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Robert Ryals
· February 15, 2018
Bob wrote an outstanding piece in today's Tallahassee Democrat. We share values and he is a fighter, not like some politicians who try to be all things to all people. That will not cut it in this atmo...sphere of diabolical differences, but Bob has the sense to compromise where it will get things done. I don't think for one nanosecond that the almighty dollar can control him like some are controlled. Where money controls votes, is where a true democracy begins the perfection of Plutocracy! See More
Karen A. Skinner
· November 24, 2017
Bob Rackleff knows his way around politics and in all the years I have known of him, has advocated for “ the common man “. I believe he would represent the good people of our district very well.
Mary McMullen
· September 19, 2017
Bob Rackleff has the integrity and the experience we need in congress. Those of us who live in District 2 need to get behind him for 2018!
Wayne Green
· December 21, 2017
Good luck Bob!!! Keep up the good work!!! Voting for you.
Lynn Edel
· December 17, 2017
Bob Rackleff will represent for the benefit of the citizens, not special interests. Florida needs him.
Mary Frederick
· June 7, 2017
An excellent leader for north Florida! He has vast experience in the public and government arenas.
Can you help with petitions? Let's get that #BlueWave rolling!

We need to get over 5,000 petitions signed to save $10,000 getting Bob Rackleff on the ballot. Would you like to help out? We need volunteers to help us gather petitions from people in District 2 and we only have until April to do it.

If you would like to join our volunteer team please sign up right here:

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Can you help with petitions? Let's get that #BlueWave rolling!

Eat dessert. Get petitions signed. Eat dessert. Get petitions. Hard to do both at Saturday's Vegetarian Festival at Tallahassee's Cascade Park with yummy treats and dishes galore. But I managed to do both, collecting 31 petitions there to get me on the ballot, plus another 23 in the Brandt Hills neighborhood afterward. More to come on Sunday. Rank and file Democrats are eager to help. Let the Blue Wave roll! Help me win:

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You're in! You're out! You're in again! That's our incompetent Interior Secretary Zinke zig-zagging about drilling off Florida's coast that risks destroying jobs that working families need to earn a living. This trade magazine article flat-out contradicts Zinke's promise to Rick Scott 2 months ago of no leasing off Florida. Sen. Bill Nelson was correct when he called Zinke's promise a "publicity stunt," and he's even more correct now. Neal Dunn remains silent, except for a half-baked, narrow public stand that offers little protection. I'll fight to protect our jobs from a reckless oil industry that caused the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe and brought our coastal economy to its knees 8 years ago. Help me win:…/florida-remains-in-federal-offshor…

Florida remains in federal offshore oil, gas plan: US Interior chief - Read this Platts oil news article here. Plus discover more oil market news, products & services.

The Blue Wave is rolling right down to North Florida. Democrat Conor Lamb defeated a veteran Republican state legislator in a district Trump won by 20 points. Sounds like 2nd Congressional District of Florida! Lamb campaigned on core working family issues: protect Social Security & Medicare, roll back tax cut for corporations and wealthiest, expand affordable health care, and get serious about jobs & infrastructure. Those are my issues, too, because that's what working families tell me directly. Dunn doesn't listen to them. Help me win:…/democrat-in-pennsylvania-race-declare…

Democrat Conor Lamb clung to a razor-thin lead in Pennsylvania’s special election for a U.S. House seat, as absentee ballots were tallied. Republican Rick Saccone said he wouldn’t concede until election officials finished the count.

Speaking to an enthused 40 or more Democrats in Port St Joe Monday night was a perfect ending for a long day. Rosemary Lewis (pictured) is a candidate for Port St Joe City Commission and has what it takes to win! Also there were Dem candidates for state house, Andrea Reed, and Gulf County Commission, Tan Smiley. The Gulf County DEC handed me a stack of signed candidate petitions and accepted a bundle of blank forms to get even more signatures. Deadline is March 29. Go to my website ( to download a form to sign and send in. Let the Blue Wave roll!

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Spent most of a chilly Monday working on a new Habitat for Humanity house in Jackson County, alongside a group of Spring breakers from Blackburn College, IL (not far from my birthplace, Quincy). Local Habitat leaders there were Rev. Isaiah Morgan and executive director Carmen Danielle, as well as the future owners using their sweat equity to gain decent housing. This house is the fourth being built, with more on the way. I was present at the birth of Habitat in the early 1970s, long before its present reach into over 1,300 communities in 70 countries. Well done, Jackson County Habitat for Humanity!

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First, Neal Dunn's buddies in the Interior Department shred offshore drilling safety regs enacted to prevent another Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. Then they open up the entire U.S. coast to drilling, no matter the risks. Now they propose to cut by 1/3rd what producers pay taxpayers in royalties for the oil and gas that belongs to us. There seems to be no end to the corrupt favors that Dunn's buddies will give to this industry -- at our expense. They produce no jobs for District 2 working families -- in fact, endanger tens of thousands of jobs if there's another Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. I'm ready to fight Big Oil on this. Help me win:…/article_8916feae-23e6-11e8-a2d…

WASHINGTON — Vast swaths of the Gulf of Mexico will go on the auction block for offshore oil and gas drilling in less than two weeks. But the 77-million-acre sale,

Visited with the dynamic Verna Brock while at Saturday's Woodville's Founders Festival, a celebration of the history and spirit of this thriving community on Leon County southern boundary. Verna is a veteran Wakulla County School Board member and a strong Democrat -- and mom of Alan Brock, former Wakulla County Commissioner and about-to-be grad of Stetson Law School. It was a great day, which I capped off by gathering petition signatures all afternoon in Tallahassee. Help me win:

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Day 7 (and last) of National Sick Joke Week, otherwise known as "National Consumer Protection Week" (March 4-10) proclaimed by President Trump: While Summit Bank chairman Neal Dunn's DC buddies hand over consumer and investor rights of working families and veterans to fraudsters and scammers, Virginia has strengthened its protections. In this case, for veterans, by suing companies that sell predatory, high-interest loans to retired military. Compare that to Congress and ag...encies in last year abandoning consumer protections so that working families and veterans will be prey once more. As an enlisted sailor for 7 years, I saw first hand how my shipmates, many with families to support, were swindled with impunity. I'll fight for veterans and working families. Help me win:

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Attorney General Herring is encouraging Virginia veterans and military families to familiarize themselves with the special consumer protections in state and federal law that may protect them.

Day 6 of National Sick Joke Week, otherwise known as "National Consumer Protection Week" (March 4-10) proclaimed by President Trump: Department of Education prepares to stop states from protecting student loan borrowers from abusive loan servicing companies. With $1.4 trillion in student loans at stake, protecting these borrowers is important. These abuses include widespread failure to inform borrowers of their rights to lower payments and often peddling outright scams. The Ed Dept proposal would be a green light to let loose the Wolves of Wall Street to prey on thousands of veterans, for one. I won't let this happen. Help me win:…/trump-administration-confirms…

A memo made public Friday sets up a battle between the federal government and state regulators.

If empty blather from Neal Dunn and his buddies could solve it, the opioid crisis would be over. But their pretend solutions are not serious and will go nowhere -- and their relentless attack on the ACA will only make this worse. The fundamental problem for addicts and their families is the lack of access to affordable, sustained, quality health care. This Wall Street Journal article details how our uncoordinated system of addiction treatment is failing. A better approach would treat addiction like a chronic disease -- with regular primary-care visits, drug-testing, counseling and medication. I'll fight for real solutions to our opioid crisis. Help me win:…/after-addiction-comes-families-second…

Out-of-pocket expenses to send loved ones to drug rehabilitation are soaring beyond what many families can afford, especially when addicts go through multiple rounds of treatment. For some, bankruptcy is the only option.

Day 5 (cont'd) of the National Sick Joke Week, otherwise known as "National Consumer Protection Week" (March 4-10) proclaimed by President Trump: Health insurance giant Cigna is buying pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) giant Express Scripts. This merger is as anti-consumer and anti-patients as you can get. Express Scripts is one of three PBMs that control 2/3 of the total market. It's already notorious for inflating what patients pay for drugs, so this just makes it easier for Big Pharma to rip off consumers. Neal Dunn is too busy blaming the ACA for everything to help protect us from health industry predators. I'll fight for working families' health care. Help me win:…/cignas-cure-risks-dangerous-side-effe…

The $52 billion purchase of Express Scripts likely increases risks instead of lowering them.

Day 5 of the National Sick Joke Week, otherwise known as "National Consumer Protection Week" (March 4-10) proclaimed by President Trump: While Neal Dunn assures that competition and transparency will protect patients and consumers, his party colleague, FDA head Scott Gottlieb, demolished that lie, as this article details. Gottlieb blasted the pharmaceutical companies and their middlemen for "Kabuki drug pricing" that inflates prices that patients and insurers pay. Maybe hi...s words will help, but watch the medical industry lobbyists swarm all over Congress to stop him. Dunn is silent on exorbitant costs of the industry he profits from, while pushing to throw working families off health coverage by the ACA. Some doctor! I will fight for affordable care and lower insurance premiums. Help me win:

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U.S. Food and Drug Administration chief, Scott Gottlieb, criticized pharmacy benefit managers, health insurers and drugmakers on Wednesday for "Kabuki drug-pricing constructs" that profit the industry at the expense of consumers.

Day 4 of the Sick Joke Week, otherwise known as "National Consumer Protection Week" (March 4-10) proclaimed by President Trump: Notorious payday lender CEO vies to be head of CFPB, reported in this story. It may be that she, Janet Matricciani, goes no further -- but it also is no prank. Across the full spectrum of federal consumer and investor protections, the Wolves of Wall Street are now running the show, with Neal Dunn's encouragement. Payday lenders prey on poor workin...g families with small short-term loans -- say $100 for two weeks with $15 interest, an annual interest rate of 391% -- then hook them to roll the loan over repeatedly, in a slow-motion ripoff. It is a huge problem for the working poor, but very lucrative for financial industry. I saw this firsthand as an enlisted sailor -- we called them "slush funds" -- when enterprising sailors did informal payday loans to shipmates. As Leon County Commissioner, I helped shut down car title loan companies here doing the same thing. I'll fight in Congress to protect working families. Help me win:

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NEW YORK (AP) — The former CEO of a payday lending company that had been under investigation by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has asked to be considered for the top job

Happy National Consumer Protection Week (March 4-10), as proclaimed by President Trump! More like National Sick Joke Week, given the all-out assault by his henchmen and Congressmen like Neal Dunn to let loose the Wolves of Wall Street to swindle, cheat and steal from working families, seniors and veterans. This article summarizes some the low points -- repealing student loan borrower protections, dismantling the consumer bureau that recovered $12 billion from wrongdoers, en...ding enforcement that stopped auto lenders from overcharging, and a host of other giveaways to predatory businesses. Mick Mulvaney even claimed that consumer protections "are strangling capitalism." I'll fight to protect all consumers. Help me win:

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Banking, student loans, and more — all have been affected by the regulatory pullback.

Social Security checks postponed to age 70. Rising even more "as life expectancy improves." Even more Medicare benefit cuts than in budget proposals. Plus higher Medicare premiums. These are serious proposals in DC today. They result from December's $1.5 trillion tax bonanza for corporations and richest 1% -- with chump change for working families -- exploding the national debt. It amounts to one more redistribution of our wealth that began in the 1980s. I'm determined to stop this from happening. Working families deserve a fair shake -- beginning with a solid safety net when hard times hit again. Help me take back Congress:…/reagans-cure-for-america-s-debt-disea…

Two programs, Medicare and Social Security, are the bulk of the problem. Here’s how to fix them.