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  • "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!"

    It sucks when you're walking down the hall&

    someone asks, "What's wrong?" & You tell
    them, "I don't feel good." & When they go,
    "Aww, what hurts?" all you want to say is
    " It's just my H E A R T . "

    I did it again -
    I gave my heart to a boy
    who doesn't even know

    You know you're in love when...
    * you spend hours just sitting & thinking about him
    * you smile when someone says his name
    * you don't want to go anywhere unless he is there
    * you only want to talk to him
    * you plan out what you are wearing
    * you give yourself twice as much times to get ready
    * you make sure you look good no matter where you go just in case he is there