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Peggy Lannery Crowley
· February 18, 2018
Lynda’s Bakery is amazing. The freshest Cheddar bread, buns and donuts I’ve ever had. The Apple Sausage Sticks were wonderful. That jerky we bought was just okay. The teriyaki was great but the Lav...a type was dry and little flavor. Sorry I didn’t get more vendor names. Overall, great market. We will be back. See More
Laura Marks
· December 13, 2017
I have been coming here since I was 6 years old And I tried to come here every weekend it's been 57 years And I enjoyed it when I was a little girl and I still enjoy it now maybe more
Dorothy Cardenas Accor
· February 18, 2018
Got candy bars from the variety store $1 for 4 they are an year or almost year expired. Buyer beware I guess really mad I wasted so much money
Paul Blessing
· April 22, 2018
Best managment on the planet! I love how friendly the store employees are as you walk through. So many smiles! No grumpy faces wink wink
Stephanie Sleighter
· February 26, 2017
I've been going here since I was little. It continues to expand and bring in new life. We go just about every weekend. We get our high quality produce at a great price. We always get some pretzels... at the pretzel place. Sometimes we stop in at Chamberlain's for an amazing roast beef sandwich or stop at the fried vegetables stand. We often get baked goods at the bakeries. The furniture is amazing! The puppies are adorable and so tempting! Essentially, there's something for everyone and it's all delicious! See More
Richard Emery III
· March 20, 2018
Love going here on the weekend. Favorite shop is E&T Trains.
Stacey Zee Brettin
· March 30, 2018
Krystina’s Polish Bakery has the best cheese babka! �
Toni Hoffert Snow
· December 22, 2016
I come from jersey 1 hour away at first I was a little depressed they were out of something I wanted at the nut shop. Well the nice lady said don't you worry we will get them made when the girl comes ...back from break. She tool my number called me when they had them made. Well they called before I was done my shopping See More
Paul McNulty
· March 25, 2018
Great place to taste a bit of heaven in every story
Lori Kerr Herbus
· December 31, 2016
They have everything from soup to nuts. Me and my hubby visit weekly. Love the nut store, spice store and TJ's (best French fries and more). Love Billy's cheesesteak pretzels. Not a good place to... go if trying to diet. See More
Sandra Lee Bucci
· February 26, 2017
This place is always crowded but it's so worth it. We can get our vegetables, a cooked dinner to take home, snacks, things for the house all in one place.
Cheryl Wheeler
· January 15, 2017
My father used to bring us here when we were kids after a ride around The Valley. That was over 50 years ago and I still love going there, enjoying the amazing food and the "DELCO Boardwalk" for peopl...e watching and reunions of people I haven't seen in a long time! ��� See More
Matt Roberts
· August 31, 2016
If you can't find it here, it must be nuclear-powered. Surprisingly good food. A browser's paradise. Bring a $20 bill to enjoy for hours of people watching, pop culture throwbacks, bargains and tasty ...treats. A fun way to spend an afternoon. See More
Shirley Ann Hodgins
· July 27, 2017
I am living on the east coast once again, in Delaware. I have been dreaming of my trip back to "The Sale". Fond memories include the Amish Angus steaks, Sticky Buns, great produce and I can still see ...that cute little old guy calling out, "Tatey Lady? Hey Lady you wanna' tatey?" See More
Patty McCauley Williams
· February 5, 2017
I always get my honey, fruit & sometimes something sweet when we go. My husband loves the soft cheddar horseradish cheese, which I the reason we went yesterday. Always a good crowd when we've been there.
Samantha Janney
· March 28, 2016
Ive been coming here ever since i was a baby, almost 23 years. Continuing the tradition with my son, who will be turning 2 in june. Such a great, family fun environment and im glad to bring another ge...neration into the place See More
Christian Dumrauf
· May 26, 2017
Where else can you have your shoes fixed, get a hair cut, buy a puppy and eat the best cinnamon buns around? A classic. Hipsters need not apply.
Robert Rue
· February 26, 2017
A step back in time to easier living and fun experiences on the weekends with family and friends. The fresh produce, meats, and baked goods wil bring you back again and again.
Diane Piselli Boyce
· January 18, 2017
Cinnamon buns hot out of the oven, the biggest collection of flags, cheese , meat ,and treats from the Amish, does it get much better?
Michele Hofstetter
· November 16, 2016
The best meats & baked goods around! We've been going there off & on for 20 years & we're never disappointed with what they offer .... Many of the people working there have been there forever, pleas...ant & helpful. See More
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