St. Paddy's Day is around the corner! 🍀

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St. Paddy's Day is around the corner! Perfect time to start exploring the finer points of Irish Whiskey and other fine potables from the Emerald Isle. Get pumped up for March 14 for an amazing tasting class with cocktail expert, Tammy Coxen from Tammy's Tastings. A $40 ticket will include tastes of....

Following our Chicken Meal Deal, make this for din din!

Baked Chicken Parm:

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LOCAL Reuben for St. Patrick's Day
Meatball Sliders for Super Bowl Sunday!
We've got #PumpkinFever. They've arrived. Woot!
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Jill Dourlet
· January 14, 2018
I live out of town but visited the Plymouth location recently near my home town. I'm very disappointed that I bought 2 SPOiLED bags of Purely Elizabeth granola on New Years Day. Not cheap granola. was a opening in one of the bags. I called today and after trying to find the now non-existent product on the shelf, I was basically screwed. Offered nothing - no refund or credit or even a bag of some other granola brand. It's not even about the money. Too bad because usually I really like this market, but very disappointed in the way they handled this. See More
Bianca Price-Wallace
· February 4, 2018
If you had negative stars I would have chose that. An employee at Busch’s on Ann Arbor Saline followed my mother around the store, wrongfully accused her of stealing lighters, put hands on her, and th...reatened to call the cops. She did not take this quietly, as well she shouldn’t. Mgmt was far more concerned about my mother’s reaction to unjust profiling than the profiling itself. I won’t be shopping at Busch’s ever again. See More
Bruce Zucks
· October 9, 2017
well was happy to see it open! as time went on it is just as bad as VGs changeing the meat! just like vgs. how is it that chix italian sausage a seasonal product! not! come to find out some of the u...pper mang. is from vgs
the price are very high, Plums has better the them . all so can find the thing at better prices at meyers ,krogers,
the wine prices make no since! so high ! can even get them cheaper at the vineyard and have the shipped! Well back to Plums and Krogers. produce is old looking and the say it comes in daily NOT! save your money!
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Mike Schultz
· October 17, 2017
I would love if my Busch's in Pinckney had a Starbucks inside like Brighton and if they sold ready to eat dinners like the Plymouth store. Other than that the store is convenient and staff are helpful... and friendly. See More
Doug Barrett
· November 3, 2017
I visited the Canton store today and want thank the gentleman in the beer department, I'm sorry I didn't get his name, but he was very helpful and knowledgeable and got the beer I wanted from the back... room. Great guy and please keep up the great work. Thanks again. See More
Brian Brown
· September 4, 2017
Went to the livonia store tonight. We are new to the neighborhood. Guy at deli was great telling us the deli and meat counter are open until 11. We get to the check out to find only self check out ...was available after 10. The employee watching the self check out and another employee continued to socialize and not offer any help to my wife and I. I asked if Catrina(manager) was working as she helped me the week prior as the cahier forgot my bags in my cart and her response was " she is here somewhere" "Oh did you want to speak to her?" I laughed and said "yes." I went found Catrina at the service desk. Told her thanks for the help last week but these employees were talking and refused to help my wife and I and she did nothing to help us either. I told her this was ridiculous that we had a cart fyll of groceries and no one to ring them for us. She did nothing to help us either. This store is a joke and we will not be coming back if this is how we are going to be treated. There are plenty of other choices in the area for us not to come back. See More
Steph Ly
· June 8, 2017
Busch's Brighton was awesome... until the Starbucks in the store showed up. Why would you say you're local and then put a national chain like Starbucks in? Brighton has a few great coffee places, wh...y not partner with them to truly support local, seeing as your company name has "Local" in the title. You're overpriced compared to Kroger's next door. I have no problem spending a few extra dollars to support local, but I'm taking my money back to Krogers until that Starbucks is gone!! The few dollars I save I can use for a LOCAL coffee from a LOCAL coffee shop. See More
Angela Perreault
· August 20, 2017
I love Busch's in Brighton! Very clean and inviting. I am always greeted by smiling-happy to help employees. My go to healthy Grocery shop�
Daytona Marie Bloodworth
· December 9, 2016
I worked for this company for almost four years, and I will never shop here again. I was treated poorly as an employee and in other stores as a customer. The prices are WAY too high & they got rid of ...a ton of affordable, good quality foods for overpriced organics that leave a bad taste in your mouth and your wallet. I would not recommend this store to anyone.. See More
Liz McLaughlin
· March 5, 2017
To the Sheldon and 5 Mile Plymouth location: PLEASE bring back the old demi baguettes. Whatever the reason for the change of supplier- an attempt to be more local, saving money- it's NOT worth it! The... previous baguettes were far superior in every possible way (taste, both exterior and interior texture, shelf life, etc). They were the closest match I have found to an authentic, quality French baguette in my multiple decades living in the metro Detroit area. I feel confident in my conjecture that I am one among many customers who will be crushed if this change proves permanent or spreads to all Busch's locations. Please please revert back to the prior baguette supplier!! See More
Katie Basralian
· December 14, 2017
Expensive, limited offerings and not a nice company to work for.
Twanisha McCallister Potter
· April 23, 2017
I did like this store until I felt profiled and watch like I was going to steal something. The sad thing is the girl as so obvious! Lol! She could have been a little more discreet about it because now... Canton, MI Busch's lost a customer and they just opened after 4 years of wait time! Disappointed because I was excited about them opening and finally having one in Canton. Oh well "What's one less customer right?" See More
Carolyn 'Matthews' Owens
· December 6, 2015
I shop at Busch's in Plymouth at 5 Mile and Sheldon and have for years. When Fresh Thyme opened across the street, my friends raved about it and their produce, so I decided to give it a try. I walke...d into Fresh Thyme and was out the door in less than 5 minutes and in my car to Busch's. I just want to thank Busch's for having such great quality of produce and your deli is amazing. Love your store! See More
Cindy Rodgers
· June 6, 2017
I have always shopped in West Bloomfield the service has been terrible lately and the lines have been out of control last night i finally had a good experience i didnt have to wait very long and Jenni...fer was very friendly I will go to her line everytime even if there is a wait See More
Barbara Kwiatkowski
· April 21, 2017
Store in Livonia. The products are not rotated & the store is not as clean as the store in Plymouth. Needs a new Product management, also a new store manager too. The best is in Plymouth, Mi. store. ...The whole store needs to be redone. Get to it quickly, way to long in this condition! ! Very sad!! See More
Steve Feinman
· June 28, 2017
your turn over rate has been atrocious lately at the Dexter store. Your long term staff such as Julie are very good and attentive. But your new hires need some
reason to be motivated
Anthony Dobski Geers
· July 9, 2016
Busch's is great for one or two items, but to grocery shop there it is very expensive. Not at all on par with the other stores in the area. When I can buy milk at a gas station for the same price as a... grocery store, pricing needs to change. See More
Joni Hubred
· February 23, 2015
We're regulars at Busch's in Farmington Hills, and not just because it's close to home. The produce and meats are always top quality and very fresh, the store is always clean and well-ordered. I espec...ially love the friendly clerks around the self-checkout area. In some stores, you feel like you're interrupting their day. Busch's employees always come to the register with a smile, ready and willing to help! See More
Leigh Ann
· February 9, 2016
I went to Bush's on 10mile in Novi and had the most embarrassing and emotional experience as a mother. I loved bush's and was regular but I can't stand to think of shopping there anymore. It was a c...razy day packed to-do list alone with 2 kids under 3 who have been out with Me all day. My son developed stomach issues at your store which I personally cleaned the toilet because the bathroom was gross.. After having to visit the bathroom for my son 4 or so times we were all done and just needed to get home... I tied balloons to my sons wrist which is one of the reasons we go there .. And forgot about his jacket hey it's 50 and sunny we can just run to the car... Well I got the kids buckled in while getting hit in the face with balloons and my son crying because his tummy hurt... I ended up leaving my cart in the parking lot on accident (To me I felt like typical mom having one of those day). Well I called the store and told them my father was going to come by to pick them up...when he arrived the cops were there because one of your employees called due to the Wellfare of my children !!!! They said my daughter didn't have socks on and I took my children outside without coats! And they were mentioning cps needed to be called. Are you kidding me!!!!! Well after I spoke to the police who called me to come out to my house to check on my kids... They decided that it wasn't needed and they said "hope you find some time to relax today".
Wow!!! So the police didn't come to my house but the cashier was that worried about my kids because she didn't have socks and my son didn't wear a jacket outside... REALLY!!!!!!!!! How is this okay?!?!?! I did nothing wrong and I am a great mother who was subjected to a judgmental righteous employee who must keep 20 pairs of spare socks in their purse just in case your kid kicks them off (just like mine)
Good grief never ever going there again
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Lauren Ashley Houck
· September 29, 2016
I've had nothing but great experiences at Busch's Fresh Food Market. All of the staff is so friendly and I love the content on social media! The photos of fresh food is a true representation of what B...usch's Market is. Every time I see a new photo on social media it makes me want to run in and grab a fresh cup of coffee and one of your pumpkins to carve! See More