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Facebook Canvas Ads

Canvas ads

Easy to create, fullscreen experiences

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Expand your in-feed story with an instant-loading fullscreen experience

Canvas enables you to shorten the distance between your message and the customer. It loads instantly, is mobile-optimized and is designed to capture complete attention of your audience. With Facebook Canvas, people can watch engaging videos and photos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan, and engage all in a single ad. They won't just view your story, they'll become a part of it.

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Facebook Canvas ad comes with a easy to use template

Easy to create

Try our easy-to-use templates or build a custom, one-of-a-kind Canvas of your own.

Facebook Canvas ads are mobile friendly and load fast

Fast loading

Canvas ads are designed for mobile and load up to ten times faster than standard mobile web.

Facebook Canvas ad can help for multiple marketing objectives

Any business, any goal

No matter what your goal, Facebook Canvas has you covered. Acquire new customers, amplify your business, inspire mobile shopping or drive brand awareness.

Easy-to-use templates for your business objectives

Create a Canvas in no time at all with one of our optimized templates - or build from scratch to create a one-of-a-kind Canvas to tell your story

Customer acquisition with Facebook Canvas Ad

Acquire new customers

Highlight features and benefits of your product or service and then utilize call-to-action's and click through capabilities to turn interested people into conversions via your app or site signup page

Raise brand awareness with Facebook Canvas ad

Drive awareness

Communicate your brand or product message evocative, immersive and memorable storytelling

Inspire to shop with Facebook Canvas Ad

Inspire mobile shopping

Showcase your products in a beautiful full-screen format that drive's intent to purchase on your website or app

A Facebook Canvas Ad example on mobile from Lowe's

Facebook's Canvas enabled us to tell a compelling home improvement story outside the confines of a typical News Feed advert. This allows customers to get a complete understanding of Lowe's coordinated style without ever leaving the platform. The experience provides a unique opportunity for the customer to explore the path of inspiration to conversion seamlessly.

Brad Walters

Director of Social Media & Content Strategy, Lowe’s Home Improvement

Tell your story with a Facebook Canvas ad.


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