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Marvin Mensah
· June 10, 2017
Unecessey comments made by the security staff. Despite the situation no matter what customer service should always be held as a top priority. Total lack of prof...essionalism by the head security guard Chris A(security license number 139769) as mandated by the ministry any individual can request the guard to present his license, which he did not have, he said it was in the car.

Another guard working tonight made the comment to a buddy of mine "If you can't afford a fucking collared shirt, get the fuck out of here." Lack of customer of service, such an unnecessary comment. At that moment I also asked the guard for his name and security license, he proceeded to tell me how he's not required to show it to anyone.

The security staff at this venue need to read over the guidelines mandated by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. I am also a licensed security guard, so I am familiar with these guidelines and I must say these guards were not following them. Lack of leadership and oversight.
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Stephanie Zito
· February 26, 2017
I would love to give this place 5 stars but the service was disgraceful. My friends and I arrived at the club Friday night and went straight to the first bar to... order drinks. Before even saying anything to her, the barmaid looked like she couldn't care less about what we wanted. We ordered a couple of shots & tipped her. As we were taking our shots she told us to move out of the way of the bar even though we had just got them and obviously could not walk around juggling full shot glasses in our hands. We took the shots quickly and agreed to move away from the bar area anyways. 10-15 minutes later we went back to her to order more shots. Her words were "you know there's another side to the club", my friend told her she knows but she wants to be on this side & ordered the drinks again. She proceeded to tell my friend "no go to the other side" & basically refused service. I really did love the club but because of the barmaids poor attitude and terrible service I have no choice but to tell all my friends to never go there. See More
Nachiket Bhatia
· April 14, 2017
My wife and I went out for an impromptu dinner and we stumbled upon Brassaii. Call it a happy coincidence, but we discovered that a friend of ours worked there ...and perhaps that does make my review a bit partial. But the food and the ambience were just amazing. We had a couple of cocktails. - for those that love an old fashioned- strongly recommend the one that they have (with a bit of a twist). And the foragers toast was amazing as well. But most of all- it was a place that wasn't too crowded but not so empty that it felt weird. The belle epoche music allowed us to be just the right amount of happy and just the right amount of being able to actually speak to each other See More
Melissa Muschette
· April 10, 2017
Was there for a bday party on sat!Dinner was for 8pm didn't get served till around 10pm and it took forever!I'm a huge steak lover so I ordered the steak medium it was kinda dry next time maybe I will order is it medium rare !But a really nice venue and good music !
Jeff Hall
· June 4, 2017
If you value your safety, or your belongings do not go here. The way the security and management deal with people is horrendous. The way they treat you makes yo...u feel like a criminal. My story completely falls in line with other reviews I have read about this place and that doesn't surprise me one bit. I had a booth with a couple of friends and we were celebrating a birthday. After being there for about an hour I witnessed a bouncer just come up to one of my friend's and start dragging him out of the building with no explanation whatsoever. Keep in mind he had nothing to drink because he was the designated driver. I tried to stop him assuming there was a misunderstanding, but as I did this another bouncer prevented me from doing anything. My friend did absolutely nothing wrong, but still ended up with bruises, scrapes and a giant gash on his back. During this incident, his phone fell out of his pocket. The other bouncer immediately took his phone from the ground. When they threw him out he told me they gave him his phone and literally said "we smashed your phone." When he came back out front to demand an explanation, he tried to record the incident on my other friend's brand new iPhone. The same bouncer who threw him out took the phone out of his hand and smashed it on the ground in front of all of us. They pushed everyone out of the way after this happened, and they still have his phone in their possession. I have never been more angry in my life, and I am livid typing this. Please spread this word and help me get this place shut down. Please, please, please boycott this establishment. See More
Sarah Matthews
· January 15, 2017
Everything from the quality of the food, to the ambiance, not to mention the impeccable level of service, makes this one of my favourite dinner spots in Toronto.... I took my husband here this weekend for his birthday and we were not disappointed. They even surprised us with a complimentary glass of bubbly and made our dessert extra special. Love this place and highly recommend it to anyone looking for top quality everything. See More
Lisa Bulet
· January 21, 2017
Went here three weeks ago
Chicken was great and the music was awesome
I was with two other girlfriends for a ladies night out...
What we did not like was the the photographer clearly avoiding our table and discriminating with who they were taking pictures off
Total turn off
My husband and I used to love coming here for brunch but will not anymore especially since I had called a couple of days after trying to talk to a manager and no one called me back
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Laura Richardson
· January 29, 2017
Went with a group of girlfriends for Winterlicious. The service= about a star.. add the fact that 18% was automatically added made the terrible service even wo...rse.

The food= amazing. ... the beef was like butter in your mouth! Would definitely recommend the food here... amazing night out!

The atmosphere was great
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Michael Stojcic
· March 9, 2017
Great night my wife and I really enjoyed our experience with a friend. Next time we are in town we make it a point to stop by again the service was on point. Place is a class act.
Alessandro Galea
· February 5, 2017
Was a fun night out. Cover was pricey at $20 and then $3 coat check before I could even get to the dance floor. The club is nice and rustic looking. It was anno...ying to walk past tables each time to change dance floors. That NEEDS to be addressed. Music was good and a well dressed crowd. Could be improved still. See More
Jennifer Brown
· December 16, 2016
Great atmosphere, our large dinner party had a great private room. But the food was horrible, very unimpressed, I ordered my meat more well done and when our m...eals were served there was blood all over my plate, so I sent it back it wasn't until a while later a server came back with drinks and a coworker reminded her that I still wasnt eating. By the time my dinner arrived, most of my party were done eating. The caesar salad tasted like just fish on lettuce...quite a few of us didnt eat it and creme brulee very disappointing.
This place is only a night spot
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Ricardo Santos Garcia
· March 25, 2017
Best place at night in Toronto. Amazing food, great DJs, great bartenders, lovely security at front door and inside and the most beautiful people in Toronto!
My place here!!!!
Manal Sousa
· May 22, 2017
First time...I was there for a birthday dinner, I have to say... the food was delicious!!! Mouth watering risotto and tenderloin. So yummy I ordered seconds. Service, music and place A+ Great time!
Kirstan R
· March 19, 2017
I was super disappointed with this venue. Drinks were outrageously priced. Bought tickets for a cosplay throwback party, not at all as advertised. When asked about it the service staff were dismissive, smug, and just plain rude.
Shomil Saini
· December 2, 2016
Ok-ish place, with not so OK food. We were served with cold, and not enough food for the party even with a prior booking (~2 weeks). Booking was for 190 guests,... a few of those had to be served later individually when the buffet ran out.The lamb was not cooked properly and the Chicken Sticks were bland for my taste . The desserts ran out as well and coffee was super late. See More
Dhaval Bhandari
· December 31, 2016
I really enjoy the atmosphere of this place. Staff is very friendly and give good suggestions in picking drinks and food. I really must say food at this place is excellent.
Wendy Alana
· October 24, 2016
As a 40 year old woman who was in the "scene" for over a decade and moved out of the city, I was looking for a good vibe. All the clubs have changed since I was... in the party scene and it was quite the hassle getting into Toronto from out of town. We were pleasantly surprised with no line, no hassle inside, two different rooms with varying music to suit both of us, an amazing patio where you can actually enjoy a cigar and not be shooed to the sidewalk or back alley, attentive staff and beautiful decor. As a professional photographer, I rarely have pro photos of myself so it was nice to actually have one taken (and one that I actually love). Great date spot, and world class venue and service, all the way. Thanks Brassaii for an unforgettable night. Love, Wendy Alana See More
Ashley Arissa
· November 7, 2016
Waited way to long for the reserved table to be ready! Not impressed with the organizational skills. Should not have to wait over an hour and a half on a table ...reserved. However our waiter was great! The food was not worth its price and not going to lie but for an apparently classy place the floors are horrible . Uneven and not made for nice designer shoes. You'd think that a place charging so much money could at least fix their floors.
The only reason I had any fun at all was because of the people I came with.
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Reena Kaur Gurm
· June 4, 2017
Terrible experience last night it was my 30th birthday. I'm very disappointed how me and my family were treated. My first and last time never again will I go.
Anup Sheena
· June 5, 2017
The bouncer kicked me out for no reason and stole my watch in the process. When I tried to get it back he punched me in the face 4 times.

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