In celebration of what would have been Vincent's 35th birthday, have a toast (and a piece of birthday cake) to wish him a happy birthday. Please click the "Going" button as this event will be wherever you are . . . In our hearts and memories

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Breathe Life added 4 new photoscelebrating Vincent's 36th Birthday by remembering the special gift he was to me.

HAPPY 36th BIRTHDAY Vincent! Keeping you close, in my heart, as always

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July 10, 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of Vincent's passing. Please feel free to click on "going" and join us in remembering this corageous young man.

I invite you to join in a toast to Vincent, while watching the…/Vincent%20Champagne%20-%20A%20Cel… and/or while listening to One Republic I Lived:

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Having watched my Vince go through this, I beg you to please register as an organ donor.

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Love What Matters

"Dying to live. Every morning I wake up, I unhook from my feeding tube, I swallow a handful of pills and I de-tangle my oxygen cord that became untidy during my... restless sleep so I can replace my bipap mask with my oxygen cannula. As soon as my feet hit the floor and I begin to move, I'm quickly reminded why I have to take handfuls of pills. Why I have to hookup to this feeding tube. And why oxygen tubing is now a distinct part of my everyday look; I'm dying. And I am dying to live. As my lungs scream at me because I'm moving, I increase my oxygen that they're demanding. A wave of anxiety overcomes me. I need more air. What happens when there is no more air for me to rely on? This thought haunts me. This thought is what keeps me up for hours on end at night. This isn't a nightmare I get to wake up from. This is my reality. The worst part about all of this? It's not the surgeries, the thousands of pills I've taken, the hospital stays, or even the shallow breaths. I would do that the rest of my life if it kept me alive. It's the struggle of being out of control. The struggle of your body failing as you fight to hang on with all that you have. It's the struggle of knowing, if it was up to me, I would live but it's not; this is out of my hands. It's spending countless sleepless nights wondering what the plan is. The struggle of going through this hell wondering if it'll end the way I've been praying and hoping for, for what seems like forever. That's the hard part about life; it doesn't discriminate, or count how many times it's knocked you down, or give you a hand of cards based on what's "fair." Life is just life, it doesn't always make sense, but you have to make the best of it because there are no guarantees and there are no "do overs." I'm working with less than 15% lung function, my lungs literally depend on oxygen to keep them functioning, and for now it's working but I know that this is temporary. I know this can't work forever and as hard as that is to accept, I just have to have faith and believe this is all happening for a reason. But my gosh, do I hope the plan is for those pretty new lungs to come, so I can go on living and thriving. There's so much more I want and need to do. My spirit hasn't lessened in any of this and maybe that's what will get me through; my will to fight hasn't been affected. I'm not defeated. I want to live more than ever. It isn't easy though. This is not just a battle but a war. With time being my largest enemy. I struggle. Oh how I struggle. Crying in the night because you just can't get that breath; getting sick all hours of the day; feeling like you're fighting battles within this war all day. Showers and being awake more often than not are now counted as victories. Being imprinted in your bed because just walking to the bathroom is enough exhaustion for one day. Burning more calories than you could possibly keep up with just from simply breathing. And I will spare you the details of the horrific nights I have caused by my severe anxiety. But when the lights go down, I seem to drown in the darkness of living with end stage lung disease. But I get up every day and I do it. And I plan to keep doing it. Because I may be dying but I'm also dying to live. Thank you to all who have joined me in this fight. I couldn't do it without you guys.

We've overcame before. And though this is the toughest war yet, we can overcome again. Please stay with me. Feel free to share for organ donation and Cystic Fibrosis awareness!"

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Photo Credit: Bradley Bjornstad

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Today marks what would have been the 11th Anniversary of the day Vincent received his "new" lungs.

I will have a drink in honor of Jenelle Patrie, the young woman who gave Vincent his new lungs.

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Every step I take,
Every move I make,
Every single day,
Every breath I take,
I am missing you.


I love you MY Vinny, I always have and always will. Thank you for showing me what it is to LIVE life to the fullest.

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Breathe Life shared a link.
July 8, 2016
Get OneRepublic’s new single, ‘Wherever I Go,’ out now on iTunes and Spotify: Director: Nobl...

I invite you to join in a toast to Vincent, while watching the…/Vincent%20Champagne%20-%20A%20Cel… and I will also be listening to One Republic I Lived:

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Canadian Transplant Association encourages and motivates transplant recipients to maintain a healthy lifestyle by supporting athletic and other awareness events.

Breathe Life Here's a link from Matt Scales and friends performing "Breathe" on You Tube.

Join Matt and two friends and sing the inspirational song about Cystic Fibrosis.

All proceeds of this song "Breathe" go to CF research.

2015 "Breathe" by Tenille Arts. Thank you Tenille for allowing me to use this wonderful song in my show. Everyone please help support Tenille and Cystic Fibr...

Merry Christmas to you!

I'm watching "I Lived" by OneRepublic

Bryan Warnecke, for whom this song has been dedicated to by OneRepulic, is a young man so like OUR Vince Champagne, as Vince, too, "lived" his life to the fullest.

Breathe Life, Bryan Warnecke, Breathe Life, in to every moment and everything you do!!! Fight on!!!!

I'm watching "I Lived" by OneRepublic
Breathe Life was celebrating his birthday.

Today, September 30, 2015 would have been Vincent's 34th Birthday. Please feel free to join us in a piece of piece of birthday cake (or cupcake) in celebration of the life that touched all of our hearts.