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NewsSimpler Billing for Advertisers
Published onFebruary 18, 2014

Simpler Billing for Advertisers

As part of our ongoing simplification efforts, we’re streamlining the billing schedule for advertisers on Facebook. Instead of being billed every day, advertisers will now be billed when they reach certain billing thresholds, and/or at the end of the month.
New billing thresholds
Billing thresholds are set based on how much you’ve paid in the past. For example, if you are a first-time advertiser on Facebook, you will be billed once you reach $25 or if you reach the end of the month. After that first payment, you’ll be billed in $25 increments or when you reach the end of the month.
As you spend more, your billing threshold will continue to increase up to $2,500 as you make successful payments. You can check your current billing threshold in the Billing tab of your Ads Manager.
If you spend more than $2,500 per day and would like a higher threshold, you can request an increased threshold by filling out this form.
Threshold billing will roll out gradually to accounts spending in US dollars in the coming weeks, with other currencies following in the near future. To learn more, visit the Help Center.

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