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Chloe Wong
· February 8, 2018
Purchased the sanabelle sensitive poultry for my 3 cats and they loved it. I like that the food is grain free and helps with their immune systems, they are not shedding as much anymore after being on ...sanabelle. Thanks briopets for the advice! See More
Felicia Li
· February 8, 2018
My 3 gals super love the bosch soft chicken & banana kibbles, as well bosch fruit treats.

Every meal for them, is like giving them treats..
So satisfying seeing them begging for more..
Guek Moey Khoo
· February 4, 2018
Hope to make more healthy food for dog and cat , let our baby happy and healthy for everyday.
Brenda Loh
· September 21, 2017
Purchased the Solano Soltick Collar from Briopets and it has kept my dog free from ticks ever since. Super effective!
Haslyn Rahman
· February 12, 2018
Finally here ....Shoo Spray Spray & Odour. The best among all products which i ever tried. Very Good & Love the smell also. RECOMMENDED.
El Smolik
· November 3, 2014
I did write a good comment about Canada cat litter after using it about a day, i guess you cant make any remark on one product in a day. But after a week of using, then i realised its almost the same any normal cat litter. First of all, it does clump together but when i scoop the poops, and then it left me small pieces which is harder to scoop. Secondly, you stated that it could save up 28kg of cat litter to just 6kg per month, i dont think so. I just finish up the first bag and now the second bag. All within in 5 days. As compared with the usual cat litter brand that i bought from Pets Centre (10kg cat litter) which can last me for a month. Honestly, the cat litter is overpriced and you stated the that this cat litter is the best in the market. I am sorry i will never purchase this Canada cat litter any more. Expensive and does not work like how the video stated. See More
Casper Ng
· February 15, 2017
I recommend Solano Soltick Tick Collar to my fur friends🐾 as an additional prevention from ticks 😊 especially friends who love to explore nature like me 😜 The collar is also waterproof, which means yo...u can wear it to the beach🏝, swim🏊🏻 or bath🚿 . My pawrents love it's lavender scent that can naturalized bad odor. It also includes Geranium oil that makes our fur shine✨ and prevents fur loss and skin damage. 💕 See More
Ezekiel Ong
· February 20, 2014
My maltese has very sensitive skin and is allergic to quite a few items. He is also a very fussy eater. However, Bosch is the only dry kibbles that he loves to eat, straight from the bowl, without to add any other meat!

After several weeks, there is major improvements. Till date, he rarely has any skin problems. Thank you Bosch! :)
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Hasfarela Husain
· April 29, 2016
Ordered for my babies sanabelle grande and some snack samples last night, and got out items delivered promptly tday. Hassle free, fast, great savings and friendly service! Highly recommended
Carol Ford
· February 20, 2017
I absolutely love the Canada litter. My cat is the kind of cat who will dig in the litter to her hearts content. The Canada litter has excellent clumping ability and the Baby Powder scent is not overp...owering at all. I tell everyone else who has a cat about this fantastic cat litter. Happy 🐱. See More
Rianna Jonet
· October 16, 2014
Very good and excellent service. and on time delivery to my doorstep for the canada cat litters. Received items prepacked in a box nicely. my Cats loving it. i Love the smell also.Looking forward to again. thank you! See More
Eugene Xiao U
· December 24, 2014
Is tested & proved tat Bosch ( DOG ) & sanebell ( CAT ) is a better choose pets food for our cat & dog.
Jorene Ng
· June 11, 2014
Cute and adorable pets cannot be forgotten . Our minds will love the sight of pets and care for them
Nurul Syafiqah Putri
· June 7, 2014
♥♥ I L♡VE cats & kittens b'cos they are adorable,cute and lovely. They look much cuter especially when they are together. Lovely Pets! ♥♥
Anita Hashim
· May 2, 2014
Cats are adorable...luv dem..
Summer Lim
· July 27, 2015
The pics r superb extremely adorable!!!
Sandie Rasipan
June 2, 2012
Why are there no reply from enquires!
Jason Sng
· February 17, 2014
I likely it was so cute
Nur Ammara Aqylla
· February 8, 2014
love it!
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