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It's been a while since I posted anything, but I wanted to assure all of you that I'm alive and well, just adjusting to my new life and moving. I'll be working towards putting up new episodes of the podcast in the coming weeks!

I'm also hoping that in a couple months I'll be making an exciting announcement about a project related to Break the Mold I'm working on!

Continue to enjoy your summer and as always let me know your thoughts and feelings!

It's here! Episode 53 with Jon Armstrong! On this episode, Jon talks about growing up in Washington state, his educational experiences, being a saxophonist and a bassist, his musical projects, and the Creative Underground Los Angeles.

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Had a great time hanging out with Jon Armstrong yesterday! The episode is going up Monday, June 3rd!

I know, I know. I haven't posted an episode in a while. Well, you try preparing for a wedding, teaching a stable of private students, practicing, performing, and vegging out on Netflix and see how many episodes you come up with.

Ok, that was harsh. I apologize. But good news! I'm meeting with Jon Armstrong this week, so there will be a new episode of the podcast next Monday!

It's here! It's finally here! A new episode of the podcast! Episode 52 with guitarist Joe Jewell! On this episode, Joe talks about growing up and playing music in Syracuse, his musical voice, his education, becoming part of the LA scene, being a studio musician and educator, and much more.

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Believe it or not a new podcast is going up tomorrow! Editing my chat with guitarist Joe Jewell right now!

Had a great time chatting with Joe Jewell! Really inspired by his experiences and humility and I'm looking forward to sharing this one. Episode will be posted Monday, May 20th!

Someone is spreading a rumor that I haven't done the podcast the last two weeks because I am on the run from the mob for betting the Milwaukee Bucks to win the NBA Finals. My official statement is that this a categorical lie and I've just been busy. I actually bet the Pacers so I'll be running away later on in the month.

On a serious note, no podcast today, but I am interviewing guitarist Joe Jewell in a little bit. Episode goes up next week!

No episode of the podcast this week, but I will be posting an episode next Monday. In the meantime, there are 51 episodes available if you haven't gotten through them all yet.

I hope all of you had a great weekend and are having a great start to the week! I know I'm still inspired by Saturday's Brad Mehldau and Bad Plus + Joshua Redman concert! Who else went to that?

It's here! Episode 51 with bassist Kaveh Rastegar! On this episode, Kaveh talks about growing up in Denver, being a self-taught musician, his time in college, Kneebody, and other projects.

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Meeting with bassist Kaveh Rastegar today for next week's episode of the podcast!

Thanks to all who have listened to the latest episode and who support Break the Mold!

TO MY PREVIOUS GUESTS: Thank you so much for your willingness to sit down with me and share your story. This podcast wouldn't be what it is without your wisdom and candor. I am supremely grateful for the conversations we have shared and hope those who listen to them are as inspired as I am by your words.

TO MY LISTENERS: Thanks for continuing to listen to the podcast and for giving me fee...dback. I am grateful you find these episodes interesting enough to spend time with them and that you share in my belief that it is important to share these experience and keep them on record.

'm also very excited for all the future guests I'm getting to on the podcast! Watch out, your inbox might be next

Onwards and upwards!

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It's here! The 50th episode of the podcast! On this episode, Chris Barton, Sean J. O'Connell, Tom Meek, Alex W. Rodriguez, Anthony Shadduck, and myself discuss the state of the LA jazz scene. It's a roundtable of critics and writers!

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My final shoutout in preparation for the 50th episode is to two people who made this project a great success! First, to Anthony Shadduck for co-moderating the panel and helping to shape the narrative and questions for the evening. Also, special thanks to Jesse Hellen-Lloyd for recording the roundtable! He is a great engineer and you should definitely use him!

Day 4 of getting to know your Break The Mold roundtable panel brings us to our final critic!

Today's profile: Tom Meek. Tom is the editor of, a community supported guide to jazz events, musicians, and venues in Southern California. In addition to his work with this website, he writes about jazz for the LA Weekly and has authored more than 100 articles on music for Wikipedia. Follow the link below to see his work on

Comprehensive, community-supported guide to Southern California's jazz events, musicians, and venues. Calendar, directories, news, blogs and more.

It's Day 3 of our profile series leading up to Break the Mold's 50th episode! Are you tired of it yet?

Today's profile: Alex W. Rodriguez. Alex is a PhD student in ethnomusicology at UCLA and is also the managing editor of the open access academic journal Ethnomusicology Review. He has contributed work to NPR's A Blog Supreme, the Hartford Advocate, LA Weekly, and the Village Voice. Click the link below to see his blog Lubricity, where he writes about jazz and other slippery subjects.

Alex W. Rodriguez on Jazz and Other Slippery Subjects