HAPPY NEW YEAR to our BROKEN HOPE FAMILY WORLDWIDE!!! *NEW BH ALBUM in 2016!!! *NEW BH CONCERTS in 2016!!! Love and Gore and Yours: Damian, Jeremy, Mike, Matt, and Diego...
EARTHBURNER has arrived! BROKEN HOPE's Jeremy Wagner unleashes the long-awaited Grindcore project with EVERYTHING MUST DIE vocalist, Ryan Richards, and BROKEN HOPE drummer, Mike Miczek. "LIKE" the official Earthburner (Official) page on FACEBOOK, and go to and hear and see what's blasting and tearing. *Official EP for sale and Official Video directed by Corey Soria to watch! Thanks for the support! #BrokenHope #Earthburner #Grindcore #grind #DeathMetal #Terrorizer #NapalmDeath #agoraphobicnosebleed #nasum #wormrot #repulsion #extreme #magrudergrind #everythingmustdie #blast #blastbeat
HERE's a NEW VIDEO TEASER for OUR "LIVE DISEASE" CONCERT DVD/LIVE ALBUM!!! COMES OUT IN ONLY 5 DAYS--ORDER YOURS HERE: BROKEN HOPE's "LIVE DISEASE" Live-Concert Blu-Ray/Live Album comes out on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th via Century Media Records and DIRECT from JSR Direct - Band Merchandising!!! *PRO-RECORDED at BRUTAL ASSAULT 19 in the CZECH REPUBLIC! *BROKEN HOPE's FIRST-EVER CONCERT DVD & FIRST-EVER LIVE ALBUM/CD! *DIRECTED & BUILT by Tommy Jones of Videohammer Studiosh (SLAYER, TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL)! *AMAZING ARTWORK & PACKAGING by ARTIST, @MarkRudolph! CD Track Listing: 1. Septic Premonitions 2. The Docking Dead 3. Dilation and Extraction 4. Into the Necrosphere 5. Gore Hog 6. Swamped in Gore 7. The Dead Half 8. I am God 9. He was Raped 10. The Flesh Mechanic 11. Incinerated 12. Felching Vampires Blu-Ray DVD Chapter listing: 1. Intro 2. The Docking Dead 3. Dilation and Extraction 4. Into the Necrosphere 5. Gore Hog 6. Swamped in Gore 7. The Dead Half 8. I am God 9. He Was Raped 10. The Flesh Mechanic 11. Incinerated 12. Felching Vampires 13. Credits BONUS FEATURES: *Behind the Scenes: Interviews with Jeremy, Damian & Mike *The Flesh Mechanic (Official Music Video) *The BROKEN HOPE Documentary: "25 Years of Sickness--The Story of Broken Hope"
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#FRANCE’s Among The Living sat down with BROKEN HOPE’s own DIEGO SORIA in #PARIS recently.
Here’s the full interview:

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Among The Living

Rencontre avec Diego SORIA, bassiste de BROKEN HOPE à l'occasion de leur passage en concert à Paris en Mars 2018 au Gibus!
By Emmanuelle Neveu
Broken Hope #brokenhope…/


BROKEN HOPE returns to #BERLIN this summer for HELLFIRE FESTIVAL with Misery Index and Full of Hell and more TBA!!!

Date: Monday, August 13th at at Bi Nuu BERLIN.


Mon 7:00 PM UTC+02Bi NuuBerlin, Germany
149 people interested

Drum-cam footage of BROKEN HOPE’s own Mike Miczek playing “Dilation and Extraction” in #ITALY courtesy of Sick Drummer Magazine!!!

Broken Hope - "Dilation And Extraction" Drum Video Streaming

Sick Drummer Magazine has released a video featuring Broken Hope drummer Mike Miczek performing "Dilation And Extraction", originally featured on the band's 1995 album Repulsive Conception. Check it out below: Broken Hope released their seventh studio album, Mutilated And Assimilated, last year via....

Deathfeast have announced a new headliner.

Welcome: The Black Dahlia Murder

This festival is a MUST for any Death Metal fan!

No automatic alt text available.

We hope you survived the weekend, because now we got some specials for you!

As promised, our last headliner will be announced in mid March.

Our 3rd and last hea...dliner is the perfect symbiose of blast beats and melody. Their thrilling and horror-fueled music, that always gets the blood pumping and the heads banging, will destroy the stage this year. Straight outta Detroid they don't wanna sell you cars, they wanna deliver some of the finest Death Metal!

Welcome: The Black Dahlia Murder from USA!

But that's not enough, we got two more bands for you guys!

The next banger is flying in from far far away. But they are willing to bring you some filthy and brutal Deathcore. he brutality is being pushed to new heights and that fun factor is greater than ever.

Welcome: A Night In Texas from Australia!

And last but not least we got a german bonecrusher for you. Sweeping guitar riffs and dashing blast beats come upon stomping slam parts and catchy refrains, which are presented by deep, guttural vocals. This will be heavy!

Welcome: NECROTTED from Germany!

If you don't buy your tickets now, than don't be angry if you don't get any tickets later. One more Band to go, but we will wait with that last announcement.

Bands so far:
Dying Fetus (USA) | Misery Index (USA) | The Black Dahlia Murder (USA) | Origin (USA) | Broken Hope (USA) | Disavowed (Netherlands) | GUTALAX ( cz gore grind ) (Czech Republic) | INGESTED (UK) | XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX (South Africa) | Hideous Divinity (Italy) | Soreption (Sweden) | AngelMaker (Canada) | A Night In Texas (Australie) | Nader Sadek (Egypt) | Epicardiectomy (Czech Republic) | Teethgrinder (Netherlands) | Cognitive (USA) | NECROTTED (Germany) | WORLD END MAN (Japan) | Antropofagus (Official) (Italy) | Abhorrent Castigation (Germany) | guineapig (Italy) | Cannibal Grandpa (Spain) | Xenomorphic Contamination (Italy) | PaRtY-CaNnOn (UK) | Gutrectomy (Germany) | Asilent (Singapore) | Embrace Your Punishment (France) | Brutal Sphincter (Belgium) | Kadaverficker (Germany) | Diaroe (Germany) | Sick of Stupidity (Netherlands) | and more

Event on Facebook:

Tickets on Facebook:

Tickets on Website:

Deathfeast Open Air Website:

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BROKEN HOPE: Pavillon Webzine’s live concert review and photos from the #LYON, #FRANCE date of the tour.

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Pavillon Webzine

La venue des Américains de BROKEN HOPE au Warmaudio de Lyon-Décines c’était un peu un événement en soi ! Mais où étiez-vous, oui vous les death-métalleux invété...rés de la région Lyonnaise ce Dimanche 04 mars ? Bref, dans le cadre de leur tournée Européenne intitulée « mutilated and assimilated tour », ceux de Chicago accompagnés des Italiens de HIEROPHANT et en guest spécial de SOUTH OF HELL de Savoie nous ont donné une bonne leçon de metal-de-la-mort-qui-tue, le tout bien organisé par nos amis de SK Productions et de Black Cloark production, il fallait le signaler.

chronique et photos de black.roger, Pavillon666…/chroniques-de-concerts-detail.p…

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Sick BROKEN HOPE photo gallery from Christel Photography and the fine folks at Zware Metalen.

Netherlands Deathfest MAD TOURBOOKING

BROKEN HOPE: Netherlands Deathfest live concert review courtesy of Zware Metalen.

“The songs do not last too long and therefore fly by at breakneck speed, but they sound absolutely powerful.”


Tijdens het eerste weekend van maart vond in het ijzige Tilburg de derde editie van Netherlands Deathfest plaats, het grootste indoor extreme metalfeestje ter wereld met drie dagen lang een constante stroom van death, black, grindcore en aanverwante genres op evenzoveel podia in en tegenover het Po

We had a great time with these Italian badasses!!!

Thank you HIEROPHANT!!!

Photo from #Budapest — last night of the BROKEN HOPE - HIEROPHANT tour.

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It’s been a real pleasure, Europe! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Endless thanks, horns and love to you all for making our run one of the best yet.

In case you don’t know, we love our fans more than anything and give back everything we have. And we love all the people we work with.


Much gratitude to MAD TOURBOOKING and HIEROPHANT and FLUFFWHEELS.COM and all the PROMOTERS and their crews at Netherlands Deathfest, Gibus Live, Warmaudio Décines, Suden Promotion, Rock Town, and Dürer Kert!!!

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Hammer Concerts to Broken Hope I Hierophant I Gore Thrower

Figyelem, nyereményjáték! Ezt a szép Broken Hope felvarrót sorsoljuk ki köztetek. Nincs más teendőtök, mint megosztani nyilvánosan a következő, hasonlóan daráló...s bulink linkjét saját falatokon, illetve meghívni minél több metalos barátot:
Sorsolás: április 3-án, kedden! Hajrá! 🤘

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The amazing crew at Dürer Kert made us a BROKEN HOPE / HIEROPHANT cake.

Fucking great people at his club. Metal love! 🤘🏻❤️

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