what you're after, read our caresheets, browse the topics in our forums, or sign u...p and introduce yourself to the community or ask questions of your own. And, by all means, show us your cute pictures too; we love 'em!

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The place to come for species specific care sheets, or just to talk about your bluey buddy. 😀

It has been a terrible year for baby bluey production this year in Australia, wishing all of our friends in the Northern Hemisphere good luck for baby season.

Here's some angry baby alpine blotchy footage to tide you over 😀

Site is down for the next while...

We hope you guys are visiting the site even though this page here doesn't see much action
We are still working on some improvements --it's slow going; I apologize for that, but that's what you get when a computer-illiterate person takes over a website...
We've got ideas and plans mulling, and when life offers breaks you can often find this girl in front of her laptop, with her forehead wrinkled, trying to learn how to put them into action

But in the meantime, come par...ticipate!

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Long time no activity, I know...
But I hope we're forgiven when you see what we have on the site:
Species-Specific Caresheet Additions! My incessant nagging is starting to bear fruit!
We have one person who has worked hard writing an addition on EACH of the species he keeps. No small feat!
Hopefully this is the beginning and we'll see a few more additions to the Additions soon by a few more experienced keepers...


Come visit! We're constantly working on improvements, slow but steady; site update coming in the near future.

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We have a long-standing member selling brand new copies of the ultimate BTS book (what we jokingly refer to as the "bluey bible") for only $55.
Come get your copy now before they're gone!…

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Winter is coming on in the northern hemisphere, for many keepers this means brumation.
We have two excellent threads on brumating your skink(s) in our FAQ section; please come check it out!

The Caresheet on our "sister-page" on is still the best and most comprehensive out there, but to let you know what we have up-coming on the forum: we have asked some of our experienced keepers to write up "addendums" that cover the different care-needs of each of the different species and subspecies.
We will inform you when those are up and ready for viewing!

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On the forum, some of us are feeling it; the pressure is ON!
Tis the time of the year when Meraukes MATE!! is a forum dedicated to collecting and disseminating knowledge on the keeping of blue tongue skinks, and providing a venue where all are welcome to share their dedication to these fascinating reptiles.

We are a sister-site to –the oldest and most comprehensive BTS caresheet on the web.

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