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About Boomer
  • just an avg. guy.
    i think everyone get along with me
    i don't think i have too many enemies if i do
    If i send u a message on face book
    that just means i'm saying what's up...I'M NETWORKING!!!!!
Favorite Quotes
  • "if you can make a woman laugh,you can make her do anything," Marilyn Monroe

    twinkle twinkle baby...twinkle twinkle
    -be cool-
    Office Space
    It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care

    "anybody want these cheese-burgers", kane in
    menace to society.

    "riverside Muthafucka" bishop, juice.

    "if i look too good blame my mom and pop, i just do me and do her and her, her, her, her....etc."

    "i don't give a f*&k about life" -nutter

    "i am not a role model" charles barkley

    "hey MEATHEAD" archie bunker


    "get in where u fit in"

    "don't watch me DEEZZZZZZ"

    "its just gonna take a whole lot of not giving a
    f@ck" nut

    "blah blah blah yackey smackey" cartoon
    I was rolling around and in my mind it occurred, what if god was a her. Would I treat her the same would I still be running game, on her, and what types of ways would I want her. Would I want her for her mind or her heavenly body? I couldn’t be out here bogus with someone so godly.‿ Common yeah i stole it!

    "I'm tired of you whores that talk about the WIU football team....don't get made cuz they played you." -my sister Lizzy