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July 7, 2015

Building on Facebook: The 2015 Innovation Competition Winners

The annual Facebook Innovation Competition invites Facebook Marketing Partners to build advertising tools that address new challenges and opportunities as the industry evolves from year to year. This year’s competition was centered on “Vertical Solutions” and asked partners to help solve unique obstacles in a vertical of their choice. Here are the 2015 Innovation Competition winners.

Innovator of the Year: adMixt

adMixt earned this year’s “Innovator of the Year” title for its creation of Flightplan , a self-serve ad tool that combines dynamic product ads and local awareness ads to promote locally-available products to people near a physical store. Using local inventory data and dynamic retargeting, Flightplan empowers retail companies with multiple locations to build national and global ad campaigns with local relevance.

Flightplan earned the top award for helping to solve a pressing problem in the retail industry: connecting the online and offline retail experience.

Excellence in Innovation winners

Four additional partners were recognized for “Excellence in Innovation.”

Brand Networks ‘ Collision Management tool tells multi-tiered brands and businesses with multiple retail locations if their Ad Sets are competing for the same audience in the ads auction. Collision Management shows businesses the audience overlap across their Ad Sets and enables them to set sequencing and frequency parameters for each Ad Set to ensure their ads tell a cohesive brand story and don’t compete for delivery.

Using Datalogix’s Relevancy Engine, Oracle Data Cloud helps grocery stores reach existing customers on Facebook with personalized coupons, recipes, and deals. Advertisers use information about past aggregate and anonymous purchases in stores along with dynamic product ads to deliver promotions to actual and likely customers on Facebook.

To make digital circulars more relevant and valuable, Kenshoo created Digitizing Circulars, a tool for building digital circulars that live within Facebook carousel ads and can be saved locally on users’ devices for redemption at a later time. The tool includes a push notification component that sends a message about saved circulars when people are near a retail location.’s image template tool called Dynamic Image Templates makes it easy for advertisers to efficiently edit thousands of product images pulled in through dynamic product ads. The image template tool lets advertisers adjust image sizes, add dynamic text and add different shapes and color filters to make product ad images easy to manage.

Vertical solutions now available

For more information on these tools and the partners who built them, visit the Facebook Marketing Partners site to connect with partners .

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