Improvements to Facebook Ads Reporting

This article refers to updates made in November 2016. Learn about the most recent updates.

We are making several improvements to increase the clarity of our Facebook ads reporting metrics. This includes enhancing our column tooltips to provide more guidance, renaming some metrics, and making the selection of reporting metrics easier to navigate. These changes will include:

  1. New metric tooltips with clarified descriptions that provide context and guidance on how to use a metric, how a metric is calculated, and related documentation
  2. More descriptive metric names to increase clarity and consistency
  3. Better categorization for the Customize Columns selector to help make it easier to navigate
  4. Updates to the Results column to show the single conversion marketers select in their ad set when using the website conversions objective

Some of these changes may require you to make updates to the in-house analytics tools or Excel macros you currently use. Below are additional specifics on what is changing.

New metric tooltips with clarified descriptions

We are improving our metric tooltips to include clarified and more detailed descriptions as well as new guidance on how to use a metric and related Help Center documentation. These descriptions can help you understand the meaning and application of these metrics to gain a better understanding of your campaign performance.

More descriptive metric names

We are updating some of our metric names now and in the coming months to increase clarity and consistency. We are starting with a set of video metrics by adding the number of seconds to our video views metric, and are updating some of our percentage video metrics to be named “Video watches at X%” to clarify that these metrics report on the number of people that viewed a video at a certain percent.

If you currently use these metrics within any in-house analytics tools or Excel macros, you may need to update them to use the new names.

Previous NameUpdated Name
Video views3-second video views
Cost per video viewCost per 3-second video view
10-second views10-second video views
Cost per 10-second viewCost per 10-second video view
30-second views30-second video views
Video views to 25%Video watches at 25%
Video views to 50%Video watches at 50%
Video views to 75%Video watches at 75%
Video views to 95%Video watches at 95%
Video views to 100%Video watches at 100%

Better categorization in the Customize Column selector

We are improving our Customize Column selector to help make it more intuitive and easier to navigate. Metrics will now be organized into the following categories:

Updates to Results and Cost columns for website conversions objective

We are updating the Results and Cost columns for ads that use the website conversions objective to reflect the single conversion event that was selected for optimization in the ad set. Previously, this column showed a sum total of all conversions that occurred on a website using the Facebook pixel. With this change, some advertisers may see what appears to be a drop in conversions and an increase in cost per conversion. This is only because we are now reporting on the single conversion that matters most to you. This change will also update the Results column for historical campaigns to show the single conversion event. If you want to see other website conversions, you can hover over the column or add additional conversion columns into your reports.

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