The majority of us, don’t quite realize there’s something amazing happening

The majority of us, don’t quite realize there’s something amazing happening. The world is changing. Below, you can see 8 reasons why. 1. The employment model is transformi…
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· Glyphosate is used on more than GMO's (i.e. corn, soy, sugarbeet, canola, etc.), & conventional wheat & sugar cane, (& GMO & conventional cotton?): it's used ...on some conventional chickpeas, legumes, peas, rice, rye, flax, millet, canary seed, & mustard etc. too -…/glyphosate-in-our-food-ii-hig…/ ...…/objecting-to-glyphosate-desic…/ ...…/25/glyphosate-in-our-food/ ...

"There is no way to know what specific crops have been desiccated with glyphosate, because farming techniques are not monitored." ...

· "Anthony Samsel on Glyphosate getting in proteins – such as Keratin" (16Nov2017) -…/anthony-samsel-on-glyphosate-getting…/ ...

"fingernail samples of human patients that are suffering from Scleroderma ... found presence of glyphosate in their finger nails.

This ability of glyphosate to penetrate deep into our biology and integrate itself in places where it is unwanted, can cause an near endless chain of illnesses.

What is even more surprising, is that most of these observations were already done back in the 1970s by Monsanto and Dupont ... and kept from our scrutiny.

This hiding of the safety data on glyphosate ... makes the approval of glyphosate illegal, apart from being extremely dangerous for all life on the planet." ...

·…/06/letter-to-lana-popham-ban-glyphos…/ ...

"it is illegal to allow release of a product [glyphosate] while withholding documents that prove its safety.

Also, without such safety data, any maximum residue limit (MRL) set by the government with regard to glyphosate contamination in food is unsubstantiated and ... also illegal." ...

"analysis of near 8,000 foods collected in Canada and tested by CFIA shows ...

industrially grown seed based foods produced in North America contain by far the highest concentration of glyphosate in the world, and ...

food samples collected in Western Canada proved to contain higher concentration of glyphosate than even foods collected elsewhere in Canada." ...

·…/mla-sonia-furstenau-ban-glyphosate-f…/ ...

"I have been involved for a number of years in coaxing the Ottawa government

to first set up labs to test foods for glyphosate, since Canada did not have such labs a few years ago, and then

to engage in broad based mass testing of foods collected in Canada for glyphosate, then

to give me a copy of all those test results.

I finally analyzed them all to discover the shocking truth that Canada and the US produces the most toxic foods in the planet, when it comes to glyphosate contamination, and that

foods collected in western Canada, that includes all land west of Ontario and includes the prairies, to have measurably more toxic foods in stores than in any other place on earth.

We in short are living in the global epicentre of poisonous foods.

My findings are there for all to see in a 400 page ebook on Amazon titled Poison Foods of North America."

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Loretta Wilkins
· November 20, 2017
Benjamin has an incredible depth to his knowledge and experience in holistic health. You’ll want to stay tuned ...
Sabrina Armani
· November 22, 2017
He knows what he’s talking about, truly cares to help, and loves unconditionally. He’s a special old soul indeed. Thank you Benjamin.
Dianne Knight
· November 20, 2017
Brilliant and dedicated far beyond the normal call to duty.

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I've been recommending fermented foods for a long time due to their benefits in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. Now, studies indicate that eating fermented foods may be a key component of an anticancer diet.

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I am aware of this all too well... I know when it is being to the point of succubus...

A study done not long ago has discovered that plants are capable of absorbing energy from other plants. Due to this discovery, the entire scientific world is likely to turn upside down, since this would

Not surprised, but very disappointed...

Big Pharma is trying to monopolize CBD oil market.

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There is no easy road to enlightenment....

When Awakening to the Truth, you must break through the lies. There is no easy road to Enlightenment.

I am a big fan of Dr Amen with the work he has done over the years with SPECT scans

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There was no explanation to 9-year-old Andrew's violent behavior until his uncle, Dr. Daniel Amen, was able to use a groundbreaking discovery to change Andrew's... life.


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