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Our Pro Team Jacket league starts tonight @ 6:30pm. If you can't make it tonight, we'll still accept sign-ups until next week. Looking for individuals or teams of two. If you don't want a jacket, choose one of many other gold level choices found at Details are available on our website. #nba #nfl #nhl #mlb #nascar

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Joe Keideth
· September 24, 2017
Went to go bowling this Sunday before the Packers game. Went in and wanted 2 games and 2 shoes for myself and my 10 year old daughter. The alley was dead with only a birthday party on the right side o...f the lanes. I told the employee that I needed bumpers for my 10yr old. He said NO. Only 8 and under. I told him we were here a month ago and it wasn’t an issue. He still said no. So I reduced my games to 1 game and shoes as she’ll be throwing gutter balls and it won’t be fun for her. I went to pay and the system asked to add a TIP before proceeding. For what!!! He’s doing his job. After seeing that , I then returned the shoes and left the alley. I live 3 blocks away and will not be returning to your business. Your business model is why business go out of business. See More
Maggie Verrier
· August 24, 2017
After I paid for my kids and requested bumpers be put up, I was questioned as to my kids ages. I was then told that because they were 10 we couldn't use bumpers. They were for kids under 10. So my kid...s bowled gutter ball after gutter ball and had a terrible time. What a waste of my time and money. See More
Lauren Leah
· March 5, 2017
Edited: I was offered a gift certificate as resolution for the bad experience by a very nice manager.

Went here tonight with the kids for bowling. I walked in with my young kids and asked the girl the front if they sold socks since apparently my 6 year old didn't wear socks. She said yes and I let the girl at the front know that we were going to order food and then we would be bowling when we were done. After ordering our pizza and 1 burger (which totaled over 30 dollars), we waited over 40 minutes to be served our food (you forgot my ranch and then tried to charge me after I already paid for it, btw), only to discover there was an almost 2 hour wait for a bowling lane with bumpers. Which no one bothered to bring up before. The kids were super upset we couldn't bowl after waiting so patiently for the food that took forever to be served... but I told them we could play the games instead (we didn't come here for crappy food and no fun). So I got change and then blew 20 dollars in your games... half of them didn't work, my coins were eaten several times and after my kids were done playing their games, we went to the prize counter where they should have been able to get a prize but no one came... After waiting for over 10 minutes by the prize counter, my boyfriend decided to ask a worker at the kitchen if they would come help us. The worker responded back saying that the only person who could help is the guy at the front (who at the time had about 7 people in line) and that no one else could help us. I can honestly say this was the worst customer service I've ever had. Thank you Super Bowl for wasting my money and my Sunday night. Honestly, I thought Saber Lanes was bad but you make them look 5 star. See More
Emily Krueger
· March 6, 2017
I went there Saturday night a half hour early to wait in line and when we got up to the counter the lady told us to get out of line and wait for leagues to get over with. Soon as leagues were over wit...h instead of calling the people they told to step aside to get back in line they just kept helping the other people who came in after my group. When I told another employee she told me to just get back in line( the line was out the door) I was like no I was told to step aside and she called us back. So after waiting an hour we finally got to bowl... See More
Kylee Miquelle
· March 26, 2017
I wish I could rate this as a zero. After visiting this afternoon, we will never return. It is way to expensive to bowl. Last time I went bowling, you paid "per game." Today I paid by the hour. The yo...ung girl working told me we would for sure get two games in no problem on our two lanes and the "time" we paid for. We got 1 game in and at the start of the second game (2nd frame) everything turned off. Unreal. $100 for one game. Going forward, I will only visit 10th Frame or Sabre Lanes indefinitely. See More
Heather Lynn
· January 15, 2017
I'm giving 4 stars because in the past, we had some bad experiences (with our employee Christmas party), but we were told that it would be a different manager handling our party this year. So went great with food, service, and our lanes being available right whe they were promised. However, lane 41 (which is the one we were on) had a reset button that didn't work, so every time our lane froze up, which was approximately 6 times in the 2 hours we bowled, we had to run up to the ladies at the front counter and have them call the "mechanics" to fix it. That was frustrating. But other than that, food was ample this year, tasted great, and service was great too. My only suggestion would be to maybe have a waitress/waiter check on the people who are bowling periodically. I'd tip generously if I didn't have to run back and forth to Sluggers every time I needed a drink... js. See More
Dennis Hoffman
· January 6, 2018
Excellent service! Their employees were very attentive for my son's birthday party.
Katherine Reynolds
· May 14, 2017
I was just here for the Pepsi tournament yesterday. I've recently went to this bowling house once before for youth state about 4-5 years ago. Back then i didn't have much problems. But yesterday was j...ust awful. The pair of lanes I was on stopped working. So me and 6 other girls had to wait 30+ minutes for it to get fixed. And it took them 20 minutes to finally do something. We had to call in about 6 times for them to finish fixing it and everytime we told them what was wrong then ended up doing something else. So that was ridiculous. And then because my team was behind we had to order food extra early or we would never get it. My grandfather ordered food around 11:45, noonish and we didn't get our food until quarter to 2! If that was the case we should have gone to burger king up the street. Their excuse was "oh we're backed up" yet people who were behind him in line got their food right away. Either they were low on staff for this youth tournament or have no idea what they're doing. Will NEVER go back there even if it's for a tournament. See More
Robyn Hietpas
· January 12, 2016
We arrived at 9pm Saturday night & were told it was a 25 minute wait for a lane so we reserved a lane and went to the bar. Came back 25 minutes later, there is now a line out the door and I was told w...e were going to have wait in it (there was NO ONE waiting when we arrived). We go back in the bar but we couldn't believe we were gonna have to wait (since we were already there before any of those people) so my husband went and asked another girl working and she said whenever we were ready to come up to the counter. We grab our drinks and go back to the counter only to be told we have to wait in line again!!!! We didn't end up getting a lane until 10:45. Then the monitor froze and shut off in the middle of our 2nd game and it took at least 10 minutes to fix, which wasn't a big deal until 12:05 when they shut down our game in the 10th frame!!!!! Can't even let us finish our game after it was delayed.
Side note: the pretzel and the band "the bomb" in Sluggers were awesome but wow, won't be back again. Unless the bomb is playing, then maybe.
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Erik Hosking
· September 17, 2016
Went on a Saturday night to bowl and was told 15 minutes for the league to get done. Waited an hour and saw many open lanes but wasn't able to bowl until all the league was done. Nothing against the l...eague just frustrating as we should have been able to play on any open lane when there were 15 open. Disappointed. See More
Debby Tryba
· May 14, 2017
We had awesome time. Wish the bathrooms were all work and not overflowing. Also the food prices were sky high. I get you need to make money but to raise the prices that's sucks
Bill Stoecker
· September 12, 2016
Well week one of bowling problem was food
They seemed to be out of many different food
Soda machine out of service wanted to sell me an open 2liter that looked flat ...
They need more help I think.
All computers need to updated or serviced touch screens out of sink
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Nick Platten
· February 19, 2017
We have been to the Super Bowl twice now and had fun both times. Pleasant atmosphere, loved the interactive scoring and nice selection of balls for our family. I would recommend the Super Bowl anytime!
Cindy Lopez Johnson
· December 27, 2014
After tonight we will not be back. We experienced horrible customer service the entire time we were there. First of all we were charged for unlimited bowling by Trisha when we only wanted to play 2 ga...mes. Our lane kept freezing which became very frustrating. If I had the option to do no stars, I would. We will be taking our business elsewhere. See More
Victoria Paape
· March 12, 2017
It was alright, food wasn't great. The pizza is SUPER greasy and the drinks were ok. The lanes were well lit and mostly clean. Husband went to the restroom which was NOT clean and the staff was mostly... MIA. Won't go back. See More
Ricky Kaufert
· January 8, 2017
To bad negative numbers don't count... Just save time n try any other bowling alley... 10th frame.. Anything. Set up beer bottles and a stolen que ball from your local bar if you have to...
Diana Derouso
· February 27, 2017
I bowl in a league every Monday night and enjoy it very much, however, the food service is always TERRIBLE! I order the same thing almost every week and it's almost always wrong. As if the kitchen cre...w can't read simple English. I usually let this go as the bartender will generally either fix it with the grill team or at the very least cover a soda for the mess up. Tonight though was a very very different story. My husband, friend and I were ignored for the better part of 20 minutes before they got the drinks they wanted to order. We ordered food with much hesitation knowing that it would likely be wrong when we got it and low and behold the grilled wrap I ordered was made with crispy chicken (as was our friends and he ordered grilled as well) my fries had seasoning on them which I specifically asked not to get and my husband had the inferno sauce on his burger after specifically asking for it to be on the side. My husband and I got our next drinks taken care of and our friend got a refund, but the food was not the worst part of the visit. The worst part was the extremely poor hygiene habits of the bartender. Ben was off tonight so we had an older gentleman instead. When I had a kiddy cocktail made he used his fingers instead of the pick to put the cherries on said pick, then proceeded to LICK HIS FINGERS! He never once washed his hands that I saw and continued touching other peoples drinks and food. Later after league my husband and I both ordered a virgin Bloody Mary. Mine was made by Jessica and was perfectly safe, however this older gentleman made my husbands and again used his fingers instead of the pick for the garnish and my still not being certain that he'd washed his hands at all or what else he'd licked off his fingers told my husband to not eat the garnish. To top off the night, this gentleman began coughing INTO HIS HAND, and touch any drink that needed to be refilled or tossed. Never once tonight did I see him wash his hands or even wipe them off. I'm in the food service industry for a living and I know just how serious food safety and illness is. Especially for a PREGNANT woman like myself. This replacement bartenders actions are inexcusable and beyond gross and disgusting. I can not say enough how horrible it is for such unsanitary habits to be tolerated in a position that deals with things that people are expected to eat and drink. Disgusted and disappointed... See More
Jacob Anthony Cook-Mason
· March 29, 2016
It's not impressive, machines are outdated. (From 2001)

Machine had to keep being rest....
Boneless wings was nasty.
Ranch dressing was watery.
They don't have light balls for those who can't lift much.
Seating for 5 at the lane is very cramped.

Not satisfied, I definitely wouldn't recommend. Probably won't return again.
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Eric Freund
· February 20, 2017
Very friendly service. Accommodating to my family. I would recommend. Prices are a bit high though
Pa Yang
· April 3, 2016
This was my first time and will be the last time, I had the worst experience and time ever. Here's what went down, we came in, lined up as everyone did, asked for 2 lane, was told by the "manager" he ...will hold our second lane for us, 5 minutes later. A woman by the name of Andrea came and told us to move our items without telling us why. She did it in such a demeaning way, as if we weren't paying customer and were just loitering. Its kind of like you sit people down at a restaurant and 5 minutes later come and ask them to move to another table or in this case take a table away. They knew we had 9 people and 9 people weren't going to fit in one lane. But thats not the real point the point is that the so called "manager" had said he would hold the second lane for us, but when we went to talk to him, he said there was a miscommunication. There was no miscommunication, we heard him loud and clear, he was a fault and he couldn't just admit that he had said that and should had just apologize for his mistake instead he went on and on about other excuses. For example, he said its a business thing and making money! Who saids that!? I guess Super Bowl isn't about customer comes first, but Super Bowl comes first. See More