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While waiting for the debut mcd of Miasma Of Guilt check out a new song by Grim Fate. This is the other band of one of our guitarists. Check the song and like there facebook.

Demotrack of Dutch death metal band Grim Fate.

Miasma of Guilt is more active than Boal. Sorry folks, but you will hear new stuff from Boal soon as well

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Miasma of Guilt

Miasma of Guilt are again, very proud to announce another collaboration and another huge name in the old school Swedish death metal scene...

Per Boder of God Ma...cabre & Mordbrand, will put his growls on the track“ Besmeared With Blood”.

This song will also be on our upcoming cd “Night Of The Dread Spells”

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The early 2017 release of our planned EP... it was a nice idea and we were ready to record, but then our drummer left. This was quite a setback for us. Without a vocalist and a drummer its hard to record, so we're currently looking for a solution for the drummer and vocalist spot and writing some more stuff... it's going slow, Boal style... but we will be back for sure...

Meanwhile check Miasma of Guilt, the other band in which Wim and Philippus are active. Debut cd is written and recorded and will be out soon!

The other project which have both our guitarplayers involved is will soon release their first cd

With wrath we send upon you, the first tunes of our upcoming debut mcd.

Spill the violence and gather all thou infidels... Miasma of Guilt needs your souls!!!

Miasma of Guilt is looking for a label to release their first 6 track MCD... Interested? Send us a message on Facebook!!!

Check out the new video of our bro's in Coldblooded

In collaboration with Friesland Pop for the Sa Fier Fan Hus project. Song The Great Lament by Coldblooded from their upcoming full length "Harvest of Damnati...

Interview with scumzine magazine

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Scumzine Magazine

The Dutch group BOAL, sent us the interview faster than expected, we are ready to present the interview in Spanish and English, next Friday January 13, 2017 in ...SCUMZINE - La agrupación Holandesa BOAL, nos envió la entrevista más rápido de lo que esperaba, estamos listos para presentar la entrevista en español e Inglés, próximo viernes 13 de enero 2017 en SCUMZINE

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Posted by Boal

We're proud that we made an agreement with Barrett Amiss II to release our new stuff through Sevared Records once again! Recordings are scheduled for August, so Gerard Braaksma (also of Coldblooded) can finally show us his groovy drumming. We're aiming for an early 2017 release.

We are looking for a vocalist

For the new recordings we are looking for a vocalist. We try and get away from the ultra guttural vocals and want something where you can hear some of the lyrics this time around. Still it needs to be deep and brutal. If you're interested get in touch. Recordings will take place right after summer.

We want to thank Peter Weijer Braincasket from Braincasket for his performance on Infinite Deprivation. Since the new material sounds a bit different we decided to try something else. Thanks for sharing the brutality Peter. Check out his band Braincasket Deathmetal as well, sick stuff!

Now the songs are done we have to get ready to record and think who's going to do vocals on our next release.

Deranged in the EP version, with different intro

Boal from the Netherlands was formed in 2009 from the ashes of Anaemia, since the primitive death/grind became more advanced and technical. With Philippus Yn...

New songs written, coversong chosen, Gerard Braaksma added to our ranks to do the drums, now fucking rehearse and record!

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