Cost of buying and installing synthetic lanes -

I have a 12 lanes center with what I believe to be "Armour Plate." It is a glued product from the 80s. I am interested in finding out what kind of dollar amount I would be

Ghost in the center -

I didn't find this here, so I'm asking....Has anyone come in to open and some machines are running ?...I have a theory, but I wanted some input before I present it...

Even lane cycling but not scoring BESX -

So I have qubica BES-X scoring with f boxes. The odd lane everything is fine. The even lane will cycle, but won't score at all. No speed, no score, nothing. Already swapped out the 4hd

Time Delay Module to Time Delay Relay -

Good Morning Everyone, I am in the process of attempting to remove the time delay module from one of our lanes and replace it with the same relay and base that is used for my motor

A2 Blackout at 90 degrees -

Apologies if this has been covered before, but if so, I can't seem to find it in the forum search. Lately, we have a lane which has been somewhat troublesome (aren't they all?) -- as

GS98 Not always picking up all pins -

We have a couple of pinsetters that sometimes will not pick up different pins that are left (sometimes may pick up 1 or 2 pins and sweep the rest). Doing a "last known" will

Envoy Lino Counter, What is Normal ? -

Just changed the lino cloth on my envoy for 1st time. Counter said 1400 lanes done. Is this normal? My phoenix only got 455 lanes per roll.

Need help with Time Delay Module A2 -

had a lane that was giving me scoring issues because of no delay on first ball. the problem started as intermittent, then became more frequent until it happened all the time. I

Lane Panel Joints, Classic post Bowl-Tech -

Discussion of Lanes, Maintenance and lane equipment.

Underlane ball track splice -

I am looking for some urethane ball track material, to repair a damaged track, just below and after the downsweep...older amf 8230 house...any help in finding some would be greatly

HDMI Capture Frameworx with Evolution -

Hope this is the right spot for this question. I'm trying to capture the output of Brunswick Frameworx scoring through Evolution Converter boxes, and use it to stream my event to the

Bumper compressor size durabowl -

Our compressor for our durabowl bumps died. The Compressor we had was a 1.6HP and 33 Gallon tank. Should I stick with a 33 Gal or can I get away with a 20 Gal? Our center has 16

A2 Triggering Issue Need Help -

so I come in to several issues on the same lane. The complaint was that the machine wasn't triggering and had to be triggered manually. Found someone hit may camera housing and busted

Twister Pins VS Wood -

Does anyone have experience or knows how the twister pins compare to wooden pins.

Looking for underground ball track parts -

Had a small section of the underground rail at the end of the approach section that leads into the Brunswick power lift break off ,,,,, I can't seem to locate a replacement rail system

Detector Problem -

Went down when I was not here, the guys were saying the rake was all out of whack and was dropping pins.They did not understand what was going on but they messed around with it. When i

Qubica Rocky Road Race Graphics Issue -