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End Distracted Driving

Sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds. At 55 mph, that's like driving the length of an entire football field, blind! Our newest... PSA animation illustrates the danger of using your when driving. There’s one really clear solution here: Do not use your phone when you are driving, period. You wouldn’t drive blindfolded, would you?

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Don't confuse a booster with a car seat!

A booster is anything that helps properly align the seat belt to fit a small body. The seat belt does the actual restraining.
A car seat uses a harness to restrain the child and can be used either forward or rear facing.

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Ashley Gammon
· January 18, 2018
Wow just wow!! I consider myself a seasoned mom! My girls are 5,7 and 9! Not for a second am I claiming to know it all but when it comes to car seats I have been doing this for so long I’ve got this down!! Then I meet the brilliant Dana and get schooled on car seats. There are so many things that I have been doing wrong � it’s one of the many things we don’t talk about in motherhood... car seats!! Sure we talk about which ones get the “best” reviews and take advice from other moms about which ones worked best for them. But do we really know what to look for in a car seat? I learned so much from Dana the other night! If you have car seat questions look no further! Dana literally knows everything there is to know about this topic! She is a wealth of knowledge and I plan on getting with her very soon to make sure all of my girls are safe in the car! This is a very important topic for any Mom new or seasoned. Thank you Dana! Your passion for this topic shines bring. Metro Detroit is lucky to have you in our community!! See More
Lauren Borson Bloom
· January 26, 2018
Dana is amazing! I highly recommend her. She is extremely knowledgeable on all car seat installations and has taught me so much! I always feel a sense of relief after Dana comes over to help with my... car seat installations and she has great advice. She is the best! See More
Amy Hammer
· February 12, 2017
Dana is amazing! She is completely diligent and thorough in caring for the safety of her families. She helped me understand exactly what I needed and why & now I feel completely confident we have th...e right car seats/set-up for our family. Thank you Dana!!! See More
Michelle Bertrand
· May 24, 2017
Dana is amazing. I wouldn't feel confident installing any of our car seats without her.
Lori Krajenke
· March 29, 2017
Dana is passionate about car seat safety and education. She is top notch and has my highest recommendation! Thank you!!
I present to you: just ONE reason why 4 year olds are not built for booster seats. ;) Remember, if they can't stay seated at the dinner table, they can't be trusted to do so in the car. Keep your child harnessed until they are mature enough to sit still - and make sure they meet the minimum weight/height requirements!
Oakland County Sheriff's Office

Request of all drivers. Please move to the right and stop when an emergency vehicle is approaching. The lack of responding correctly to approaching police car...s seems to have worsened. On Thursday, when numerous police cars were racing to an active shooter call, cars we not pulling over, they were stopping in the middle of the road, etc. Their unpredictable movement makes things more dangerous for everyone and slows emergency responders. Please focus on driving and what is happening and respond appropriately.

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Posted by Parent Life

An overwhelming amount of vehicles on the road today are under active safety recalls. Is yours?

Is your vehicle under recall? Get the info you need to keep you family safe easily. Check today!

While child restraint rules may differ by company, the laws of physics do not. Every child should be properly restrained on every ride.

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ABC15 Arizona

Are Uber and Lyft drivers following child safety seat laws? Our investigators go undercover and find out that they might not even know about the laws they’re breaking. FULL STORY:

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The Car Seat Lady

Thankful this went to recall before a family was killed...
Chrysler is recalling 154,000 of their 2017 Pacifica minivans (gas-powered models only) for "unexpect...ed stalling" while driving, caused by a problem with the engine control module. Nearly 100 Pacifica owners reported stalling incidents - some occurring at highway speeds - where without warning the vehicle shut off, requiring the driver to guide the vehicle (without power systems like brakes or steering) to a spot where the vehicle could come to a complete stop and could then be restarted. The recall fix consists of an update to the vehicle’s engine control software. Chrysler will notify owners when the update is available, and dealers will install the update for free.

When we became aware of this issue in late October we reached out to a friend & journalist at The New York Times who put us in touch with Neal Boudette, another journalist at the NYTimes, who wrote a fabulous piece about this issue in November and then again this week about the recall being announced. Words have power - and the power of a free press is the ability to bring light to subjects that others - especially those with power and significant financial resources - might want to keep buried. We know that the media coverage on this topic helped bring this serious safety issue to recall, and are grateful for journalists who work hard to bring attention to these issues.

See link in 1st comment for more info on this as well as general info about the Pacifica & fitting car seats in it.

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Update: date change! This is now scheduled for the 17th. See you there!

Way to go Scary Mommy and GEICO on this funny yet informative video!

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Posted by Scary Mommy
Scary Mommy with GEICO.

The car seat explainer video every parent needs to watch is here.

3.3 Million more affected airbags were announced for this Takata recall that has been over a year in the making. If you already checked your VIN, check again.

Japanese air bag maker Takata is recalling an additional 3.3 million faulty air bag inflators.

How to share car seat info without putting people off... we hope.

If someone said you had to change one thing that could save your child's life... would you do it?
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Posted by MythBusters

Could sitting with your legs on or against the dashboard in a car collision KILL YOU? We have the answer.

If you missed the full episode, watch Heads Will Roll on SCI GO:

If you missed our November car seat discussion due to the holiday, please come to this one! We will discuss the differences between an infant seat and a convertible, when to move your child into the next step of safety seat, how to safely bundle your baby in this weather, and more!

My favorite end of the year activity is to count my car seat check forms for the year. In 2016 I completed about 160; this year I blew that number out of the water with a total of 240 seat checks!

Thank you to Modern Natural Baby, Metro Detroit Doula Services, and Metro Detroit Mommy for allowing me to pursue this love of mine and for all their support! In 2018 I plan to go for 300... who wants to help me achieve that goal?

Here's to a safe new year!

It's the most wonderful time of the year for kitties, too! So. Many. Car seat boxes to play in! 😻💓🎄

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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