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It’s more than a badge. It’s an opportunity.

Facebook Marketing Partners is a global community of companies known for excellence on the platform. As a partner you’re vetted according to what you do best, helping to create better client matches. And with marketing and development support from Facebook, you have an even better way to grow your business. As a part of Facebook Marketing Partners, you can:

Get noticed

with more visibility to thousands of potential clients

Get credibility

with the backing of the Facebook Marketing Partners badge

Get access

to technical support, partner-only events and programs, partner-only training and education, and more

Stand out for what you do best

We evaluate our partners for excellence by industry*, country and 1 or more of 7 specialties:

Facebook Ad Technology

Ad Technology

Scale and optimize your ad campaigns.

Facebook Community Management

Community Management

Effectively manage Pages and conversations.

Facebook Creative Platforms

Creative Platforms

More efficiently create, curate and serve up content.

Facebook Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions

Find technologies and services for small and locally based businesses.

Facebook Audience Onboarding

Advanced Onboarding

Find your current customers on Facebook.

Facebook Audience Data Providers

Audience Data Providers

Find new customers on Facebook using 3rd-party data.

Facebook Measurement


Track performance of Facebook mobile app ad campaigns.

Marketers can find you with a few clicks in our interactive matching tool. This helps ensure the best possible match of customer need to your capabilities, so you can deliver the best possible results. For more details on each specialty and their associated criteria, visit the specialty criteria page.
*Industry applies only to Ad Technology specialty

Support and initiatives to your grow your business faster

As a Partner, you also get access to a comprehensive package of support and growth drivers to help you work more efficiently and expand your business.

Dedicated technical support

Dedicated technical support

Get day-to-day technical issues resolved faster to you can work more effectively.

Innovation Spotlight

Innovation Spotlight

In this annual competition, Spotlight is our showcase for the year’s most exciting innovations. We’re looking forward to highlighting more innovations than ever.

Growth sprints

Growth sprints

Have a challenge you can’t solve or a solution that’s nearly there? You can collaborate with internal Facebook experts in focused, high-impact work sessions to get over the hump.



In these short, fast-paced events, you’ll work with Facebook and fellow Partners to build solutions to specific challenges. They’re a great way to quickly uncover new, innovative ideas.

Interested in becoming a Partner?

Start building on our Marketing API

If your company is working on building out your Facebook capability, we offer direct access to our APIs. You can programmatically access Facebook's advertising platform and incorporate Facebook tools and products into your own custom solutions. If becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner is a goal, this is a great first step.

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