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Shawn Boyd
· January 30, 2018
Boogie Knights for life baby! They were the best vibe in town every time!
Kelly Irene
· February 1, 2014
Not only will a Boogie Knights show NOT dissapoint... it'll probably leave you with one of the sickest, good times, you'll ever remember.

I fell in love with BK after Vibalicious Moon Boogie 5. I don...'t miss a show if I can help it.

The BK crew out do themselves. They give you artists from around the globe, pick the best venues, and always ensure that there's that little something extra. Nobody in the area does it better. :)
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Colby Boyd
· April 5, 2014
Well where to start?? Umm, oh I know I didn't even make it into the cave, how bout there!! We were told to park in a lot about 10 miles away and that we were going to get shuttled in but that lot was ...ran by ONE GUY!!! Since they had no crowd control people were just walking straight up to the bus and skipping the line! Then after standing in the cold for THREE HOURS they told us we could now park up next to the cave, so we did. When we got up to the cave there was another line that would have taken another hour plus to get through, so we left cause it was already 1am and would have taken us until about 3am to get in and the event closes at 430! See More
Cassandra Elaine Bradley
· December 3, 2013
All the Boogie Knights shows I've been to have been so much fun and they just keep getting better! The line ups, the lights, the vibes, and the venues! Thanks guys! Much love to you all!
Alexandra Lynn Watkins
· April 7, 2014
Drove 12 hours to get to the bass cave and enjoyed every second I was there!!!! The buses were quite hectic but the other 10 hours of dancing were filled with so much excitement it was unreallllll!!!!... I had a blast!!! ❤️✌️ See More
Patrick Blin
· April 8, 2014
Boogie Knights do it right. Underground like no other event planner in the St Louis metro area. They know the talent and they book lineups accordingly. Hitting all spectrums of edm.
Keep up the good w...ork.
Iowa approved!
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Cory Edward Mills
· April 6, 2014
Boogie knights you all did a incredible job last night it was well worth the shuttle wait to get there it was best time that my girlfriend an I had in a while Much Love To You ALL.Thank You Boogie Kni...ghts I Know Next Year Will Be Even More EPIC. See More
Tim Flumpy Smith
· November 27, 2013
Well I'm a stacked deck of a review. My first BK party was the cave. EPIC a vibe that was felt for days on end.
Sari Postol
· April 6, 2014
All events are top of the line, and the bass cave was just mind blowing. Keep up the good work guys!
Brian Harasha
· December 22, 2013
These guys amazing when it comes to throwing parties and doing it long us amazing.
Joseph Gross
· April 7, 2014
Great night I had more fun then I have had in a while ! Keep up the good work see you all next year !
Clint Condon
· April 8, 2014
Bk threw down with the best show ever. Just hope you guys up the bus count next year. If not I'm ordering a taxi. Fuck it.
Haley Rae Milburn
· January 1, 2014
Best time ever!!! I love me some boogie knights! ♥
Ryan Hambo-Slice Hamby
· April 7, 2014
Garbage. Lines were horrible. Set-up was awful , and the whole scene was dead.
Joey Stefanski
· November 29, 2013
Best parties ever!!
Aaron Smith
· April 7, 2014
Cnt wait to go to another show let's boogie down
Petey Pablo
· February 19, 2014
Keep Calm & Boogie On!!
Nathan Voegtle
· April 6, 2014
BassCave was freakin AWESOME.
After Emerging from Deep Underground The Boogie Knights are taking Flight May 1st. Don't miss your Ride!