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Kjell Kvalstein
· July 8, 2017
En av få som selger frø av amerikanske Hepatica
BotanyCa Plant Seeds updated their cover photo.
18 hrs
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One more Lilium species was added to the shop - as Lilium ssp.B17Durm.
The seeds were collected in Durmitor Mts., Montenegro and the species cannot be ID for sure at this time.
There are indications it belongs to Lilium carniolicum group. I would like to thank Keith (I know he's somewhere here on FB) who already started germination tests on this species and shared his findings, including a picture with a nice, plumpy seed See more details on germination with the picture.
See all lilies here:…/lilium-seeds-for-sale/

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The last batch of seeds posted on the shop (most probably): Asphodeline taurica, Triosteum himalayanum, Lathryus laevigatus, Adenostyles alliariae and few others.
One more Lilium species maybe later, the ID is a bit uncertain.

Quite few of the moist packed seeds are germinated/germinate right now: Asarum (all), Claytonia virginica, Hepatica, some Maianthemum canadense and I spotted few Stylophorum lasiocarpum just about ready 'to go'.

Fridays seeds with Pulsatilla, just because I don't have pictures of all the gorgeous species that are in the shop right now:…/
Not many seeds actually, but all are fresh of this year and this is the best time to sow them! You can find them all in the Pulsatilla category.
While talking Ranunculaceae, also look for Adonis vernalis seeds (use the Search) - best sown asap as well.

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The latest seeds added to the shop, fair to call them new for 2018! Stay tuned, more to come.
Details for each in the catalogue; easy to enter through the Seed list

We have to celebrate the last day of arctic air (last, until next one...)
The second part of Winter getaway in Dobrogea:
Few more pictures for those who don't go to read the blog (yes, really, why won't you?

Around New Year I usually start making order to the many folders with pictures and also start sowing; it is a good combination of looking back and forward on the same time
From January 2017 to December 2017 - few pictures for each month.

Just published the Fridays Seeds - and much more about the fuzzy wild bean: Strophostyles helvola. These woolly seeds are perfect on this bitterly cold day.…/

Reason I collected seeds of this annual vine, which is quite rare in Ontario - it has had various medicinal uses for the Native Peoples, and most important, there are indications that the seeds were used as a food source; they were found in a few archeological sites in NA.
Need ideas for foraging/cooking with natives species? See link in the last image.

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Short interruption in my looking back and foward album. Packing seeds for an order this January 1st (good omen, eh?)
I checked again all moist packed seeds.
Helleborus caucasicus is already germinating and it won't be long till I can send it. So, a last call for those interested.
I placed the seeds in moist storage only in mid October; they are very fast!

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Peace, love and happiness, and lots of new plants of course

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BotanyCa Plant Seeds added 68 new photos to the album: Looking back to 2017 and forward to 2018!
December 30, 2017 at 11:24am

Around New Year I usually start making order to the many folders with pictures and also start sowing; it is a good combination of looking back and forward on the same time
From January 2017 to December 2017 - few pictures for each month.

I thought this a good time to continue the winter getaway - we can beat the polar vortex remembering the summer days!
Head to the blog to read the post: Winter getaway - Dobrogea I…/

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To finalize the query about the new Viola I was talking about before Christmas, I took more detailed pictures (than usual).
Unfortunately, it's still not 100% sure to be Viola declinata; the seeds will be offered for now as Viola cf. declinata.

Good thing is that with this occasion I got to organize all Viola species:
- there is a new Violaceae page in the Seeds library...…/violaceae-seeds-images/
- a new shop category - Viola jooi and V. pubescens were also added to the inventory…/viola-seeds-for-sale/

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The Seeds Shop activity is back to normal; special thanks to those who placed orders and waited patiently!
Allium thunbergii ‘Ozawa’ and Gentiana cruciata seeds were added to the inventory.

And, I have a new Viola in the works - collected on the fly this summer in the Carpathian Mts. while going up a narrow rock ravine to join a narrow terrace grass trail (known as “brâna”). I didn't took proper pictures for ID :0
I hope close-up of the seeds will confirm it as Viola declinata.

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For those not following the blog - a Shop announcement regarding shipping, followed by a very short newsletter for December.

Due to a family emergency, all orders placed on/and after Dec. 1 will be shipped after Dec.18th!

Orders can be placed for in stock items, but keep in mind that shipping will resume only after Dec. 18th!


And a very abbreviated Newsletter for the coming December.
Links are provided in the blog.…/

Latest seeds collected – Allium thunbergii ‘Ozawa’
Back in stock – Dioscorea caucasica
Latest addition to Canada 150 Celebration Sale – Aquilegia ‘Origami’ white
New page added to the Seeds Library – Primulaceae
If in need of botanical entertainment, the Botanical Trailblazers page has a new entry – Caryophyllaceae
And a happy summer image with Erinus alpinus – the latest species added to the Easy plants to grow from seeds list.

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