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NewsMeet the new Facebook for Business
Published onJuly 25, 2013

Meet the new Facebook for Business

We’ve been working to simplify advertising on Facebook, streamlining the ad products we offer and also making them easier to use. And today, we’re happy to announce a new version of Facebook for Business—an updated site that, over the next few months, will grow into the central destination for the news, information and inspiration that marketers can use to drive business results with Facebook.
Designed with all of our customers in mind, from small businesses to large agencies and brands, the new Facebook for Business brings together a host of resources:
All of our marketing solutions, under one roof
Whether you’re just getting started or looking to amplify existing efforts, Facebook for Business can help you understand your options and choose the appropriate strategies. In the Getting Started section, you’ll find tips for meeting specific business goals, like increasing online sales or launching a new product. The Solutions section organizes our advertising tools and strategies by both product and industry.
Discoverable success stories
We’re making it easier to learn from other businesses that have succeeded with Facebook. Our new Success Stories section gathers dozens of case studies, and makes them discoverable by industry, product and goal.
News from Facebook, for businesses
Want to stay current on everything happening with advertising on Facebook? The Facebook for Business blog is the go-to destination for official news on major product updates and releases, as well as timely tips, trends we’re noticing, and stories about our advertisers.
Facebook for Business is currently available in US English, with a global release coming soon. Facebook Studio and other resources remain available, but going forward, marketers should look to the new Facebook for Business for the latest news and updates.
As we continue to develop the site, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Please let us know what you think by commenting on this post!

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