PARENT COACHMeUp- "Show Them the MOST"....While you have them, show your children that marriage & family is the most REAL, most STABLE, and most FUN place to ever be and in return they will place a "premium" value on their future, purpose, and legacy. It doesn't cost anything but effort. #CBJ

As men grow older, they tend to let their friendships lapse. But there’s still time to do something about it.

Parent CoachMeUp "All Hands on Deck!" For many school has started or is just underway and we all can agree that "when our kids start school the entire family "starts school". It's definitely a family affair with adjusted schedules and the compromising of our own personal lives. So how do we not allow the mundane and hectic life that we are about to embark on get the best of us where losing yourself and disconnect from each other becomes more and more apparent as the months ...go by. The key is to set family expectations and goals first by establishing an agenda of how the family will maximize this 10 month journey together.

Here are 3 questions TheJacksons ask each member of our family to get a personal understanding of each other's mental and emotional state, goals and passions, and openness to accountability.

1) (For the kids) What are your academic goals this year?
(For the parents) What are your professional goals this year?
Both give each member of the family an understanding of a pressing desire and goal that may require some sacrifices or assistance.

2) (For both kids and parents) What extracurricular activities are you thinking about taking on this year? This could be activities of interest at school or hobbies/passions away from work. They need to be addressed so everyone is on the same page to respect those outlets. Outlets are not just for our kids but opportunities for parents to refuel and stay connected to personal aspirations.

3) (For both kids and parents) What are your personal growth goals for the year? Being open about personal growth and development is a very sensitive matter. For everyone in the family to have a clear understanding of each other's challenges, this will help in how we address the need for accountability.

Having a great school year begins with a family "with all hands on deck" headed in the same direction mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be ready to face the ups and downs, unpredictability, and exhaustion of the days ahead! - #CBJ yourLifeCoach, yourLifeMentor


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A Father's Day CoachMeUp - After receiving numerous texts and phone calls to wish me a Happy Father's Day, I took a moment to think about if I was as good of a father as people portrayed me to be...
I can remember countless times...
Where I came down to hard...
Was not an open enough listener...
Gave biased or ill-informed advice......
Used curse words when I should have applied more self control...
Scolded unapologetically...
Punished unjustly...
Drove them unmercifully to succeed...

I also can recall the bouts with guilt a couple times a month from asking myself "What did I get myself into?!?"
Or days I just wanted to get on the highway and drive away without looking back.

I'm honest with myself that I can admit I struggle everyday with the responsibility of being a father. But looking back, I realize I was not the same father at year one to year two, year two to year three, and so on. I've gotten better day after day, month after month, and year after year. And the only "ingredient" required for me to be the Father my kid's love, wife adores, and everyone admires is to simply "show up".

"Show Up" to meet each day head on!
"Show Up" to lead
"Show Up" to listen
"Show Up" to love

Lesson: Fathers get to wear the honor of being a GREAT DAD bc they "Show Up" everyday and put on their armor of "Selflessness" and go to work with the tools they have at their disposal.


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So much goes on behind the scenes of married life that it would be impossible to capture it in 140 characters, but these tweets get pretty damn close.

Parent CoachMeUp "Pressure FREE Fun" - Yesterday I took my son to his first football camp to learn some aspects of the game ... When I dropped him off I said "Just go have some fun and hustle hard for the coaches"...But to say the least on his first day he was "Good n' tuuurible"... Honestly, I had a Cliff & Theo Huxtable moment😢😢😂! My mind quickly went in the direction of making him go through some more drills at home to "look better" tomorrow. But when I took a moment to ...catch my breath from my own self inflicted anxiety I noticed something more special. Despite his struggles he communicated with the other kids extremely well, gave each one of them high fives after completing each drill, hustled hard to every workout station, followed directions with no complaints, and even laughed at himself when we made a mistake.

After it was over I asked him how he liked it and if he wanted to come back.

His reply ..."Of course, I had a lot of fun, they work you hard, ... I struggled some but I BELIEVE I will do better tomorrow.... What's for lunch?"

Lesson: As parents if we first create a low pressure environment for our kids to try new things and then get out of the way, they will eventually discover where they fit to find that fun space where they can personally feel fulfilled.
YourLifeCoach & LifeMentor

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May 25, 2017

Marriage CoachMeUp - "Marriage Vows" - As I watch and experience many people struggle in their marriage, I realize that direction all starts from what you vow to one another. I have never heard vows like this at a wedding but how true and powerful would they be to set a tone for a marriage.

"I will be there...

For the worst of you ...
When you stop believing in yourself...
lose self-esteem...
struggle with confidence...
and act out negatively in anger and disappointment when things don't go your way.

I will be there...

When you stop believing in us...
using words that will hurt me...
isolating your feelings...
and finding outlets in other places or people instead of myself.

I cannot promise you how I will respond, but I can promise you that I WILL BE THERE FIGHTING FOR THE BEST OF US...

For what I believe we have and what we can produce together...
a life journey with someone that builds each other up when we are down...
an environment where both us feel like we are becoming better versions of ourselves...
and a place of comfort and encouragement in each other's hearts.


For a vision for our marriage that will be greater than any I could imagine for myself...
lifelong support and love from my best friend...
and a home we create together for our family that we will both take great pride in and call our own.

I will be there because from this day forward I don't just matter,... you don't just matter,... but WE MATTER and I'm here to commit to walk with you the rest of my life to discover what that means." - CoachBobbyJackson, your LifeMentor&LifeCoach

Lesson: Vows are more than lovely sentiments of the heart but the code to the navigation system of your marriage. #CBJ

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May 10, 2017

Marriage CoachMeUp "By Design" - Marriage was never meant to be about 2 people coming together to create a fairytale... Instead, it is an institution designed to expose who we really are in a "safe space" and hopefully welcoming enough to allow us to grow into better versions of ourselves. The goal is to build a relationship journey so precious, it will never be negotiable in your heart to forfeit. This is what we commit to when we say "I do". - #CBJ #YourLifeCoach #YourLifeMentor

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May 4, 2017

Parent CoachMeUp- "Appreciating an Invisible God" - While driving my kids to school and having morning devotion... my 10 year old son voices what's been on his heart ...

Son: Dad, to be honest I sometimes struggle believing in God bc I do not see Him or feel Him. I want to see Him so I have no doubt He is real.

Me: I understand that... But did you believe He was there when he woke you up this morning, gave you fresh air to breath, the sunrise to start the day. Or do you r...emember Him being there when he healed your legs all by Himself when the doctors insisted they would never be normal... or when He gave you the mind to become a straight A student when the learning specialist said you would be lucky to be average...

Son: (Begrudgingly) Yes... He was there... But I still need to see Him to be convinced

Me: OK ... what if God made Himself able for you to see Him. He wanted to spend all His time with you so you could see and touch Him, but He never performed any of the things I mentioned before He did for you. He just wanted to hangout with you... "What would you say?"

Son: (Mad and Disappointed) I would say get away from me Dude, you ain't doing what you promised...

Me: Then why does "seeing" God even matter...

Lesson: In life, we will all struggle and get consumed in questioning God's presence to only forget what we really need is His performance. And He has never fell short in that category. Awareness of His Presence will always begin and end with our appreciation. #CBJ LifeMentor&LifeCoach

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Every married couple has exchanged vows which promise “til death do us part,” but for far too many marriages, their dreams of “forever” are crushed by divorce.

Parent CoachMeUp "Mental Toughness"... Many of us desire for our kids to be mentally tough. Working through that process can be challenging. While shooting basketball with my son, he would continue to get frustrated and down after missing shots. Body language and technique decreases rapidly. To get him to a place where he can take ownership without demanding it, I shared a piece of wisdom I wished I learned early in my life.

"The greatest shot you will ever make is the ONE after you missed" - #CBJ

That life lesson trains the mind and spirit to count on the best traits of our character which is hope, faith, personal empowerment, perseverance, focus, resilience, and overcoming disappointment.

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Parent CoachMeUp - Fathers, spend enough QUALITY time with your kids that they not only grow up to the person YOU want them to be at 18, but the person THEY are proud to become at 40. - #CBJ yourLifeCoach


Sunday CoachMeUp "Feeling God" After praying over my son while putting him to bed he stopped me before I left the room...

Son: Why do I not feel God? I know and understand who He is ... but why can I not feel Him?

Me: (Thankful for this moment) ... Every night before I leave your room I tell you what?


Son: "I love you, Son"

Me: Do you feel something when I tell you that?

Son: Yes ... I feel good!!! Can't stop smiling

Me: So you feel something?

Son: Yes...

Me: You feel something because you not only understood what I said but you TRUST WHAT I SAID.

Lesson: We build trust by spending time. And just like my son and our relationship, when we spend consistent time with God, His words to us begin to provide a feeling of His presence we cannot deny.
#CBJ yourLifeCoach

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How we share has evolved thanks to technology. But the digital age has also made us vulnerable, naive, and in many cases, oversharers when it comes to kids.

Sometimes we need to remind them...

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Joshua Jordan is feeling amused.

Shiiiid... I was never that dumb! Lol

Halle Berry - Keeping it real about marriage #BobbyAndElla

"I’ve suffered a lot of pain and anguish..."

Halle Berry is reflecting on the pain of going through three failed marriages. The actress, 50, participated in a candid Q&A at the 2017 City Summit and...
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2017 New Year CoachMeUp "Get Bullish!"

2016 was all of that and then some. It has challenged us personally and collectively. If I can sum in up in one phrase ... "A head-scratcher year". But if many of us would be honest it has left us personally and collectively in a place of uncertainty. What's next? My message for 2017 is simple... Don't wait for the answer... BE YOUR ANSWER! It's time to be "Bullish" in confronting and creating the change you want to see in your life...

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