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NewsIce cream’s on us!
Published onJuly 7, 2014

Ice cream’s on us!

A big thanks to everyone who joined us for a scoop of #FBSummer...
For some people, ice cream is a delicious summertime treat. We prefer to think of it as a vital human need. So last week, we launched our #FBSummer campaign by sending our ice cream van to 22 agencies across London on some of the hottest days of the year so far. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came out to meet us!
We filmed our ice cream van in action, so check out our short video showing all the fun that was had.
Our vans went out across France, Poland and Germany, too, with everyone at the agencies grabbing a free ice cream along with a special booklet serving up all campaign info.
Covered by the hashtag #FBSummer, it was a chance to make sure mobile is top of mind for businesses. Wherever they are this summer, people will be constantly connected to their smartphones – which means they’re constantly connected to Facebook.
In the UK, 22 million people check Facebook on their mobiles every single day – on average 14 times a day – giving you an opportunity to reach them, no matter where they are. And unlike traditional media, Facebook’s reach and engagement on mobile remains consistent during the summer months.
To find out more about the opportunity to stay connected to the people who matter this summer, check out our #FBSummer blog post.

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