Helping hand

When we lost all...
And all left was fall
When we couldn't stand tall
And all friends did was troll
When in silence we suffered
And no one cared at all
With a hand stretched out,
Came a stranger at midnight
Full of will and a heart to help.


Amidst every voyage,
On the ways may cross the rivers -
That run turbulently and scary,
When we reach there,
There's need for a courageous hand;
A hand that holds ours and helps us cross the river

©untamed ink

Down on my knees
A raging inferno
Resigned to fate
A trailer perhaps
A hand reaches out
It is not that day yet.


In times of despair
Who thought if anyone cared
Life just isn't fair
But at least
You came to my rescue
You saved me
That's only what love can do.


Hold on, be strong
Do not give in, not yet
Look up with hope
Pray to Him with faith
Cast your burdens and take His yoke
He in heaven will always give you a helping hand.


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For My One

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My One by Rapando Jnr
Love in the Air Tag smeone you love and Share


Dressed in hijab,
Armed with a Bible
In a wallet, the contraceptives...
And she calls it a day.

Ask her about...

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©Expired Giant

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Prostitute Virgin by Expired Giant

Afternoon fam, we now post our season six episodes on the site as well as here.
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Where Passion meets Talent
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He stared at his business book with almost wet eyes and the events just ten minutes ago reduced his hopes to imaginary ghost memories. His business plan had proved him incompetent and his main comp…

Boy Child by Rapando Jnr

Gender Equality is the Right we are doing we are doing Wrong


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Boy Child by Rapando Jnr

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Today's poem
By Jackwell Kasw

Your skin warm like ...
Your kiss sugary sweet
Your fingers feel like
When you put your hands around me
I feel like
I'm just missing
Something whenever you leave
We've got all the ingredients
Except you loving me

I'm not a piece of cake
For you to just discard while you walk away With the frosting of my heart
So I'm taking back wats mine
You'll miss a slice of heaven
That I gave to you LAST NIGHT
You smell just like
You taste like
You filling up my senses
With empty CALORIES

^Jackwell Kasw

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Hi, it's been a while since I dropped a romantic piece...

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By The Sunset by Rapando Jnr

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A message to usher in a new year with thanksgiving. by Rapando Jnr

End your year in style with:


Dry cracked lips mellow...
Sweet to the taste they grow
Wild hearts tame,
Their storms obey the call
Cold winds gently stroke the face,
Soothing the eyes that unwittingly close

With eyes tightly closed,
The world turns around
Hypnotism grabs the duo
A simple moment feels like a lifetime
Then all bend down and obey,
The great power of the locked lips

When the lips have chosen the cheek,
They plant a soft tender peck
Then affection and security grows
One more time,
The doubts are cleared,
The fears are expunged

Now the two distant hearts enjoin,
A thousand miles covered in a tick
The way is all into each other's arms,
Even if it's for the last time
It takes just the kiss,
But the kiss from the right lips

Chris.poet.untamed ink

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When the early sun has risen,
The river sand is submerged,
The morning sway is tamed
And the wild doves begin to coo
The desire for her is awakened.....

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A Million Days Away by Chris

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