Did you know that buffalo milk contains way less cholesterol than cow milk? Just 0.65 mg/g versus 3.14 mg/g. Buffaloes convert all their beta-carotene into vitamin A, giving the milk its distinct white colour. Buffalo milk is also much higher in calcium and magnesium content, and other health benefits come from higher levels of conjugated linoleic acids (regarded as anti-carcinogenic, anti-atherogenic, anti-obesity and anti-diabetic components) and a significantly lower ω6:ω3 ratio, making it more favourably balanced with regard to human nutrition.

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New generation of consumers! They have the vision, the understanding of complex issues of modern food production and the will to make things better!

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Anastasia Zolotarev Masterchef

As consumers we have the choice to select products that are created with environmental and animal ethics as core principles. No I do not want to buy vegetables ...or produce sprayed with harsh chemicals that then contaminate this earth and soil, the soil that we need to provide us and so many with nutrients. No I do not want to eat any product from an animal that is a slave and is miserable and I definitely don't want to find a list of ingredients in a product that are connected with multi billion dollar companies that are destroying this earth for greed - just money. I live in a society where I am privileged to have a choice and not turn a blind eye but there are so many distractions and yes it's so complex as we are saturated with information on food. I've always been passionate about supporting smaller farmers creating magic with resources that are not never ending. It is purely soul filling for me to talk and speak to you about artisan farmers so please come by and have a chat with me this Saturday at #bondifarmersmarket and I'll be selling plenty more delicious cheese which is made with so so much love! By the way - this is a salad of roasted beetroot, rocket, cherry tomatoes (just some from our garden!) and delicious fresh mozzarella made by hand by the one and only Burraduc Farm

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28 Reviews
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Ivana Vaccaro
· March 18, 2018
We had a visit to the farm with my 84 year old father and were super impressed with what Elena and her family have achieved. Thank you Elena for the time you spent with us talking about your endevours... and hard work. Good luck for the future and hope to visit again soon. See More
Šárka Kynclová
· August 7, 2017
My partner and I had a two day holiday experience at this gorgeous farm. We saw how the farmers, Elena and Adrian, work with their buffaloes to make buffalo dairy milk based products. From this great ...experience I just really wish to have more farms like that in our Earth.
I always thought that the dairy industry is so cruel to animals and this farm has proven to me that it’s not always like that. The farmers keep calves with mothers, milking the cows just in the morning without any stress, without any tools, conversely with the absolute cooperation of animals.
Thanks to this great work. They produce the best cheese, yoghurts a milk I have ever had. �
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Daniela Williamson
· November 17, 2017
Production of cheeses, cottage cheese and mozzarella of buffalo milk: delicious, fantastic, unique.
The best in Australia.
Julia Driscoll Journalist
· August 8, 2017
Visited to do a story, and was treated to some of the BEST cheeses I have ever tasted. I don't like ricotta - can't stand the stuff - but Burraduc's buffalo ricotta - to die for. As it the buffalo Dol...ce Nina (bought some of that to take home) and their buffalo mozzarella (so good I bought some as gifts for people). DELICIOUS. PLUS I am a big fan of truly ethical farmers who don't bait or shoot. See More
Jodie Wilks
· February 3, 2017
Just had a cappuccino on the delicious Buffalo Farm milk!! Having never tasted buffalo milk before, we were pleasantly surprised with the smooth, velvety feel and creamy taste! Definitely a must have ...and can't wait to get back to Fredeli's in Warners Bay to have it again! See More
Niecey Louise
· April 16, 2017
Wonderful visit to the farm. Great people. Very informative and omg the milk products are to die for. Must try!!
Dave Saul
· December 2, 2015
Great place, great people and an asset to the Great Lakes area. We love having Burraduc Farm in this part of the world. They care about our environment, our community and producing high quality produc...e. Much love and respect to you. See More
Francesco Spiaggia
· October 6, 2015
Not just the best mozzarella: Burraduc Farm is an everyday story of love for the animals and the enviroment. Lots of caring and knowledge makes this mozzarella an art everybody should experience. :)
Angela Haynes
· June 21, 2017
Went to Danielle Alvarez's new restaurant FRE D'S at Paddington last night and thoroughly enjoyed the Burraduc buffalo mozzarella.
Jeanette Lacey
· July 8, 2017
Great visit. Thanks for showing us the farm Andrei. The milk is delicious!
Olga Goudz
· September 23, 2015
Lovely caring people. .beautiful farm. .divine buffalo mozzarella Aaah..
Anastasia Kingangi
· August 14, 2014
Great pictures. Hopping to visit it one day and learn how to do mozzarella :)
Dasha Zolo
· January 17, 2014
The best farm in the world!
Victoria Steblina
· January 18, 2014
Loved the buffalo meat!
Halina Dabrowski
· November 12, 2014
It's a living dream unfolding
Yury Zvyagin
· March 13, 2015
Ребята - МОЛОДЦЫ! Так держать!
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