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Marketing measurement

Measure and optimize your ad campaign performance across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

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Here's what makes Facebook measurement work

Test Facebook ads to check performance and optimize for ROI

Valuable insights

Test ads to understand which tactics deserve performance credit and which don't.

Ad campaigns reporting by device & platform using Facebook measurement tools

Business impact

Optimize your campaigns to deliver bottom-line impact against your goals.

We're facing a new marketing reality

There are more marketing channels and more ways to measure performance than ever before. As your potential reach grows, it gets harder to understand cross-channel performance. How can marketers attribute conversions and intent to their ads and identify new opportunities for growth?

How Facebook measure performance for today's marketing world

7.9Bmobile devices are connected globally1

35%of marketers are satisfied with their current approach to measurement2

38%of all global ad spend will be on mobile by 2020 — higher than TV3

What is people based measurement

It's time for a new marketing strategy: people-based measurement

What is people-based measurement?

People-based measurement gives advertisers a comprehensive understanding of the steps people take leading up to a conversion or shift in brand opinion after seeing an ad. Businesses can use these insights to make informed decisions about which campaign strategies and tactics require more attention and investment. People experience relevant, more useful ads without sacrificing privacy, while advertisers get insights to improve their campaigns at scale.

What this means for people

Protecting people's privacy is central to what we do. Our measurement solutions abide by the same principles that govern our entire ad system. We provide advertisers with meaningful data about the performance of their ads without revealing or selling personal information about the people on our platforms.

What this means for businesses

Facebook uses anonymized, privacy-safe measurement to help advertisers improve ad performance. Our insights and solutions can be used to measure consumer ad responses and product actions, in aggregate, across devices, channels, platforms and publishers, optimize campaigns based on new insights, and tie campaign strategies to incremental business gains.

What can you do with people-based measurement?

  • Connect ads to business results
  • Use attribution to understand paths to conversion
  • Improve ad targeting
  • Grow your ROI
  • Optimize your campaigns
  • Test your ads in real time

Find the right measurement partner

Facebook teams up with third-party providers to help you find strategies that work for your business. Our partners provide rich data, independent verification, viewability metrics and more. Work with your preferred measurement partners to craft smarter strategies across all your marketing channels.

The ability to compare results across mediums gives us the intelligence we need to optimize how, where, and when we run our creative for the most effective and efficient campaigns.

Wesley Saraceni

Senior Brand Manager, Sour Patch Kids

Not only has Facebook driven success in our digital-only campaigns, but it has also proven the platform’s effectiveness and value when paired with other mediums.

Kohposh Kuda

Director Marketing, Sprint

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