Video and Image Specifications for Ad Placements

For complete design recommendations, visit the Facebook Ads Guide.


When you create a video asset, consider

  • Aspect ratios for mobile. Design for mobile first. Vertical video (formats 4:5, 2:3 and 9:16) can be most engaging as most people hold their phone upright; to learn more see Upgrading Facebook Video for People and Advertisers.
  • Length. As a general rule, short videos (15 seconds or less) get your full message across on mobile and News Feed most effectively. More tips for better mobile video.
  • Sound. Design for sound off but delight with sound on. Make sure your video's message is understandable without sound (by enabling captions), but include sound in your videos to enrich the experience of those who have their sound on.

Aspect ratio specifications

Note: Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network support a range of aspect ratios from 16:9 to 9:16. The ratios below are meant to be illustrative.

Facebook ratio recommendations

  • For video ads on Facebook without links, we recommend full portrait (9:16). When using this format, ensure the most important parts of your video also display within the vertical (2:3) aspect ratio for optimal rendering in News Feed.
  • For video carousel, we recommend square (1:1) and consistent ratios for all videos in a carousel.
  • For in-stream ads, we recommend full landscape 16:9 to match video inventory.
Instagram ratio recommendations

  • Instagram supports 1:91 - 4:5 for all feed videos across all objectives.
  • Instagram Stories ads now support all feed photo and video dimensions (from 1:91 to 4:5).
Facebook and Instagram ratio recommendations

  • To optimize the placement of your vertical video campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram, we recommend vertical (4:5) videos.
Audience Network recommendations

  • In-stream supports square (1:1) and full landscape (16:9). If you're using both Facebook and Audience Network, use these.
  • We support 9:16 - 16:9 for rewarded videos and native, banner and interstitial ads. Learn more

Download the video aspect ratio guide (PDF)


Different ad objectives may recommend different ad sizes or design suggestions for Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. If you'd like your Facebook ads to be eligible to show in all of the different formats, including the desktop News Feed, mobile News Feed and the right column, then you should use the recommended ad image size for your objective.

If your image is larger or smaller than the dimensions specified in the Facebook Ads Guide, it'll be automatically resized to fit in the ad. Animated or flash images aren't supported. Learn more about why your ad image isn't rendering correctly.

Ads Manager might give you the option to upload different images for different platforms. Learn more

To check the size and pixel count of your images:

  1. Go to your desktop or the file where the image is saved
  2. Move your cursor over the image icon:
    • If using a PC, right-click
    • If you are using a Mac, use Ctrl-click
  3. Choose Properties or Get Info
  4. Click the General or More Info tab
  5. Scroll down to the:
    • Image section to view image dimensions in pixels
    • File section to view image file size

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