Algorithm for accurate alignment of spectrograms by GPS time marks was improved. Now it also aligns the records with lower quality of the measured signal. Therefore comparison image now contains data from more stations.

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Detected multi-station fireballs are now automatically processed and first graphical outputs appears on the web within few hours. This output is time aligned spectrograms of each record (with sufficient data quality). For more info, you can visit

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You can show Bolidozor stations on a map. For example in Google Earth. Just add the following link to the Google Earth

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Yesterday (25. 11. 2017) Bolidozor was presented at the annual meeting of the south-czech branch of Česká astronomická společnost at Hvězdárna prof.Františka Nušla při DDM v Jindřichově Hradci. Participants learned about the state of Bolidozor, about storage and processing servers and about new visualization tools.

Our data storage contains tens of millions of data records. The only reindexing of our data takes hundreds of computer processing hours.

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British photographer Ollie Taylor Photography photographed from the Italian Dolomite fireball, which the Bolidozor network observed. Information about our detection is mentioned in the previous post. This beautiful shot was chosen as Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

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Ollie Taylor Photography is feeling accomplished at Dolomiti.

Meteor over La Villa, Alta Badia, Italian Dolomiti

Ok, so i have just come down from Passo Falzarego, I had been up there shooting the dipper at twilight, then... this happened!!!

So lucky to have caught it as my exposure times were only 8 seconds, so cool how it dipped below Ursa Major, and the pink hue from twilight still there!

Honestly looked so low, and bright, and huge!!

Blown away, huge thanks ESA, AMS, NASA for the exposure you guys generated on this...

fotoVUE StarWalk

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Bolidozor, radio bolid detection network, today (14. 11. 2017) detected a fireball at the same time as many optical observers according to International Meteor Organization reports. At picture below, you can see aligned spectrograms from 3 stations by time (by GPS marks).

There is a big chance that it is the same fireball.

For more details you can visit: and

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Bolidozor team was at IMC 2017. Here is short evaluation of the event.

Two weeks ago, the 2017 IMC was organized in Petnica, Serbia. Small overview of what happened there!…/

Last weekend, the 36th International Meteor Conference (IMC) took place at Petnica Science Center in Serbia. For three days, over 130 participants from 25 countries attended the meeting.

(Česká verze následuje, Czech version follows)
RTbolidozor update:
When you open multibolid detail page of some processed bolid you can see time aligned spectrograms from multiple stations alongside.


Aktualizace RTbolidozoru:
Po otevření detailu multibolidu, který byl již zpracovaný, můžete vidět časově zarovnané spektrogramy daného meteoru z více stanic vedle sebe.

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Bolidozor shared a link.
“Multibolid-event on 2017-09-29 (id:1545224) More details at This tweet was uploaded from Multibolid-analyser”

The fundamental principle of Bolidozor network is the radio detection of meteor ionized trails. Meteor trail may reflect the radio waves from the transmitter to the receiver. Reflections can last from a tenth of a second to a few minutes. The received signal characteristics are related to physical parameters of the meteoric event giving a possibility to estimate a meteor trajectory.

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Nový způsob časové korekce záznamů zlepšil kvalitu vyhledávání vícestaničních rádiových bolidů..

The new time correction method of recorded data significantly improves the automatic radio muli-station detection of bolides.

2017-09-24 07:50:00

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Bolidozor added 3 new photos to the album: IMC2017 — in Valjevo.

RTbolidozor-map is interactive map on which you can see meteor detections in real-time.

RTbolidozor-map je interaktivní mapa, na které můžete vidět detekce meteorů v reálném čase.

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Účastníme se letošní mezinárodní konference o pozorování meteorů v Srbsku.

We are participating in international conference on meteor observation in Serbia.

Sep 21, 2017 - Sep 24, 2017PetnicaValjevo, Serbia
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Multi-station detection of bolid from Bolidozor network, 17.9.2017

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