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Facebook Marketing Partners Success Stories

AmorePacific Mall & AppWhole

Together with Facebook Marketing Partner AppWhole, AmorePacific Mall ran a series of video ads to win over consumers, achieving 11x higher return on ad spend.

Jaanuu & Shuttlerock

The medical apparel company teamed up with Facebook Marketing Partner Shuttlerock to transform user-generated photos into thumb-stopping micro-video ads, generating 34% higher return on ad spend.

KB Kookmin Card & eMFORCE

To raise awareness for a new credit card, eMFORCE collaborated with KB Kookmin Card to improve the performance of video ads in Instagram Stories and find which ads resonated with millennials, resulting in a threefold increase in clicks.

InterparkShopping & DMC Media

The online shopping mall joined forces with Facebook Marketing Partner DMC Media to launch a retargeting campaign that would automatically match its more than 27 million products with its website visitors, resulting in a 4X return on ad spend.

Good Neighbors & eMFORCE

Good Neighbors partnered with eMFORCE to precisely target audiences with engaging creative on Facebook, resulting in a three-fold increase in sponsorships.

Eureka, Inc. & UNITONE inc.

UNITONE and Eureka partnered on an advertising campaign for dating app Pairs to dynamically optimise ads, significantly lowering user acquisition costs.

Lotte & Wisebirds

The department store worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Wisebirds and reached out to potential customers with a remarketing campaign, increasing the conversion rate by 2X and exceeding the campaign’s cost-per-conversion goals.

Samsonite & DMC Media

Luggage and bag brand Samsonite and Facebook Marketing Partner DMC Media teamed up in Korea and launched a dynamic ad campaign to boost online sales, resulting in a 3X higher return on ad spend.

Naning9 & DMC Media

Together with Facebook Marketing Partner DMC Media, the online shopping mall, Naning9 launched a retargeting campaign to reach people based on their historic website behavior, achieving a 36% increase in return on ad spend.

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