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Linda Fitzgerald Brooks
· March 24, 2017
Seems like a progressive church with annual singing Christmas tree, multi lingual Chinese option, headsets for translation, double flat screen, coffee shop alth...ough I have never seen it opened, flashy laser lights. Many types of people attend and appealing to a large demographic. However after seeing the style of several churches I feel mega church worship style just not for me. Services with flashy annoying coloured lights beaming along with music and stars just not appealing and was a turn off. I actually found it quite distracting. It perhaps aims to be appealing to young generation. We live in a hyper stimulated culture enough and church service should feel calm and peaceful. Sermon also too preachy with not enough substance and felt the "selling" of Jesus like he's a product. I just didn't feel that this style was genuine to me. Each to their own and up to each individual in worship. They do a great job with Christmas show but service style definitely not for me after going several times. See More
Danny Shin
· March 12, 2017
Whenever I get a chance I spread the word to others about Broadway church. Pastor Darin's sermons are very easy to comprehend for both newcomers and Christians ...who have been Christian for a long time. Me and my wife learn more every week and helped our relationship to a point of marriage since we were just dating. Through tough times we went through we started attending Broadway church and received same teachings. Our relationship is amazingly great since then and always appreciated. Now my friend and his wife also joined since last year who recently just got married. The singer and band during praise is so awesome, we just wish it was longer!! Holy spirit filled church and we always look forward to come every Sunday and any chance we have.

We fill rejuvenated every week; I hope and pray more and more people who are lost could have a chance to attend service and learn most important lessons in their life that we need Jesus in our lives and for our salvation.

I thank to Broadway church to give me and my wife a very warm place to worship and change when we were going through difficult times

I was able to suggest to someone who told me, who just happened to share his story randomly (someone I did not know) that he almost let go of his life few days ago due to an excruciating circumstance... and hope that he will be able to attend the church and hear the good news to be found again and receive strength from Jesus who give strength to those who believe in him.

I hope Vancouverites will all have a chance to hear the teaching of the truth and the good news from Broadway church.

5 star from me and my wife :)
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Karl Van Spronsen
· July 23, 2017
Awesome experience every time. Different styles of music in each of the three services. Awesome music talent. Great speakers. Very welcoming people. I highly recommend Broadway Church!
Akira Tomiyama
· December 11, 2016
I don't know much about the Church but one thing is sure. Their production of the 49th Annual Singing Christmas Tree presentation was a great success. I believe... God is working through each and every one of us and them to make it so. The Alpha fellowship is also commendable for it is a much needed programme especially for our younger generation most of whom are very lost today. I would really want to be a part of it if it were not for the location of the Church so far away from where I live.

Two days before the presentation, I hadn't the slightest clue what a singing Christmas tree was. The Singing Christmas Tree presentation was not just about coming together and singing carols. There was interactive spiritual exchange between performing artists, musicians, singers and dancers and the audience.

The highlight of the presentation had to be our dearest Canadian, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medallist and Solo Bluegrass artist violinist, Rosemary Siemens's violin and dance performance. I was thrilled to listen to her mesmerising musical wand beating to the rhythm of her Stradivarius, the one she used to bring wonders to her performances at the Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica at the Vatican and on four different occasions at Carnegie Hall.

The theatrical presentation of The Case of the Christmas Caper in Cache Creek was also commendable. Not only was the play entertaining but also the story and prayer of the marshmallow tree could have given new life to many spiritually lost souls.
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Sandie Martins-Toner
· March 27, 2017
Feels like home...♥ Vancouver Broadway Church has something for everyone in the family. The 11:15 service is amazing and our kids love the Bible school and Rush Kids programs.
Terry Levergood
· October 23, 2016
My wife and I have been there since about 2012 and it's amazing. The church was very open and welcoming; we were both able to establish friendships then get inv...olved in ministry. Now I am drumming with the worship team, after several months of playing with the youth group. I have made some great friends and continue to see God's promises and blessings coming to fruition in this environment. See More
Grace Margaret Tan Ho
· September 30, 2014
Love the leadership of the organization, Christ centred and clear on the goals. Love the example.
Love the feeling of openness to a new person and many differe...nt bible studies, programs, and fellowship for all cultures and ages in order to have a dynamic relationship with Jesus and build community. It's a big church but everything has a personal touch. There's a great balance of studying the word and application to the present, time of great worship, and programs for service and being in the community. Thank you for making it a great place for us to grow our faith. See More
Ibeth K. Albertazzi
· April 26, 2014
Our family found Broadway before even arriving at vancouver, we heard a couple of podcasts and we just had a feeling that this was the kind of environment we wa...nted for our family. After a few Sundays, we knew this was going to be "home". Broadway does such an amazing job at crating opportunities to have community. Well done Broadway team, we appreciate all the events, sermons, prayers, and friendships. We know you are a big part of us growing in our faith. See More
Christopher Lim
· June 28, 2016
Catered for multi languages community. Holy Spirit filled, Global Mission Minded Church. Location is ideally, it's near to Sky Train station and bus is very con...venient.

As a visitor from Singapore to Vancouver, BC for convention, #MDRT2016. Attend the Sunday Service helps me to put my prospective right at the start of my next step. PTL.

Thank you for the lady whom I met, who walk with me to the church. You are an Angel when I needed most. God Bless you.
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Linda Wagar
· December 20, 2016
Broadway Church is a wonderful Christ centered church. It has helped me so much in my walk with Jesus! The people there are very friendly and the staff are wo...nderful! I first started coming in 2010 after I saw the SCT. I knew that would be my church! So, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BLESSED NEW YEAR to you all! Linda Wagar See More
Tiz Coles
· April 26, 2016
We love attending Broadway church when we visit our daughter in Vancouver. The teaching is sound, the worship is uplifting, the welcome is warm...just wish we could go more often!
Tomáš Horváth
· May 23, 2013
How much I miss Broadway church! You were family for me when I was far from home. Thank you for welcoming me as one of you, I really felt great with you!
Gary Kinsley
February 10, 2013
This weekend coming is my time again when I volunteer for the Variety Club Show of Hearts. Will most likely make it out for 6pm in my Red Vest. Anyone looking to put in some time and like to drive, we might need drivers.
Eva Mahi
· August 10, 2014
WOW! What a great message by pastor Simon this morning. Authentic: Grace sprinkled with a pinch of salt.
Ruby Papilla
· April 24, 2016
Vancouver Broadway Church Singing Christmas Tree 2004
I think this was my 3rd year
Anthony Gill
· January 26, 2015
Requst to prayer for my father he has had a heart operation he is in hospital his name is Shoukat Gill
Sagar Vidya
· December 15, 2013
Was there for singing Christmas tree show, it was awesome !!! Extraordinary!!! Loved every moment !! Thank you.
Yvanj Espiritu
· July 24, 2013
i would like to say i was blessed last sunday....
Wayne Johnston
September 19, 2012
Our Wednesday Night Discipleship Courses begin tonight...September 19th, including the ALPHA course...come check it out and bring a friend!!
Athena Pantelis
· July 4, 2013
I love Broadway
Are We Defined By Our Sexual Desires? Check out the rest of the message here:
Why Can God Kill People, But We Can’t? Check out the rest of the message here:
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We had a great Youth service last night!

Are We Defined By Our Sexual Desires?

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Join us this Sunday for our baptismal class! It's happening at 10:15 am in the Chapel at our Vancouver Campus. #GoPublic

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"The Bible & The LGBTQ Issue"
That is this Sunday's topic!

Join us in Vancouver at 9am • 11:15am • 6pm or in Port Coquitlam at 11:15am!

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Why Can God Kill People, But We Can’t?

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Can you help? Our Translation Ministry is looking for mobiles devices (smart phones/ipods) to provide guests who do not own one. Our new translation system requires guests to download a free app on to a device so that they can enjoy our service in English (Assisted Listening) and translated into Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Spanish. If you have a mobile device that you no longer are using, please bring to our Translation Booth or our Info Desk in the lobby. Thank you!

"Why Did God Command Killing?"
That is this Sunday's topic!

Join us in Vancouver at 9am • 11:15am • 6pm or in Port Coquitlam at 11:15am!

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We are so excited to introduce our new way of providing Translation Ministry! Now you can enjoy our services in the 11:15am service at our Vancouver Campus in Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and NEWLY ADDED Assisted Hearing in English. Visit our Translation Ministry booth in the lobby to receive instructions on how to connect with our wifi signal and download the Audio Everywhere app on your mobile device! #WeAreBroadway

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Is An Unborn Child A Person?

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We had a lot of fun last week at our Ocean Adventures Kids Day Camp! #WeAreBroadway

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This Sunday we have an all church breakfast happening at our Vancouver Campus! Join us at 10:00am! #WeAreBroadway

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This past Sunday Simon Neill, who is the Executive Director of our Broadway Lodge, shared a bit of his story on how he came to the oversee the Broadway Lodge.

If you're interested in volunteering please email for more info.

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"Is Abortion & Euthanasia Biblical?"

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Join us in Vancouver at 9am • 11:15am • 6pm or in Port Coquitlam at 11:15am!

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We had another great day at our Ocean Adventures Summer Day Camp! #WeAreBroadway

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The Creation/Evolution Debate

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