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Had to buy a new phone, but I'm finally back in action!

On a friend's recommendation, I picked up this tasty orange soda. Like Polar's seltzers, it has a wonderfully natural flavor profile. However, it also has so...

A sparkling water that really is just water and flavor. How about that!

This confusingly named line of beverages has both unsweetened and sucralose-sweetened beverages that they call "sparkling water." The only way I can see to t...
I review this adorably-sized little soda, clearly aimed at small children. My adult palate finds it somewhat lacking, but kids might like it if they don't mi...
I review this amazingly tasty, limited edition beverage. Some stock is still available ; grab it before it's gone!

New Review! HEB's Blood Orange Italian Soda

I review HEB's Central Market brand Organic Italian Blood Orange Soda. Please pardon the background noise. It's one of the side effects of having to use my p...
Central Market Peach Bellini soda review from HEB - an authentic Italian-made organic soda. Never miss an episode! Get updates on Facebook: href="https://www...

Finally back with another Quick Tip Tuesday! In this one, find out how to get free soda from your canned fruit.

Got a home carbonation rig? Make it work even harder for you using this quick tip! Never miss an episode! Get updates on Facebook: href="https://www.facebook...

Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade Review

New review up, of an intriguing Mountain Dew clone.

I review the Mountain Dew clone put out by Stars and Stripes brand, and compare it head-to-head with the real thing. If you've ever been disappointed by a Mo...

Reviewing a rare and amazing soda from Japan: Double Sparkling Yuzu and Lemon

I review this rare and amazing soda. Weird Fruit Explorer's review of the Yuzu fruit: Please support me via Patreon. http://patr...

A before-and-after carbonation review of one of the most popular soft drinks in Japan.

I taste test and review this popular Japanese drink concentrate, mixed as suggested, and then carbonated as well. My Patreon:

New Quick Tip video: saving bottles, and what to do with them.

A few of the ways i re-use bottles for carbonation-related activities. My Patreon: Other ways to support my work (including ...

The last of the Limiteds! Polar Winter Citrus & Berry

An unusually flavored citrus seltzer. Great if you prefer your citrus notes muted, rather than bright and tangy. Please become my patron on Patreon! http://p...

Finally managed to get a video up via alternative means. Sorry about the quality!

I review Polar Seltzer's delicious Pink Peach Bellini offering, from their Winter 2016 Limited Edition line. My Patreon account, if you would like to support...

Sad news friends! My poor video camera died an untimely death as I attempted to record this week's Quick Tip Tuesday. So I went ahead and set up a Patreon account, so that anyone who enjoys my work can support me for as little as $1 per month. This income will be used to replace my dead camera, hopefully much faster than would otherwise be possible.

In the meantime, I will continue making videos for as long as I can with my phone, but you will have to bear with me as the quality just isn't the same.

Patreon page:

Yummy new episode up!

I review this tasty juice-based beverage in the fun, swing-top bottle. Rich with creamy bubbles, it has some of the pumpkin flavor its predecessor lacked. Bo...

Another of Polar's winter 2016 limited editions, Tart Cherry & Lime. Delicious, just not what my brain was telling my tastebuds to expect! LOL

I review Polar Seltzer's Winter 2016 Limited Edition Tart Cherry and Lime! Woot woot! As promised, here is the link to get $15 off your $60 Boxed order (does...