A business should grasp any advantage it can get and one way to leap ahead is to consider Business Process Outsourcing or BPO. Here are five reasons to consider outsourcing some of your organization's non-core functions.…/

Whether you're a start-up or an established company, these five reasons are sure to make you rethink if there are areas that can be outsourced. Like any company, there are many supporting functions and components that surround the core elements of the business. A restaurant's core elements may be
Brandt International added 72 new photos from April 8 to the album: ESEP 2018 - Our Journey! — at Brandt International Nusajaya.
April 8

Employability Skills Enhancement Program (ESEP) 2018 by Brandt International. Congratulations to our talented Graduates who today successfully completed the program. 37 participants were selected in this program and 28 students had secured full-time employment. #brandtinternational #esepbybrandt #ESEP2018

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Shaqi Sumari
· March 17, 2016
As far everyone concern, i have no issues with Brandt and been working with them more than 4 years now under 3rd party. HR personnel was great and helpful. Keep it up guys!!
Mim Johari
· April 28, 2016
Very goal oriented to help you progress individually and as part of a team. Encourages you to be a self motivator. Pushes you out of your comfort zone.
Logeswaran D'Starz
· January 29, 2016
Really bad company....till now didnt get my January salary...alwayz delay....u all ok...get salary on time...but v......????

Really stupid company...neva understand ur staff
Brandt Killedme
· August 19, 2015
this company is scamming foreigners with job offer after collecting money from them they will terminate their contract and cancel their visa please people warned.. I am a victim. they will make fake ...police report that you are not reporting to work See More
Ericroo Neko
· July 31, 2015
Staff is very friendly, too bad the promises made from them can't be trusted. especially with on the salary side, always delaying.
Rhoselle T Estrella
· May 5, 2015
Never reply to my email sent 19 March 2015. Even though i have sent a lot of follow ups.
Muzza Zaitun
· July 21, 2015
Berasa sedih dan pahitnya menjalani kehidupan ini
Happy Chinese New Year 2018 - BI Iskandar
Merry Christmas! from NJ Team
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