Did you know Bronson has a stroke nurse navigator? Watch Jamie explain her role as a stroke nurse navigator and how it benefits our stroke patients. Learn more about stroke care at Bronson:

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After getting in a car accident, Carrie suffered from post-traumatic arthritis in her ankle. Read her story to find out how personal training Bronson Athletic Club helped her on her road to recovery -->

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Autumn Rench
· January 11, 2018
My son had an endoscopy this morning to look for a cause of a his chronic vomiting. The nurse, child life specialist and the team of Drs who were present for this were beyond phenomenal! They gave him... a teddy bear and went over the IV process with him using the teddy bear and even let him "practice" on the bear. They were calm, gentle and took their time working with him and really helped make him comfortable. It was an awesome experience given the circumstances.
Now that's not even what this post is really about.
Kasen is 3 and very independent. Due to the sedation meds he couldn't walk out of the hospital on his own. He refused the wheel chair so I was carrying him as daddy went to get the car. Half way out of the children's unit he decided to throw himself so I slowly lowered him to the floor. As I was struggling to get him to cooperate a Dr passing by stopped and offered some assistance and to make sure he was ok. After a couple minutes of talking I asked Kasen if I could carry him out. He refused. So the Dr asked if he could carry him out. He agreed. This Dr stopped what he was doing and carried my 50+lbs child all the way to the car. Most people would have walked by or just made sure he wasn't having a health problem and went about their day. So to Dr. Lane-Davies, Thank you so much for caring so much and for your help with my head strong child!
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Kristin Newby
· March 20, 2018
My family lives in Albion. 46 miles from Bronson Hospital. We pass Oaklawn hospital in Marshall and Battle Creek hospital on our way to Kalmazoo. Not once have we had a bad experience there. My twin d...aughters were born there. My kids have had everything from a tic in their ear to an extreamly bad virus where my twin daughters we're admitted from the ER and sent up stairs to the Children's floor where to be honest if felt like a party for my daughters.. and the most recent is where my daughter's ear was cut and she had a gash behind her ear from her and her sister holding hands, spinning and letting go and hitting our coffee table. The ER had at least 25 people waiting here and there, we were still in and out of there, 2 stitches and some glue and we were on our way home in 2 hours! These accidents just happen... kids get sick and for my Husband and I, we will always spend the extra time and go to Bronson where we know we are 100% going to be well taken care of. I am so thankful for the staff at Bronson and the care we have recieved. I wish I could share some pictures, but please take my word for it. � See More
Amanda Hoke
· February 1, 2018
I am so disappointed... I rushed my son to the ER as he was covered in hives and swollen on his legs and feet only for the doctor to tell me "it's a classic case of hives you will probably never find ...the cause and it will go away." He gave him some Benadryl and sent us home. I questioned if it could be the amoxicillin he was taking and he told me "no he has been taking it for 7 days now if it was an allergy it would have shown up right away" and insisted that I keep giving it to him. So I did, you assume a doctor is telling you so you want to believe them. Well that was not the case. When my son woke up the next morning he was worse than the day before. We took him to our pediatrician's office, because we felt it safer to wait to take him to our primary doctor since the ER was so quick to dismiss us. Come to find out he is having a terrible allergic reaction to the amoxicillin and had we continued it could have been even more severe than it already was. Shame on you Dr. Goldberg for being so quick to dismiss my son and tell me it is ok to continue the medication. See More
Desiree Campbell
· January 27, 2018
This rating is based on my experience in the ER because the hospital deserves a 5. Yesterday I spent over 6 hours in the ER with my 1 year old son after he fell on a piece of wood and got a large lace...ration on his soft pallet of his mouth. Not able to eat or drink anything and not being seen for that long was ridiculous. I get that the flu season has hit hard as it was standing room in both waiting rooms but that’s no excuse. It wasn’t until I went up and asked how much longer it was going to be that they sprung into action and asked to see him again and took him back to a room within minutes. Really you mean to tell me “ oh you are next to be called anyways” I call BS! A suggestion would be when the flu season is this rampant to have one side of the waiting rooms for sick people. For people that aren’t there for the flu but surrounded by flu patients is just an added negative. I cringed when the urgent care wouldn’t see us and sent us to the ER for that exact reason. See More
Tina-Marie Hagenbuch
· March 27, 2018
Bronson hospital is the greatest as long as you do not have to be seen in the ER. The ER Doctor I had back in June was very unprofessional and laughed while telling me my cyst on my kidney could be ca...ncerous. I do not remember her name, but the smile upon her face is something I will never forget. The rest of the Doctors I have been seeing in these past 9 months have been God sends and I appreciate all of them greatly. I pray I never have to be seen again by that ER Doctor. See More
Jessica Hurlbert
· February 17, 2018
Nurses make the worst patients. I have lost faith somewhat in healthcare as I watch my life passion seem to be more about the “standards” and “rules” and less personal and individualized. I was admit...ted Sunday night and released Friday. I would like to say Bronson Positivity is a very real thing. I had the most AMAZING care from the nurses, to the the PCAs, to the doctors, to the EVS and food service people. I was frustrated at my situation and having to be hospitalized but the care I received was beyond amazing and caring. The healthcare that is patient centered and caring. Sometimes there are no medicines or treatments that can compare with the genuine care and nurturing from person to person, things you can’t find in a book, skills that cannot be taught. Hats off to Bronson as a whole for positivity and caring environment and a very heartfelt thank you to all my caretakers that were there this past week you rock and I am honored to have been your patient. Bronson Positivity 💚💚💚💚 See More
Kevin Hawkins
· April 13, 2018
Went to er at 1am after choking and getting food in my windpipe sat in the waiting room for 2 hrs never got seen waiting rooms are practically empty and so is parking lot. Never got sorry for the wai...t or how are you doing since I was having trouble breathing. I guess I will just go home and wait for primary dr to open up. No thanks no compassion See More
Jordan Alexandra
· January 15, 2018
First off let me start by mentioning how wonderful the doctors and nursing staff is. Now the reason for three stars is that their billing department is beyond incompetent. They literally have no idea ...what they are talking about and when you discuss your situation with a different staff member each time it’s always different information in return. As paying customers who have paid each month it’s beyond frustrating when you continue to pay your bills and some how one doesn’t make it on your payment plan ( even though you were informed it was) now the paying customer is forced to pay a an astronomical amount because a representative didn’t attach it to the payment plan when asked. It makes absolutely zero sense that they would take your funds and put hem towards recent bills instead of the older bills. See More
Jenny Yonkman Bangma
· February 28, 2018
Last week, Thursday, my mom had a slight stroke and was moved from the emergency room to the Neurovascular Unit for a long weekend. :) She has since been transferred to Mary Free Bed for rehabilitatio...n. I am so grateful to the nurses, PCAs, doctors, specialists, case workers, etc. for the high quality of care that was provided to my mom during that time. Everyone was patient, kind, thoughtful, attentive, and supportive. We don't have a lot of close family in the area, so I greatly appreciated the community-feel that was extended to us last weekend; the staff truly took the loneliness and hopelessness out of the stressful situation. Thank you! See More
Lisa Ann Florea Durbin
· February 16, 2018
I want to give a shout out to my outpatient surgery nurses that took care of me on Thursday, Feb 15, 2018. From the time that I was called back to the time I left last night I was very well taken car...e of. A special shout out to my nurse that put in my two IV’s and to the last nurse I had-Kat. She tended to my every need and made sure I was comfortable. She made my day when she said she was envious of my thigh muscles, as she is a biker. ❤️❤️❤️Thank you to the entire staff that took awesome care of me yesterday and to Dr Tempast Allan who is just ANAZING❤️ See More
Ronda Myers Robinson
· January 7, 2018
I was in the emergency room on Friday. They were very busy! My nurse Shane was really great, he was on top of everything! The best and easiest IV I’ve ever had in 24 years of being in the hospital all... the time. All in all it was a very good experience, being I was feeling very miserable. I recommend anyone needing to go to an ER, Bronson is the best place to go! See More
Connie MacDonald
· May 4, 2018
When I arrived for my MRI, the staff was courteous and prompt! The MRI technician on the other hand was obviously not trained in handling a swollen knee and putting it in the correct knee harness. She... pinched the side if my knee in the clamp leaving a 3” straight line blood blister. I was not very happy! See More
Shahida Mohiuddin
· March 7, 2018
We had a very pleasant experience Here nurses are the best always willing to help.My husband had colorectal surgery we had to stay for a week.recovery room nurse Jill, nurses on 2nd floor , we were i...n room 228 East, to name a few Cathy, Sami,Chloe,Metka & Sydney were excellent, Sydney had to change Leaking Ileostpmy at 7:15 am & she did that with so much patience, courtesy & professionalism.Sami & Chloe were extremely pleasant. PCA Steve,Mary made sure my husband was comfortable, & Darion had to help my husband at least 5-6 times at night & she did with a big smile each time. See More
Ashanti Leatherman
· April 18, 2018
I normally get in and out, last night wasn’t the case. I went in at 5:30 didn’t make it to the back into 8 then I sat in the room into 10 still no doctor, I had my babies with me and they kept saying ...“it’s dark can we go home” so I left as much pain as this mommy was in I had to leave. See More
Rachel Renée Ostrander
· January 17, 2018
I can't believe in five years, I haven't reviewed this place! When my son was born, we were transported to Bronson Methodist, and I do not have enough praise for the staff there. They're kind, caring,... and did everything they could to make me comfortable during my preterm labor. Then, once my preemie was actually born, they went above and beyond to make me feel better about going home without my baby since he was stuck in the NICU. They took amazing care of him, and I will never have a child elsewhere if I can help it. I've been back a couple of times for my heart, and the staff just continues to get better and better. I LOVE BRONSON!!! See More
Sarah Smith
· April 20, 2018
Normally, I’m a big Bronson fan. I took my son for lower right stomach pain; heartburn; distended belly, among other things. We drove through the emergency parking lot and car was almost bottomed out ...with a huge pothole. No parking was available. Drove through the extra parking, no parking there either. Ended up having to park a few blocks away and walk back over. I understood they were busy, but at 2 hours later, started asking about how much longer. I was told not much. So I kept waiting. Waited another 1/2 hour, and my son went up to ask, as he was feeling worse. They told him that they were waiting on ambulances to come in. And that it would be awhile. I decided to leave and try the Fast Care and they were super kind, but told me they couldn’t help and I would need to go to Urgent Care with his symptoms. I understand being busy (very much so!) but I just felt their communication was pretty awful. We also saw 4 other patients leave in the time we were there. Ended up going to Borgess and got right into their Urgent Care. See More
Timm Vanderhill
· March 3, 2018
I have an infusion every 8 weeks, and the nurses in the infusion center are AWESOME!! They really know what they’re doing and are always good for a laugh when needed!!! The 2 west nurses are equally a...s awesome and took GREAT care of me the 13 days I was there. I don’t recommend 13 days in the “Bronson Suites”, but if ya had to, that’s where I’d wanna be..(again) See More
Kenzie Lynn
· April 18, 2018
Such loving & caring people. They made me feel like I was at home, they make my visit so comfortable & they definitely know how to treat you like family. I always recommend Bronson & always will! ❤️❤️... Thank you so much for such great service!! See More
Alison Schanz
· February 11, 2018
This rating is based on the ER tonight. We took my youngest son in and the nurse That helped us (Erie R? -she's an older lady with blonde, curly hair. Couldn't tell the first letter of her name bc her... clip was in the way) Was extremely rude and very snappy. I've always loved Bronson Hospital but after tonight we may never return! See More
Allison Burroughs
· April 4, 2018
I went to the ER because Bronson Fast-Care told me I was dehydrated and needed fluids. (I have been really dizzy for the last 2.5 weeks.) The ER tested my blood and urine. The doctor said “You’re dehy...drated but I don’t feel the need to put you on an IV, just take in a lot of fluids” which I had already been doing for the last three days since my visit to Fast Care. He also said “You are on the edge of having a UTI, but I don’t think you need meds for that either.” They would not send copies of my test results to my family doctor because he wasn’t within Bronson. They prescribed me antivert for dizziness and sent me on my way. So here I am, waiting for that lovely medical bill to arrive and still feeling like garbage and falling over from dizziness. The meds aren’t working either by the way. So thanks Bronson for wasting my time and my money. & Not placing any importance on my health. I will NEVER return. See More