The bloodshed may be returning to US soil

A House panel has voted to lift a ban on slaughtering horses at meat processing plants.
Some animal rights activists are demanding an immediate suspension of chuckwagon racing at the Calgary Stampede, after a horse fractured his leg and had to be euthanized. Sixty horses have died in the race since 1986.
A plot to disguise horsemeat as beef was discovered when horse identification chips were found in the meat in a surprise inspection, a court has heard. It is alleged that businessman Andronicos Sideras, 55, one of the owners of meat company Dinos & Sons in north London, had mixed up the meats before...
James Beard award semifinalist Justin Severino illegally imported horse meat to serve at an event.|By

Cure Restaurant needs your reviews. Theyre in the news now for offering HORSE. Please take a moment to review the restaurant and its Dead Mr Ed platters.

Yelp reviews for Cure in Pennsylvania, USA


News story about it:…/angry-response-after-pa-restaura…/1984302/

I dont see a way to leave reviews on their Facebook page....?

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American (New) in Pittsburgh, PA

Not a TV show, but this so called "horse Rescue" produced a video on preparing horsemeat. I won't link directly to them because they don't deserve the traffic. But if you're in the US, be aware of this when it comes time for donations.

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call to action: Please tell The Oatmeal why his supposedly-funny page about eating horses isn't funny. Perhaps he has no idea some people actually are selling horses to be butchered? And the poor quality of that meat?

How about we all leave him polite, short notes educating him on why horse slaughter is wrong? He doesn't have to love horses to recognize animal cruelty. He doesn't usually promote animal abuse, so I think if we educate him, he'll re-write his horse page.

Go to his FB page now. Leave him a public or private message and share your thoughts. Just remember to be polite and educate. Clearly he doesn't know any better.

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Businessman sells tickets to canned hunts of horses, using a "stick", crossbow, or any firearm. Tell this guy and the texas lawmarkers that you're not ok with the use of horses as target practice or for hunting for fun.

Because What they are doing is not humane. The club, shoot or use a crossbow to kill these beautiful...

Do me a favor and vote "no - I do not approve of horse slaughter plant" - on right column of the page:

The killers are currently in the lead -- how can that be?

SHARE the link, too. get your friends to also vote No on horse slaughter.



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The New Jersey Assembly approved bipartisan legislation Thursday to ban the slaughter or sale of horses for human consumption.|By

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since we started this page. The good news is that although the offensive episode they had already filmed was put on the air in Canada, no new horse meat episodes are planned to the best of my knowledge. And the other Top Chef series (the one for the US) has not touched horse. We've educated a bunch of people that this barbaric practice is still going on. And we need your continued support, as national bans are being worked on in both Canada and the US. On behalf of the horses, thank you for your continued compassion & interest in this important cause

Boycott Top Chef - Protect the Horses updated their cover photo.
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They are victims of a bad economy or sometimes, abusive owners: 70 horses confiscated from mid-Atlantic farms because of neglect. Many are emaciated and near death before their rehabilitation at a Maryland rescue farm.

This just in the news this week.

Further evidence that horse slaughter rewards lying, deception, and theft

Police said Kelsey Lefever, 24, advertised herself as a horse rescue, but sold four retired racehorses to a slaughtering facility in Canada.|By

update on the truck wreck

Mance Reed, the driver in an interstate horse wreck Monday, has been cited for violations including driving while fatigued. His driving history shows he'd had four accidents in the last six years.

another tragedy caused by a greedy person trying to haul 36 horses in one trailer. Haven't confirmed it yet, but we speculate they were most likely going to slaughter. The trailer is a CATTLE trailer, as in not designed for horses. The company reported to own the truck is showing up as already having DOT (dept of Transportation) violations.

A tractor trailer hauling 36 horses overturned on Interstate 40 outside Nashville Monday evening. The crash happened around 5:20 p.m. on I-40, just before the Highway 96 exit.